Grandma wants to invest 2k in crypto

Okay Veeky Forums, don't fuck me over this time, it's serious

So the other day my granny saw some documentation about this "bitcoin thing" and she knows I trade/hold some, so she asked me if I could invest 2k Euros

As it is her money I don't wanna buy fucking pajeet coins, I need something safe but also some decent gains, not like 10% shit. As I love her I can not fail her.

Please help out a Veeky Forums brother

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oh god please no, I hold a heavy bag of it and it drives me nuts

if u love ur granny why do you take advice from this pajeet board?

Make Grandma proud and buy LINK.

Coinmetro ICO. It's as safe as it gets for a 10x IMO.

>we are the early adopters

Tron is a pretty nice and cheap alt coin. Justin Sun takes a lot more flak than he deserves around here. Bitconnect is also a pretty good one, it recently dropped 99% of its value so its bound to recover sometime!

FYG coin easiest 10x this year

Go safe and put it in Bitcoin.

cross checking I guess. Also I don't have a life.
No shit ICO please

tron and justin is literally one huge pump and dump machine

Tbh, put 50% in eth, 30% in NEO and 20 % in a project like LINK or something with a bit higher risk/reward, nice that she`s into crypto haha.

this is honestly good advice, i thought of something similar - something safe and the 20% in some small project allows some good gains. thanks man appreciate it

because it's your Grandma...unironically REQ

send me 2 eth and i will send you 20 back, not a scam, not a pajeet coin, i swear on me ganesh statue

I'm not yet fully convinced with REQ. Atm I'm thinking of putting 20% in Enigma.

fuck you alpha pajeet

Let's be honest, grandma probably doesn't need the sickest gains and is content with a conservative and not too risky Portfolio, so just put the majority of it in ETH and leave a small amount of money to gamble on shitcoins.

split between something like

mostly because it's your fucking grandma dude.

buy the risky alts with your own money, and if shit goes well you can look after her with your own gains.

don't make risky bets with other peoples money.

or you can just short btc at 100x leverage
just do it

>I need guaranteed money. No 10% gains shit. I am a failure in life and a raging autist. I've been scammed from this board numerous times and have gambled all my peasant bucks down the drain. Because I think there's such a thing as a guaranteed big gains investment. However, I convinced dear old gran to fork over 2k. I told her I'd split the profits plus return her 2k but none of that matters since I'm going to lose it all anyway. OK biz, my ass is gaped, give me the next scam coin to lose all my money on.

Alright listen up you little faggot. See all these people posting about farts and sniffing ass and literally eating shit? That's where you are headed in the next ten years. Do your granny a favor and give her money back. Do yourself a favor and kys.

OmiseGo is a safe bet.

ETH obviously. I think you're larping tho.
If you want to make it more interesting, split between ETH, BTC and LTC.

bro I used 500€ to make 24k €, I'm pretty fine with that. Learn to read fag, I told you she saw a documentation on tv. Old people love mainstream media. Get over it, not everybodys grandma is old and rusty. Shes invested in hella things and a big landlord. Get over it senpai.

All in ven faggot(or 50/50 walt/ven)
Forget xrp and all that pajeet shit.

agree. xrp is literally the worst shit ever. It was good for gains, but I hate the idea/philosophy behind it.

Based granny, please visit her often Op

Op maybe you should go 20% LINK and 30% LINK and then 50% LINK. Make granny rich

She's about to lose a lot of money. Wait for 4k instead.

>Shes invested in hella things and a big landlord.


JNT is ultra comfy

>Don't fuck me over this time
>No shit coins
>But 500 Euro into 24k
>Still needs box's help

Nice larp


> I need something safe
There is no "safe" crypto. BTC, the only mainstream coin, has 70% price swings. Any coin could be tanked in a day by some bogus exchange exit scamming. If you don't clearly explain how volatile and risky this market is then you are setting yourself up for a very awkward conversation down the line. Potential for great gains, but not worth the whole family thinking you're an idiot imho.

jnt has a built in anti dump/pump feature. nothing but steady, healthy grow

Just buy tether and set buy order for bitcoin on 6-7k price. Next time bitcoin crashes, you will get it for good price, wait untill it goes to 15-20k, sell it and celebrate. Give your granny a good deep dicking.

all in pinkdate

RLC is a very good hold. Can't say it'll "moon" in the near future, but solid long-term hold

The bubble has already popped. Unless you buy at the bottom of a dip and sell the rebound, there's no more money to be made. Sorry, maybe you can buy something on Robinhood and pretend the gains came from crypto.

just do whatever the fuck you want and just tell her its gaining at 5%. its not like she will ever cash out

this guy is right.
it's not even that much the 'don't make risky bets with other peoples money', but more that she has a more considerable chance to die before many of the shitcoins could even be properly implemented.

i'd probs consider putting a little bit in nano because i think it has a good chance to go interstellar during the next bullmarket, but that 3 coins are really ok, even xrp is even tho it's shady as fuck, it's still been around for so many years that alone makes it a more stable investment than 99% of coins.

overall i think BTC is the safest bet rn and id put most of the money into that. smaller amount into ETH. even smaller into XRP, and i'd also $150 in nano. if it does moon it will add another $1500+ to the portfolio. if it doesn't, not much was lost.

If you want to go safe go Ether and XRP.

>OP does this
>His order never fills
>When BTC goes to 100k this year his grandma is so excited and wants to celebrate
>OP tells her he is waiting for the correction to 7k to finish before buying in
>Granny's face when

Nanny Monero

50% eth, 30% Omisego 20% LINK and then tell about her high interest savings account when staking is made available for OMG

vitalik is a genius but his insane influence actually poses serious risk on ETH rn, read his tweets. he is not intersted in making ETH price increase, and very likely bothered by having sold most of his much earlier. doesn't seem an extremely stable individual and also very hard to figure out his exact goals in life. overall i just think his behaviour makes ETH not-so-safe for now.

Xmr, not great gains, but you wont lose money

>op's name is erased from will


Every boomer I've talked to about blockchain and crypto wasn't convinced until I told them how VEN works. It's object identification that can be used by almost any enterprise on earth. Fortune 500 companies literally buying Thor from VET holders in order to keep writing their products to the blockchain. Boomers can understand this one a lot easier than they understand things like LINK, Bitcoin etc. VEN is also about to have a huge 2018 with their mainnet launching.

NEO/ETH/Monero all pretty safe IMO.

Next tier down would be XLM


BTC is a bad HODL right now. Its literally being used to shake down normies/non-whales.

NEO is still incredibly undervalued

or just keep it in btc

I would do

50% Bitcoin
30% Vechain
20% OMG

That should give her min 10k end of year.

CoinMetro ICO on now, easy 10x. Video related:

Split between BTC, ETH and LTC. If she's down money in 2 years, crypto is probably over. I also recommend you to not invest family's money. but you're not gonna listen to that anyways.

Tell her she should consider less risky investments at her age

Tell her to invest in kneepads

it's his granny, you perverted sick fuq

20% BTC, 50% ETH, 30% XRP

Wait for a dip and go for ETH, NEO and something cheaper like Lisk, Link or Digibyte.

You heartless bastard

Why don't you consider buying Amazon stocks instead. Has been linearly going up and much safer than crypto. Don't mess your granny's $.

>"user, when everyone and their grandmother is investing in crypto you know it's over"
>"nah bro chill! We're the early adopters!"

Pick 1
>decent gains

Coss and Kucoin are a very safe bet, if the market goes bullish again the gains are pretty much guaranteed for those dividend yielding coins.

IOST is a coin that could shake everything up, I'd look into it. I'd also wait a while to see if they can actually show some technical progress, so far there's nothing really tangible. The potential is quite high for this coin and the investors behind it as well as the people doing the tech have great credentials.

Other than that, NEO still has a decent amount of room to grow.

Before you do anything however I'd wait. The market is still very bearish. Bitcoin has failed to reach the previous high of 13k before the last crash. On this current crash it looks like it could be going sub 5k.

Ayo does anyone have the original pic

Also OP, link check em

Tried to type shares after Kucoin but for some reason that's classified as spam? I was able to post after deleting "shares"...

What the fuck does that stupid old bitch expect to happen to her 2k?


have you think about bitcoin private op?

buy her an ETH token and 10 NEO and a hardware wallet