Biggest gainer for 2018?

What are your autistic calls for the biggest gainers of 2018?

I vote VEN, just went 5k into it.

Chainlink solves connectivity problems by creating oracle contracts, that acts like a middleware.


Depending on adoption it really could be LINK.

REQ will have a good year too, but will not be the biggest gainer.

ICX will have huge gains this year too, as soon as the first ICOs start, tokenswap is done and it’s trading in korean Exchanges.



Interdasting, not hearing any noise about this one but it may make waves in asia


lilmixedhunny on IG

VEN is already so high, I wouldn't dare putting more money into it.

My most likely winners for 2018 are ZRX, LINK, REQ, OMG.

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It was hyped a lot and shot up to $12 (I think) around their first annual summit where they launched the Mainnet. After that there were no big news and people lost interest, so the price kept dropping. But looking at the companies they’re working with and the fact, that they didn’t even complet their Tokenswap yet, which would mean full operability of their platform, gives me a feeling of being early to something really big. I kind of have the Antshares/NEO feeling with this one.

Almost bought REQ early jan when it was mooning, seems like it may be a good time to get it

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Mainnet is around the corner, so don’t wait too long with your decision. That said, it may drop further until then, depending what the big Shitcoin is doing next.

Sphtx, only choice. Will 100x before year end.

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Would you rather invest in a company that is vacked by many huge companies and will likely sustain consistent growth over the next 5 years while controlling large parts of the market, or invest in a coin that might make it?

>inb4 muh partnerships.

Stay poor brainlet. REQ is the most overhyped coin out there.

Genesis Vision

90m marketcap
3.7m Total supply

Platform out August 1

Fucking Hidden gem from binance.

Check it out. I cant wait to Invest on managers on april and let them make me thousands every month.!

This coin will will hit 2-3b marketcap this year guaranteed.

I trust in solid VEN gains, already 5k in

>Check it out. I cant wait to Invest on managers on april and let them make me thousands every month.!


Not fucking bitconnect... Dyor idiot

Trading goes through platform there is no fucking way to get scammed.

Ofc manager can lose you money but thats why you choose good ones looking at yheir history

100% chance you will be suckin dick for money by the EOY

I'm long on ICX as well. Dropped $30k on it when it dipped below 40k sats and I've been accumulating since.

Lol @ all these shitcoins. OST is the true sleeping giant. Also who is this girl

it's actually gonna be bancor, not even memeing

>Stay poor brainlet. REQ is the most overhyped coin out there
Nigger, I own /both/, I bought REQ around 5ct. I just would not buy VEN at this price if I was OP.



The biggest 2018 gain gonna be a noname ponzi coin to be released in October that exploits human greed to the maximum.
It will crash in 2 months tho, but it will have x1'000'000 gain for first order buyers

He is right, though.


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RLX imo
get it on ED while it's still cheap, only coins total supply

right now @ 0,0008$
you'd be stupid not to get in

Invest in plataforms: eos, stratis, ada, ethereum for gains this year. You can have some stash of : req, xlm, ripple forger about x100 moon missions.

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xlm , enjoy getting your gains given away to the undeserved

>REQ is the most overhyped coin out there.

Have you ever heard of LINK, newfag?
REQ is not hyped at all at the moment.


Legit, I'm considering throwing my entire Tax return into Link.

Syscoin, unironically bought for $100.000.

Private + Smart Contract + 2000 TPS


Relaunched by new team.
Privacy coin using Zerocoin protocol.
Masternodex incoming
Whitepaper incoming next week.
New website incoming.

Already up 10x since last week.
Listed on Cryptopia and Yobit