What's the avrage IQ here? Seems pretty low.

depends on if bitcoin goes up or down

126 unironically


mine is unironically 87 and i still x24 my investment in a little over half a year

137 Reporting in

Over 9000

mine is 101

I think Iäm around 60

~131, just made it into the 98th percentile. Still a fucking brainlet who struggles with math.

136, still feel dumb compared to some on uni

148 unironically

It's wonderful. Biz is full of geniuses. Who would have thought?


and yet we make more money than some of the supposed geniouses here

How do you find my IQ?

133 checking in
all in eth

We have a mix of people here. Some geniuses, some retards. Some in the middle.

I find my IQ*?

Is there a place I can go? Why does everyone seem to know theirs? I've never heard of anyone knowing this in real life

should be written on your birth certificate

unironical 153, x12 on investment in a year
indeed, it doesn't pay to be smart in crypto. holding shitcoins in spite of good sense will let you become filthy rich

ouch your hurt ego shows

Dunning kruger internet test meme IQ cringe


Yep, been holding since late 2016 and I've 100x my initial investment. I wen all in ETH because it was being shilled here on Veeky Forums at the time, and thought I was a genius when it was going up over the past year. Turns out that if I had put that money into almost any other shitcoin that has been shilled on here, I'd have made even more.

Being a successful cryptocurrency investor doesn't require intelligence, it requires luck and getting in early. Most people investing probably have

Short btc

With all he pajeets and amerimutts infesting this board i would guess the average is somewhere around 90.

many an indian have high IQ

nice rationalisation you got going there m8
you are the true retard or else you wouldnt come up with such baseless assumptions
to be successfull in crypto you need to do proper research, be honest to yourself and you need the ability to reflect
all i can see here is some stuck up cunts who think theyre smart but you reveal your idiocy through your posts
you may have a high IQ but its obvious you cant apply it

I've been in a University research study control group since I was pre-pubescent and they did a multifaceted cognitive testing every time I periodically checked in over the years. I also had another one done recently when I went to see a neurologist to find out if I was actually adhd or not (I do not).

The research study was on prematurely born children (I'm in control group). They also threw me into the MRI each time so I probably have some weird magnet brain cancer now. At least I got 150 bucks once in a while, which as a 12 year old was dope.

I'm a nigger.

Well of course theres always a diamond in the rough with over a billion people.
The average is still barely above africa tier.

>all these fucking idiots think they're smart but none of them have perfect 100/100
lol just end yourselves m8s

there's no diamonds in africa's or indigenous australia's rough

These threads are like job or portfolio threads. The people with the goods posts, most people who don't simply won't say anything. Biz is not full of geniuses, although I'd wager it's slightly higher than the average...being composed of white males being the man reason

I had an IQ test done when I was like 14 / 15 and it was like 152. I seriously doubt it though. I had another one done and it was more like 126. I was smoking weed all the time during the period of the second one. I think IQ tests are bullshit desu.

Around 105 probably.

115 but it feels like everyone i speak to IRL is significantly dumber than me so i reckon it should be higher.

500 but i only use 10%

I took a online test when i was like 13 that said i have 115 IQ, but im a total brainlet so i dont know if thats true. Either way if I've found myself on this macedonian asshole enlightening forum going all in on LINK i guess i must be pretty smart

How do I find out my iq?

so if it's effectively only 50 your spelling is pretty good considering that you're almost clinically retarded

what part of "unironical" don't you understand? internet iq tests are not serious. calling me a larper would have been more logically consistent, but your brainlet ass couldn't even get that right


made a million last year with $1000 starting capital
bought ZRX and KNC

planning on dumping whole stack on b0x when it comes out

check penis
if penis small = big brain
if penis big = small brain

small penis allows more blood to distribute to brain. On the other hand, niggers have big dicks and they're pretty fucking stupid

>calls himself a successful retard
>gets upset when smarter people agree it doesn't pay off to be smart
i never get the weird hangups brainlets have on intelligence, you understand it's 99% genetic right?

clinically tetarted is

124. I can remember every fuckigh info and number from a topic im interested in. Othervise i just forget it all.

>and that's how i failed calculus 4

So you're essentially a low iq dicklet trying to cope

120: smart enough to impress normies, dumb enough to be happy and sociable, aka the sweet spot.




t. offended nigger

>t. dicklet nigger

Why does every obviously retarded person have the same IQ test story? “Yeah I scored 900 when I was 12 but now I can’t tie my shoes IQ is bullshit desu”.

I don't even have a big dick, but
>small penis allows more blood to distribute to brain
is pretty much a low iq deduction, especially in the way you phrased it.

138 IQ here, scored above genius level when I was just 13 years old. Also in Mensa. I turned an initial investment of $5,000 into $180,000 - Cashed out, and am living the dream. Crypto, if you truly succeed, requires a modicum of intelligence that the majority of Veeky Forums simply, based on pure personal observation, does not have. Quite the same. I suspect that many folks on this board are white. Gives me doubt about the future of whites.

You're a real faggot

>unironically arguing against a fucking joke

Jesus christ i guess this board really is low iq

>living the dream at 180k
>138 iq
nice larp, fag