You've Made It - Cologne Edition

I see a bunch of threads on here about cars and watches that people would own once they've made it. But haven't seen anything on how to end up being a great-smelling man when money is no object. And good cologne isn't cheap.

Personally, I've been going with Creed Aventus or Creed Green Irish Tweed. It's complex, long-lasting, and gets plenty of compliments from women. GIT is my choice during the day, and Aventus at night.

What does Veeky Forums think?

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Creed is god-tier

Creed silver mountain water urine is the best

im rocking this one.

Girls just seem to lose control for a bit when they smell me. this shit is so dominant, literally everyone notices me.

terre d'hermes

Aventus stopped being good a year or so ago when everyone started copying it. Men love it, but it's something women are just....meh on

user I had that one.

Smell is amazing but its weak as fuck. Unless you don't spray 3 times nobody's gonna feel anything. And it doesn't last at all... at the end of the day the smell is gone.

I've used this too. It's my favorite orange-y scent, but I don't know if I'll buy it again.

>so dominant, literally everyone notices me
I think you're doing it wrong.

its far from weak. i spray 2 times front, 2 times back and 1 time behind both my ears.

the scent literally sticks to me in a 2meter radius, and thats not me making shit up but actually girls walking up to me telling me i smell amazing

Dior homme, pretty classical I guess.

this is the one atm

literally had some roastie message me sayin she was wet from the smell

If you're in /s mode ok.
But if you're actually serious no fucking wonder its far from weak if you spray 5 times. Do you also spray behind your balls ?

lol whats the point of spraying less than 5 times. its the way to go if you want to be noticed.

Currently have anything from Paco's XS, XS black, Mugler's leather-scented one, Mugler's mint-scented one to Cartier's L'envol.
Reflecting salary raises before crypto.
I wish I had just bought one Aventus and got done with it, desu. The ones I have at home have a higher combined price and they'll expire before I can use them...

Mister Marvelous. Try something away from the mainstream.

I just don't use any. My girl has a fetish for my body odor. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That doesn't sound good. If you're being noticed because of your cologne, you're doing it wrong.

Polo double black is an instant panty dropper

Yeah but there is a stronger version that they made of sauvage. I think id much rather get that new one than getting the normal one again. The new version has a bottle with a yellowish color. A friend of mine has it and it's 10x times stronger than the normal one. Smell is exactly the same though. I recommend checking that one out if you liked sauvage.

You want it to be subtle, not in your face. I spray three times (neck, body, wrist) and that's the right amount for most. If it's strong, I'll only do two. Five is total overkill.

Lol I wouldn’t know. I only wear pre-2013 Aventus.

Jk, 2 of these bottles are 14A01, which I love. I haven’t even smelled anything after 2014. Prices have been rising a lot recently I noticed. I predicted that and stocked up for life a couple years back.

hanne mori hm, has been my favorite for nearly 15 years.

My Creed doesn't last that long at all. Still wonderful cologne though.

For a long time Walgreens was the best online source to buy. They routinely had deals, and it was never any questionable quality like buying off Amazon.

>Hanae Mori HM
Yeah, I've used this too. But it's very sweet and can get lost.

If you don't know what this is or you don't wear it, please re-think your life.

thx just ordered some creed aventus in test size

Too gourmand.

Any of you fags actually think cologne makes a difference talking to girls?

yes a good suit and a good smell are important to set flags

I go for coke whores, so no not really

Chateau de Marly

You will thank me if you survive the waves of pussy that get thrown at you.

Move side, you vulgar plebeians

since i'll be spending most of my time gardening in the peace and quiet of my very private, very expansive palatial estate.

You ever walk past some random girl and she's wearing the perfume of an ex and it instantly takes you back in your head to some wild night where you're ripping each others clothes off?

Does it work the same way with women if so I want a cologne that can do that

cologne smells like shit and only serves to broadcast your insecurity

Perfume and Colognes are disgusting assaults on the olfactory senses and anybody wearing them is a fraud.

Clean yourself well, apply a mild odorant and anti perspirant, and go about your business. Anything else is vulgar and invasive. How dare you force other people to smell your prescence? So fucking crude.

>Here I am! Smell me!

Its even worse when you are forced to work in close quarters with this type of asshole.

>btw i'm 12 year old

t. nocolognez

Yeah, got to wonder if Veeky Forums is just pajeets, niggers and faggots at this point. What kind of man uses perfume?
Also, it's really cringy watching mutts worship anything with a french word on it. For us frogs it's just the shit metrosexual parisians use, a sign of effeminate weakness

Cologne is fucking disgusting.
Not emaning it in the baseline way, it's just disgusting how people use it...

You spray 2 times on the inside of one of your wrists, rub them together one time, then rub behind your ears down to your collarbones at the center.
This actually has a historical implication of why both men and women did it like this.

Firstly: dispersed on the skin makes it less obnoxious and hard on the nose, also it mixes well with the baseline scent of a person.
Second: in olden times, perfumes were used like this because a lady would usually get into physical contract from a male from either a kiss on the hand or on the cheeks.

So next time you spray away wildly and smell like a sweaty alcoholic, who lost all sense of smell, just remember this post.

>320 a bottle
>wears off within 2 hours
May as well wear poverty aftershave

After shave is a must tho,remember to groom yourself you dirty nigger. Also refer to my post above.

this has got to be bait

You are nigger-tier intelligent. The reason you put cologne/perfume on the wrists and neckline is because the skin is thinner there and the warmth from the bloodflow makes the scent last longer. Kys.

I only use this rare, discontinued Star Trek cologne.


this unironically smells like an old man

Admit it that you just google how to apply perfume, cunt.

I admit i didn't know this, but calling me a retard for providing insight is just uncalled for.

This is discontinued and has a stupid name.

Davidoff Cool Water is patrician gold tier


I'd like to know if any one of you get laid wearing these.

>inb4 stinky faggot, I wear 212 VIP Men


>None of you use pheromone sprays
Die alone, peasants.


Not a huge fan of Versace. My only regret purchase as an adult was The Dreamer, and ever since then, I've avoided them.

I also have this. It's a tad too fruity.

Give this a try anons if you want a good cologne. Woody/leathery scent which works really good at night. Strong scent which stays on you for a good 4 - 5 hours, the best part is how long the smell stays with you.

People turn their heads wondering who's wearing it.. honestly give this one a try people

Do yourself a favour.


it was back in 96


I only really use dolce and gabbana the one and ysl la nuit and I get mad compliments. As nice as aventus is, I hear most girls don’t like it.

I think I'll stay STINKY


If you're not using Jivago 24k then you are a literal virgin

This one is easily in the top 5

Issey Miyake. Just fucking buy it. it's awesome and when i tell people it's japanese they automatically think i'm a baller.

Try creed silver mountain water and givenchy play sport

been using this since like 2003, it's very good.


what weird people do you hang with?

All of you are wasting money on bullshit.

All you need are either of these two deodorants, and you're fine. I had plenty of roasties tell me I smell nice. Granted they had to come close to me to smell me, but that's the point.

pic related as fuck.

Ralph Lauren Double Black and their Blue are my favorite

All time favorites for the evening
Santal and Royal oud

For the summer
Himalaya and Virgin island water

Notable contenders
Millesime Imperial, Vetiver classic,

This nigga knows

This cologne sucks. You smell like LITERALLY every other Brad in existence.

I’m not saying it smells terrible, it smells fine. It’s just generic as FUCK. The girls that are attracted to the smell are going to be basic as fuck. It’s just the most generic cologne out there right now. If you don’t mind being a cookie cutter version of a human being, then this cologne’s for you.

Clean by Issey is amazing. Favorite for 6 years.

I use Eau de Cologne. My first scent and just sticked with it.
Anybody else knows this one?

>Millesime Imperial
Is this worth the price? Does anyone notice it or does it just get lost like the Issey Miyake or Hanae Mori?

My favourites:
Club de nuit intense man (Aventus clone), mont blanc individuel, versace dylan blue, Green Irish Tweed

Hugo Boss Energise.

My favorite for years.

Cheap but good.

My wife likes Curve of all things, but I refuse to wear that shit. I wear Creed Aventus and Royal Oud.

I believe this is what The Most Based One wore. Nice choice famalam

why does it look like a bottle of vodka coming from India?

my grandma uses Kölsch Wasser

t. german fag

Why do the french call it ''eau de toilette''?

Doesn't that mean toilet water?

>And good cologne isn't cheap.
That's where you're wrong.

OP this is is high st trash. You absolute degenerate, you should be hung for making a thread and putting this in here.

Fresher high st trash again. Savage is so bad wearing it drove Jonny Depp to beat his wife.

Good grief

Just rub nigger piss on yourself

At the moment I am wearing the ex nihilo range, right now Parisian panache and molecule later when I go out.

>Ex Nihilo
I've heard good things about their Vetiver, but never tried it in person. And I'm unwilling to do a blind buy.

Non-mainstream top tier coming through. When someone asks what you're wearing, you can just say "Rhinoceros"

I have a drawer full of different fragrances, I love collecting them, but this is always my go-to signature scent.

Just read their description of the fragrance:

Under the searing gaze of an unrelenting sun, the ornery Rhinoceros surveys his dusty territory. A tough, battered hide is his armor against the erosive onslaught of sand, whipped into a frenzy by a hot, merciless wind, as he stands strong, defending his domain.

On first spray, Zoologist Rhinoceroscharges forward with a heady note of sweet rum. Like a wild drunken beast, it cavorts until it comes to settle into a slow, rhythmic yet relentless beat - the rugged, raw aroma of leather. Frolicking around the edges is a rich blend of smooth tobacco, smoky vetiver, dried herbs, strong pine and bitter agar. Rhinoceros is a complex, intimidating and masculine scent that makes a bold, unapologetic statement. Go forth and explore your world. Don’t ask permission.

You crush the top notes and alter the scent profile when you "rub" it into your skin you fucking dumb ass. Read a book sometime.

Pic related the one and only

Nice find user, just checked it out on Basenotes and I'm intrigued. What else is on your list of non-mainstream top-tier?

Fucking autism.

You are illustrating lack of self awareness, and most autists can’t understand subtlety either.

Everyone thinks you Fucking stink.

The people you want to think you smellngood should have to be close to you to notice. That makes you mysterious, subtle, and it’s almost like a little secret that the two of you share (women love that).

Women also love when you are THEIR good smelling guy. If everyone in the office can smell you, you’re a joke. I promise.

>TLDR: You stink, pic related is you

This guy is a good pocket pick for cold night romantic dates. It's Barrister and Mann's Fougère Gothique. Not an expensive pick either, about $90 a bottle. This guy makes very complex fragrances that evolve vividly throughout their wear. He mostly makes shaving soaps but got a good reputation from there and went to making top tier fragrances as well.

This guy is strong and lasts long though, and some may be turned off by it's damp forest and mushroom notes, but my girlfriend and I find it to be really well balanced with all the other notes in it so it comes off as unique and inoffensive.

>An elegant, alluring composition in the classic fougère style, Asmodeus himself could not have chosen a more fitting fragrance. Notes of lavender, oakmoss, tonka, balsam fir, bergamot, vetiver, geranium, cedar, earth, sandalwood, musk, leather, and tuberose are darkened by the touch of Hell, kissed with the essence of ashes and the smoldering flame.

I literally collect fragrances and indie/non-mainstream brands seem to always be my favorite; probably because they take more risks to stand out from the crowd. Fragrance is as personal as clothing, so finding a style you're really into can be enlightening. It's also a plus if you're able to coordinate your scent with what you're wearing. Am I wearing some reds and browns? Rose themed cologne. Am I wearing a jean or leather jacket? Get something with lots of leather or sandalwood. Am I wearing bright colors like purple or pink? Go for something gourmand fruity, etc.

Wearing Aventus for more than a year now. Tried some else from Creed, but this is still the best.

Thos is my exact combo, but im still poor so I buy decants off ebay

Koros still king tho


Tom Ford Noir Extreme
Just do yourselves a favour and head to the nearest shop to try it
Every single time I put it on I got bitches hugging me just to smell me


every girlfriend I ever had loved this fucking cologne

>you made it edition
>market crashing

Guess I'll stick with old spice