I told you so

I warned you faggots but you wouldn't listen. 11k was already the resistance in the weekly charts. Obviously this one failed to pierce and close above the meme lines using moving averages. Enjoy the drop in the coming weeks. Don't say I didn't warn you. How's HODL doing for you faggots?

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Sorry m8,
I only listen to Oracle

Well I started buying when the price was $80 bucks, so hodl is working out for me really well.

Glad I never listened to you faggots over the past 5 years.


>trusting a namefage

And another one. Enjoy your bags losers.

>this level of LARP
Even if it's true, how you didn't cash out when it was still at its highs between 17k-20k baffles me. Your "gains" are worthless if it remains virtual and isn't cashed out. Let me guess, you're one of those HODL fags who think BTC will rise forever and ever.

Sage ain't a downvote faggot. Take your faggotry off to reddit.

I think you're on to something OP.

It's not larp, but it is surreal. My cost average is ~440 overall, although recent trading may have affected that. I only have 11 BTC and some ETH and BCH though so I'm not a millionaire yet.

So yeah, I'm in the black till $500.

Rewatch your own fucking chart, haha. What came after (1) ?

So you didn't maximize your gains then. Any moron can strike gold in a bull run. Taking care of your portfolio and ensuring you maximize it is what separates the plebs from the pros.

I think already covered it. It's still going down no matter how you look at it.

Obvious bulltrap was obvious. HODL faggots are just delusional. Enjoy deep drops in the coming weeks. If OP is right and it does indeed close below his meme lines, it's going to drop into oblivion. Vid related

>BTC now below 10k


Time to buy back on the lows boys. Stock up on fiat, this is going to be a comfy ride all the way to the bottom!

>"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient."
Warren Buffet

Actually if you knew shit you would know we are forming the right inverse shoulder before going to 12-13K neckline and rocketing extremely high from mid March through summer.
We will be back above 10 by end of day, this is extremely over sold manipulated dip and can't continue


Where's that fag oracle?

>b-b-but MUH SHHH

There isn't even a random TA pattern anymore in his fucking charts One guy with some TA experience.

/thread asap pls

>getting swindled by a guy whose only gimmick is talking like an anime character

Rest in peace anons.

>before going to 12-13K neckline and rocketing extremely high from mid March through summer.
How are you this delusional?

Who do you think is selling right now? Who do you think sells at the amount to crash the market in 1hour what it naturally took days to climb to?
Is the market doing It?

Pisses me off now that normies got in and talk about it at work. No, you're not a genius investor because you bought some ripple in december, you need to understand you're meant to invest in something for an expected return, then rebalance your portfolio, and keep amending

Every time like clockwork.

>HODL fags losing
>someone gives them hope
>bulltrap rising
>impotent anger
I'm enjoying all the screaming and rage from these fanatics. Lesson #1 in investing. Never ever get emotionally and ideologically invested in something. Treat it like any other asset class. If it drops and loses value, cut your losses and call it another day. No wonder people get their wealth stolen from them.

US Jobless claims data out in 15 mins maybe, im trading currency pairs atm and the markets going crazy for me right now aswell.

Same conclusion I came to. Futures also expiring soon, last time CME futures expired was the first time we dipped below 10k since 20k. I'm not surprised by any of this shit. Whatever the reason may be fore futures causing I dip I don't really give a fuck arguing about, the fact is it did it last time and this time. What's for sure is that last time futures expired we also skyrocketed back to ~13k in like a week.

>how's HODL doing for you faggots?
pretty good, 2% up since last Monday

to put it in perspective this has been going on since 2011.

Who looks stupid as fuck in retrospect? You tell me.

I'm a TA fag. what you call and deride as an "astrologer". I don't give a shit about fundamentals. Obviously, fundamental analysis has its place and many put faith in it but I lean on TA more because it tells the price real time. You can make all the predictions you want using Fundamentals but that won't tell what the present price is.

Like most plebs here, they misconstrue TA to mean something like predicting with 100% accuracy where price goes. It's not. TA is simply another tool to strategize and place where and when you want to enter the market. Obviously price goes either way so you adjust accordingly where price goes. You ride the waves, not go against it.

honestly this is horrible advice for the average person.....just stupid

BTC dropped during the years 2013-2014 I think with the MtGox fiasco so no, it hasn't always been going up. As someone who likes to use charts and technical analysis, if you made bear threads during the years 2015-2017 then I'd have called you a retard too.

>maximizing gains is horrible advice
I can't believe you're this stupid.

Thanks just shorted 100k





Already bouncing KYS


Where? Towards 9k?

He meant bouncing down probably.

>Looking at 1 minute charts

no one takes faggots like you seriously because at 6k you said we'd keep going

>inb4 wasn't me

yes it was, all of you bearfags are the same. anyone who calls themself a bear or a bull should kill themselves

Well thank you that's some great insight.
The market will go where people with tens of thousands of BTC and billions of dollars want it to go and will make the technical indicators take the shape they want it to take.

In any case only the next 24-48 hours will tell.

>looking at the 1 minute chart

I'm expecting 8k and a bit of sideways trading before it actually turns around

>Veeky Forums is one person

I started posting about the correction two days ago in oracuck's threads, and I predicted the correction would be to 9.5k.

yeah once again even if you bought right before GOX you still would've made 10x gains in 3 years, assuming you're too much of an idiot to average out buy positions over a period of time

>it wasn't me
sure bud

This was one of my first posts about it, turned out pretty accurate desu

dumb frogposter

And you fags think it's going to 100k at some point. You'll be lucky if you ever sniff 19k again.

This can go in a lot of different ways, could start bouncing between 9K and 11K just as easily, When we get to 4K you have permission to brag, otherwise you're still wrong, retarded and gay.

> How's HODL doing for you faggots?
Not a hodltard, someone that considers anything below 10k a good rebuy price. But you niggies waiting for 3 digits.

There seems to be a lot of anger in that post. Are you one of those fags who bought high at 20k?

based on what? You really think BTC has no future?

It obviously has a future, but the days of getting rich easily are over. BTC is stabilizing just like a plain old stock. Congrats you are all turning into boomers.

BTC finding a stable price is perhaps the best thing that could possibly ever happen. Would give breathing room to new projects in the blockchain space without constantly getting cucked by its price swings.

It might take a year or 3 but it'll very likely get there at some point. This thread is more about the dudes that thought it was going to 50k in mid-March.

impatient fuck, btc was 6k not long ago.

Crypto has future, BTC has not.

>long transaction times. Takes as much as 30-40 minutes to make one transaction. With fiat transactions take 1 second. Just hand over your paper money and you're done.
>Dependent on expensive electronics and ledgers that degrade over time. With fiat you can just put your paper money in a wallet then you're done
>dependent on internet infrastructure. Without the internet, crypto is useless
>When quantum computers become powerful enough to brute force every encryption on earth, present cryptocurrencies will be rendered useless

There's uses for crypto but it's clear bitcoin isn't a viable long-term replacement for fiat.

I can tell you why you're wrong, the market capitalization and moving volume of BTC is way too low for it to be stable. Your thesis isn't wrong though, its just off.

You think a 10k to 20 BTC is expensive right? You would be right if BTC was a stock. BTC is not a stock, and it's pricetag is both not real and irrelevant. You don't have to buy a whole BTC. 20K BTC isn't expensive, its actually cheap. The market cap is cheap compared to similar commodities. You don't have to buy a whole BTC to gain access to the blockchain and use it, so its price is completely irrelevant. A ton of gold is 64 million dollars, that doesn't make gold "expensive". You can still have a gram of gold.

When BTC has a market cap of over 1 trillion its growth will begin to slow. That's when boomer days begin to roll in. Higher market cap higher moving volume assets/stocks WHATEVER are less prone to rapid changes in price since there's so much volume buying at any given time that its foundation is not unlike the underlying plateau of a mountain range

some people can't trade, they invest and hold. are you retarded on purpose or were you just born stupid?

BTC will always be the gold standard reserve for crypto. BTC will always be top 5, not even joking. Not a BTC maximalist either, this is just the way things are.

The quantum computer this is beyond stupid, if you can "out-encrypt" the blockchain you can also have those same computers encrypt the blockchain. The computing power is completely irrelevant

I dislike a lot people that pretend they call things they never called on an anonymous imageboard. Both expert bulls and expert bears really piss me off.

> Are you one of those fags who bought high at 20k?
Not a real oldfag, but bought most between 1k and 3k, sold at 15k and 13k, rebought at 8k.

>angry he bought at 20k and is losing more than 50%
This ain't stocks dipshit. Investing and holding also doesn't mean you just hold forever and hope for the best that it will go up forever. Virtual gains will always be virtual until you liquidate and cash out. So you're still an idiot if you bought at $50 and still don't cash out of your gains. Even Warren Buffet who has a very simple investing plan of buying and holding for years cash out his gains. Price goes either way and you must always protect your investments. I can't believe I have to simplify and explain very simple things to you.


Oracle BTFO!

>BTC will always be the gold standard reserve for crypto
Based on what?

>BTC will always be top 5, not even joking
Again based on what?

>if you can "out-encrypt" the blockchain you can also have those same computers encrypt the blockchain.
Except bitcoin isn't design to combat quantum style computations.

You guys really are delusional. Unlike physical gold, bitcoin has none of the properties taht makes gold valuable. You liken bitcoin to "gold" because your prophets (marketers) told you so and like any hardcore religious fanatics or edgy fedora wearing atheists, you come off as rabid fanboys swearing and deluding yourselves about your cult-like movement whenever someone puts forth realistic constructive criticisms and potential drawbacks.

Gold has no property that makes it valuable. The circuitry use case for gold means that its traded thousands upon thousands of times higher than it's use case value.

The reason BTC will be digital gold is because it was the first. The same reason gold, from ancient times, was valued the highest, because it was somewhat rare and shiny, it was one of the first rocks people valued. I know you're not going to believe me but humans haven't changed. BTC has even more use than gold does. Gold, as a physical asset, needs to be protected by laws and by people, and stored in vaults. The power of a decentralized gold storage eliminates both of these things. BTC will eventually have a marketcap over gold, its not a matter of if but when.

BTC has been developed to prioritize its security above all else as well, its not just a dinocoin its the king of immutability with the longest proven track record. I know you'll never believe me anyway but that's just how it is.

>BTC isn't designed to combat quantum style equations

you actually have no idea what you're talking about. Encryption code is encrpytion code, it doesn't matter what device its done on and you have no idea what you're talking about.

>Gold has no property that makes it valuable.

What makes gold valuable is because of the following:
-Gold is rare
-Gold's supply is limited
-Gold doesn't corrode
-Gold is portable and can be stored with ease
-Gold can also be used for a variety of things such as jewelry, electronic devices and medical applications

Bitcoin has none of these things. You can mine bitcoin, its ease or difficulty to mine can be changed on a whim, wastes so much electricity, is inefficient, takes time to make a single transaction, need expensive wallets and ledgers that degrade over time, totally reliant on the internet.

You only say it is like gold because you believe it so. Like I said, you are deluded. And regarding quantum, you really need to educate yourself:


But of course, you're just going to whisk this off and call me names because you are a deluded fanatic who functions like someone got sucked into a cult.

>BTC isn't becoming more and more rare
>BTC isn't supply limited
>BTC isn't portable (there's no way you're this stupid)

and I already said the use case for gold is not why gold has value

you are actually fucking braindead kys

This. I hope we can bury gramps once and for all, or that monthly recurring futures-cucking puts him in his place and decouples alts

Are you guys really this stupid? There is obviously an inverted h&s forming up. We're gonna see new ath in a month.

Fucking larps always show up claiming bs, screenshot you're trade log fag

>predicted that he will call names when can't make a counter-argument
>proves my point.
Right on cue buttcoin cultist. Right on cue. By the way, btc "corrodes" in the sense that once the infrastructure of the internet is destroyed, as well as the hardware it is used to store on (remember hard drives, SSDs, USB's and ledgers degrade over time) degrades and is destroyed, it becomes lost forever. Gold will be here forever, your precious shitcoin will not. You are fucking stupid beyond hope but you already probably know that.

Someone has to be shilled. Money isn't for everyone OP, not everyone can be saved.

and once again, if there's a way to out-encrypt the block chain to manipulate it, there's an equal than or greater amount of people encrypting it with the SAME TECHNOLOGY. BTC was made to be future proof with it's design. Quantum won't do shit, we'll just have quantum miners. That's decades down the road anyway.


dude if the internet goes south shiny rocks are going to be just use fucking useless, that means WW3 started and its the end of everything. The only thing that will matter than is guns and bullets.

Oh I see the pattern, tiny green is always after big red candle!

If it can be mined and be created out of thin air then it isn't rare you fucking idiot. The only thing stopping people from making new bitcoins into the supply into infinity is the arbitrary difficulty, cost of ASIIC hardware and the cost of electricity. Jesus, you people are delusional.

>can create out of thin air


Since I never listen to retards like you and holded since 400, pretty good.
I would daytrade like you if my net worth was 200 bucks too, pajeet. Hopefully I'll never have to bother with that. What good is money if you have to spend 24/7 watching charts and fudding on imageboards?

>dude if the internet goes south shiny rocks are going to be just use fucking useless, that means WW3
The internet infrastructure is totally reliant on America. Even if America falls and with it the internet infrastructure, life will go on. It's not as if people didn't function before the invention of the internet. Looks like user is right, you function like someone who got sucked into a cult. You are the classic case of delusional.

>my way of gambling is better than your way of gambling

>big numbers on the screen are big numbers on the screen
>that means I'm rich! Suck it fags

>oh no the red candle, me must sell, more red candle sure to come....

oh you can make a BTC out of thin air really???

show me this magic, I was under the impression you had to use tools and electricity to make them, but hurrrrrrr I guess its all just thin air

>yeah I guess BTC is pointless since America's internet could go out at anytime from something that isn't a nuclear war or EMP
>This wouldn't cause mass hysteria or anything nah life would just go on and gold would totally be valuable in this totally not apocalyptic scenerio
>deluded BTC faggots don't even think what were to happen if a doomsday scenario were to happen haha fags

seriously what are you even invested in if you're worried about the internet going south

> I was under the impression you had to use tools and electricity to make them
>scraping the bottom of the barrel this hard.

You need ink, paper and trees to make paper fiat. That doesn't stop fiat from being printed out of thin air. It seems you don't know what the colloquialism "created out of thin air" means and you just took it too literally. How you think you are still not deluded or stupid baffles me.

why so asshurt lmao

He didn't take it literally. He was clearly trying to damage control for his precious shitcoins. As someone pointed out here, he is showing the classic display of being sucked into a cult-like behavior. He's like the muslims who are desperate to defend their warmongering and savage prophet despite all the evidence against their shitty religion.

>this damage control
Top kek.

This is you right now. Seems there's something about being sucked into a cult that turns off someone's brain cells.

what are you even saying that's not even an argument lol, anyone can mine BTC but not anyone can mint USD. That's the whole reason BTC has value, they are completely different things. You really really can't be this dumb

THAT'S NOT EVEN ME KEK YOU IDIOT YOU DIDN'T EVEN CHECK ID holy shhit go back to your buttcoin plebbit

It's the same argument, you know it damn well brainlet. You also need tools to make fiat, that doesn't stop it from being "created out of thin air" that degrades its value over time.

>anyone can mine BTC but not anyone can mint USD
>That's the whole reason BTC has value
So if everyone can print fiat money then fiat money will have more value? Are you really this stupid? That just proves why your shitcoin is doomed to failure.

looking at this half a year chart alone shows gains of holding since july.

>anyone can mine BTC but not anyone can mint USD. That's the whole reason BTC has value

Holy shit! You're either trolling at this point or you really are this stupid. Congrats.

To be fair, most cuckcoiners act the same in terms of brainpower and delusion. If I made a mistake in identifying between idiot #1 and idiot #2 then I apologize.

what are you two invested in, legitimately curious

Counterfeit USD fiat because it has value since it can be printed by anyone. Top kek.

what are you even saying

So I guess nothing. You are shitposting on a business board and you are invested in nothing. Best of luck with that.

>btc has value because it can be mined by everyone
Your words not mine. And yes, I'm clowning you because you're stupid as fuck.

This is the chart of bitcoin now. Looks like there's no difference between bitcoin and the US dollar.

I'm just going to keep giving you (you)s at this point, really hoping you're just trolling


The only thing stopping people from mining 90% of the gold available is that the cost outweighs the potential profit. A commodity doesn't need to be rare, it needs to be scarce. Tfw crypto is a paradigm shift where value detaches itself from trust in institutions because it is globally available and even cucks like germany/france can't reach a consensus better than global blockchain consensus. The european union is a joke, everyone admits that. You can't just pick 20 totally different cultures and expect them to want the betterment of each other. Unless you can outsource trust to computers... Oh wait

Though you could have sold the peaks and bought the bottom

Gold is one of the rarest elements in the universe. Even if you mine all the gold on Earth, you're never going to have enough gold to inflate it to ridiculous proportions and flood the earth to cheapen it. Same can't be said of bitcoin. Its difficulty or ease is arbitrary and if it was changed to "easy to mine" overnight, the world would be flooded with bitcoins. Same with fiat. Governments can obviously flood the global economy with paper money but they won't do that because it would make the currency worthless overnight.

The argument with the other user stemmed from the fact that Bitcoin is "internet currency gold" which is obviously false. Bitcoin has more in common with fiat than gold. Bitcoiners are deluded as fuck if they equate bitcoin with gold. Crypto is revolutionary, yes but bitcoin is shit and useless and won't replace fiat any time soon.

>implying I haven't just been holding since January's dip

Buy high, sell low. The biz way.