quads for truth

>everyone is anticipating a hard crash
>nobody is talking about the possibility of it slowly bleeding out

Guess which more closely reflects the real picture

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shorts soon 21k, will they be strong enough to break 10k?

That's possible but it's more likely to crash hard and then bleed out when only long term holders are left behind.

If it goes 9k again wouldn't it be a good idea to buy some when it inevitably shoots up again?

t. nitwit

That makes no sense whatsoever. Longterm hodlers are exactly why it's not crashing hard. They're slowly selling which is why it will bleed out.

>%10 drop a day
Yes user it's bleeding out slowly

Yes, and more at 8k 7k 6k if that happens

fucking checked, see you at 9 k

This, people who bought between 6-9k during this bullrun made some sweet gains. I for one welcome the opportunity to do it again.

I really don't know what to do.
The FUD is incredible but it could shoot up in a instant, I'm at loss of 600€, it's not that bad, It's what I made on the way up after the crash, but still.

You guys are so deluded it’s amazing.

Everyone smart sold already and bought back in.

It’s just price manipulation and up and downs in a volatile asset.

It won’t crash hard or bleed out or fuck whatever your small brains imagine whyever.

A few guys can pump it to 100 k any minute or push it to 1 k. No one of them cares if there is then buy support or not.

every long you take
every buy you make
every short you break
bogdanoff will be watching you

I am salty.
I shorted 2 weeks ago @ 8200. I liqd at 11500. Now it's returning back down.

Buy wall at 9.9k btfo.

QUADS underestimate the extent of le dib XDDD
7k incoming

Now bears are closing some shorts and probably rallying for the next push to 9.5k!

sick, i should try this crypto currency thing i guess

following your advice and spending 100bucks at 6k for fun

God damn I'm glad I sold everything off this morning just at the start of the freefall.

Suppose this will be the second correctional wave. Let's see if we go below 5k this time.

>all this, and bitfinex and Tether shit hasnt even been resolved yet.
kek, its gonna be a rought year on the market

Whatever the price will be when we hit rock bottom, I'll go full all-in really fucking hard.

Don't know yet if I'll go all in VEN or just long BTC.

it's weird how Veeky Forums is mostly ignoring the tether problem

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I think it will bottom higher than last time, so 7k sounds about right as well to me