Uh oh, this doesn't look good. Why is nobody talking about this?

Uh oh, this doesn't look good. Why is nobody talking about this?
>Euro volume only makes up 5%
Yeah. But unlike Korea, a lot of europeans are trading the USD (or USDT) pair on Bitfinex/GDAX/Bitstamp/Binance because it offers better liquidity. Euro exchanges are just fiat on-amps. This can easily hit 6k again if the news is bad.

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i don't care we will find a way

Suck shit Bitcoin! Eurofags go get 'em!


why are the french and the germans such extreme cucks, Jesus Christ

Old news you stupid cunt, this dates back to 13 days ago.

They are discussing crypto on monday. It's very relevant news.

french and german governments*

which were elected by cucks

>burger education
you can't actually trade in dollars if your account is european
tether isn't real currency and yuros are not as dumb as mutts to fall for it

Who keep electing the retards? Both had their chance to semi change something, but keep feeding mohammed and his 20 women with each 10 children

by bare 1% margins, despite lobby groups, media campaigns and treasure chests of hundreds of millions from american companies
friendly reminder if it wasn't from burger kikes pulling the strings and burger mutts paying their good goy taxes, the french election would have been fillon vs melenchon

Lmao, that's wrong. I'm from europe and use USDT to sell my shitcoins on binance. Also traded in USD in GDAX before Kraken got its shit together.
Btw, we're currently dropping $500-$600 every day. This makes $8k by monday very likely. Expect a bigger drop then (news will very likely be bad).

who keeps funding lobby groups and exporting degeneracy? retarded mutts. starting to get the gender neutral bullshit in 2018, take credit for your shit

France and Germany are the two worst countries in EU
fucking sandnigger-infested shitholes

congratulations on your two digit iq. average europeans are over 100 so they don't touch tether

is Veeky Forums becoming /pol/ ?
I don't feed anyone, except your fucking retarded troll.

Only brainlets are afraid of tether. It's holding its value pretty nicely, unlike every crypto in existence.

Kesus fucking christ, you dumb cuck. Scrape the sand out of your vagina and take some responsibility for your own actions. Mean ol' Uncle Sam did not put a gun to your head and make you tick the box next to the genderqueer communist transnigger candidate.

where do you come from ?

>thats what Hans keeps telling himself while working overtime yet again so that mohammed can import his 3rd wife who will then throw another load of sandnigger subhuman shit to leech off welfare until Hans drops dead because he has to work until the age of 80

80% of my trades are on dollar exchanges
t. Eurofag

EU fag here.
I don't want to be the bearer of the bad news bears guys but you should watch what happens during G20 and right after VERY CAREFULLY and act accordingly. The EU is known for its socialist, authocratic retards who want to regulate everything to the smallest detail including useless bullshit like what is supposed to be the max bend of cucumber (cucumbers are allowed a bend of 10mm per 10cm of length. Class II cucumbers can bend twice as much.) and love to build the most swampy bureaucracy possible.
Observe G20 and especially the movement of Germany the king of cucks (France is their bitch at this point so they don't matter anyway), act accordingly.

What did he say to him?!

Fucking lol Germany is unarguably one of the best countries in the world to live in. I know youtube.de doesn't have as many music videos, but that becomes less impactful on your life once you leave high school O_o

>exporting degeneracy
If they're shilling for stuff the average person can't easily verify for himself, like climate change models, then you can excuse the average voter for falling for bullshit, but when the bullshit is plainly obvious like the Bataclan, Nice, laws against talking honestly about WW2, laws against saying mean things on Twitter, etc., then there's no excuse for anybody to be voting for more bullshit once he's alone in the voting booth. I don't care how much money the shills throw at tv ads or anything else,

Yep. Europe makes up for much more than 5% of the market. It's probably closer to 12-15%. Lots of early adopters are from Europe as well.

Nice. We have an official tax evader here.

>inbefore, I am not directly feeding anyone

Tell that to the girls who were "having fun" in Cologne, New Year's Eve. I'm sure they regret nothing.

>muh muzlimz everywhere
>muh wagecuckz
>muh retarded Europe

Have you ever traveled abroad ?
If you come from USA, please, have a look at your country where you can't even say "it's ok to be white" ...


Merkel is actually a polish jew. For real. Just so you know.

Is this from today? Because I'm almost sure I saw it like 2 weeks ago, not sure it was in the same site.

Why Germany has to be that one fucking guy who loves ruin everything every time.

you are right, 2 weeks ago.

Lol faggot, its is literally old fucking news, why ain't you showing the date.

It's somewhat old, but they're discussing crypto on monday. So it's still very relevant.

No, it's several weeks old but guess what. EU bureaucrats are painfully slow at everything because they have to jerk everyone off before they reach consensus. Watch G20. This is where we see whether there is shit happening or just the usual talking heads jerking each other off without any substance.

>dump it

Probably eastern european shithole

I am from Germany you fucking imbecile. Its so fucking full of fucking shitskin muslim garbage, its literally unbearable. Every time I see a fucking beardy hairy arab face trying to speak to me in broken stuttering German I really wish some good old times back.








I wonder how this beautiful chart will look in 20 years. We might even need to change the definition of shithole. Top fucking kek.

Eastern europe is the only one surviing the fucking genocide.

And the (((USA))) totally didn't have anything at all to do with causing that.

>bog casually dressed grabbing the president by the shoulder
The memes are real.

There are plenty of self harming cucks in power in those countries. You don't even need to help them, they are perfectly fine cucking themselves on their own.


>But unlike Korea, a lot of europeans are trading the USD (or USDT) pair on Bitfinex/GDAX/Bitstamp/Binance because it offers better liquid
That's a good thing. Let the Eurocucks crash the market. Bittrex will have full USD, not just USDT, some time this year. Americans and Chinks can enjoy the next big cash influx while Hans and Pierre sit on the sidelines, thanksing Mohammed as he plows Greta and Nicolette


based Poland

0:25 Absolutely haram.

Can the slavs have some tho? Fuck this system. We get fucked every time someone in Brissels farts.... just because >muh yoromoniez

England would have a much higher number than shown because that chart has lumped england, scotland, wales and northern ireland all into one. London alone probably makes up 5% lol.

You guys are good, I don't even thing of lowly Western Euros as the same species as the rest of us. I'd rank Pajeet over Claude and Johan, because at least the former hasn't given up on life.

actually, pajeet still blames englandland for all its woes.
if it wasn't for those meddling bongs, we could still chuck our wives onto funeral pyres. good times eh pajeet?

Untill it won't.

I'd still have much more respect for a man who shits on the street over a man who shits his own bed.

The day of the poo is coming my friend.

>I'd still have much more respect for a man who shits on the street over a man who shits his own bed.

They were having more fun than the one thousand people killed in US mass shootings in the last 5 years ;)

Uber alles

im really starting to hate burgers and their constant show of ignorance
if the JewSA had stayed out of WW2 we wouldnt be in this mess
europe is fucked but you think kikemerica is any better? you guys live like in a fucking zoo with all those niggers roaming around. and the formerly white states are all being colonized by mexicans. Im sick and tired of burgers coming on here and shitting all over europe when 1) they caused our problems to begin with and 2) their own country is a fucking mess as well


The day of the truck is coming. Sleep tight user.

i hate these "country bantz" so much. Im not sure if you faggots are for real or just trolling but it grinds my gears regardless.
dont you see that we are all getting fucked! every white country is under attack and dying a demographic death. and you faggots come on here and argue whats worse, being killed in a school shooting or getting run over by a truck. dont you see that this is exactly what these kikes want, that we squabble among ourselves instead of looking at the real enemy who got us into this mess? im so sick of all this shit take your shitty bantz back to pol and stop shitting up this board.

it's all burgers know, this thread proves it.

Damn 2 years already since the last happening in Frogland. Did they solve the riddle ?

>tfw French resident and have to start thinking where to open an offshore bank account so this cunts don't tax the shit out of my money

French people are lovely but these are the cuckiest laws ever.

Off shore bank accounts are not even safe anymore. Only cash is the real shit

If you are legit, a PEA
If you are crypto, just set yourself as auto-entrepreneur

We have a common enemy who has succeeded at turning the attention away from themselves. Someone posted a link to Europa: The Last Battle a few weeks back. It's a >10 hour documentary that should be required viewing for us all.

Seems like every major political party has changed it's position on migration/refugee over the last 5 years.
I seriously doubt the migration trend will continue for the next 20 years..

Perhaps they will just "import" Christians from sub-Sahara, since the principle argument behind this growing resistance to migration - is islam.

I'm a brainlet and I don't know what PEA means, but I'll look it up, thanks.

I know, man. I'm just worried about that 25% capital gains tax that I'm sure will affect crypto soon here. How do frogs even make money with all these taxes?


I don't know, did they?

Damage is already done tho. I see like 80% of people darker than me outside and I ain't even fucking white.




Ah yes, germany...fucking shit up for everyone else since 1914.

Uh you guys are the mega cucks, we have Trump. You pussies bitched out of Brexit, re elected that crazy illuminati bitch Merkel and the fake "moderate" in France

You guys are fucking total faggots and if the USA wasnt arming you to the teeth in WW2 youd be fucking annihilated.

Uh oh its almost time to suck Samir's dick. How nice of your wife to let 3 refugees stay with you

Fucking eurotrash faggots. Youre going to fuck crypto up for all of us too. Good going.


major feels... Why live?

PEA are regulated funds you can open in your bank. You store money on it, can invest this money on stocks and derivatives, then after 5 to 8 years pulling the money out is tax-free. If you create your business, it becomes tax-free instantly.

It's extremely easy to dodge taxes in France if you aren't stupid. Only retards pay them. Trough I agree, they should axe most of the taxes and keep only the VAT.

Thanks. Will give that a watch. From their website, it looks pretty Germany-centric, though, with a little Russia thrown in. Do they cover much of the rest of the continent?

El mad creatura

Ahh, it all depends on what they do next. We might get the flat tax in the end, which would be nice. 30% and no questions asked.

But if they choose to legalize the retarded 62.5% rate some Centres des Impôts have decided to apply, I'll fuck off to Belarus/Portugal, and not look back.

J'emmerde les impôts confiscatoires, et au dessus de 50% ça rentre dans cette catégorie. Quand le gouvernement récolte plus d'argent que toi alors qu'ils ont pris zéro risque, ça devient ridicule.

That is because non-whites and poors tend to cluster together like a beksinski painting.
There is no PoC in the area where i live, nor my parents, nor my siblings.
This is how multiculturalism works, it is segregation - The issue with the migration, is only a "gibs" issue, a democratic one, and the problem of no-go zones.
Even if my country would become 90% muslim/blacks, odds are that i would still live in an area that is +95% white.

please don't call them people

Lol you fucking retard the US has a mass shooting on average every 2 months. That's RANDOM MASS SHOOTINGS -- that doesn't include regular old homicides, those are too common to be even worth discussing any more.


Quand est-ce qu'ils ont parlé de taxer les revenus de crypto à 62% ? C'est des grands malades, lien ? Je lâche déjà un quart de ce que je gagne à l'URSAF, ça va bien maintenant.

your knowledge of history is pitiful, never post anything historical again.

Why are you posting an article published on the 8th of Feb you faggot. Nice fud

>ad hominem
not an argument. come back when you have facts, statistics, sources, and arguments, reddit.

niggers aren't human


Les plus-values du trading occasionel sont du ressort de l'impôt sur le revenu (plus la CSG), pas d'un impôt spécial.

C'est pourquoi à mon avis mieux vaut faire passer ça sous le régime de l'auto-entrepreneur, comme ça tu payes que les cotisations sociales, qui ensuite sont déduites de ton IR.

M'a tout l'air d'être un peu de désinformation parce que j'ai rien vu de tout ça.

D'ailleurs, à propos de ça, ça veut aussi dire que si tu ne fais pas de plus value ou que tu ne sors pas ton argent pour autre chose que payer un truc défiscalisé (par exemple de l'immobilier neuf), tu ne paies pas d’impôts dessus.

>can't say its ok to be white
Really? i pass the time making fun of the holohoax, how would that work out for you?

>if the USA wasnt arming you to the teeth in WW2 youd be fucking annihilated

Russia helped way more than you did faggot also without us your mexican country wouldn't even exist so stfu.