10k+ bull market

.. aaaand we're back. Hey hey hey let's get this bull market running!

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too soon

hey hey hey

$100k eoy screenshot this and check my digits niggers

Checked and ready

this is just the first bull trap of 100 lmao rekt

only digits allowed in this thread, if not >leave


triples - we are going to 3 digits with btc

$800 BTC incoming

bears incoming
rip in piece bulls


I'm going to be so happy when you bitcoin fags get burned, your shitcoin is dying.

buy now or fomo at 10,8k

sell now or neck yourself at 6k

you said that at 16k lol

eat my shorts faggot




Everybody panic, bitcoin just had its first taste of american tax returns and went out to spend some of it on a new flat screen tv and hamburgers. Now he's a couple grand cheaper. Oh nooooooooo



With enough swings you can actually lose both.

Thanks bought 100k

A bunch of shorts just closed, waiting for the next push. There are still 19.3k shorts open so I'd expect the downtrend to continue after hitting 10.2-10.4k.

where do you see these shorts


Checked. I've been following this closely for the past 8-9 days

Nice trips. BitMex.


>lots of shorts open
>price still going p
surely that's a bullish sign? Those bears are already priced into the market, the only way they can affect the direction of BTC price now is by closing their shorts and increasing it more

Price went up just as bears closed their shorts. The reason that I believe that we're heading down even further is that there are still too many shorts open.
It's bullish for the next 1-2 hourse perhaps but then bears will try and take this down further towards their targets.

>The reason that I believe that we're heading down even further is that there are still too many shorts open.

please explain how lots of shorts open = price will go down. Like I said earlier, the more shorts open, the less the selling power remaining to the bears, right?


Meant to reply to you:

not necessarily at all actually. As their position increases in value, they are able to short even more

They closed their shorts since they couldnt tank the price more.


Money tied up in shorts can't buy your fucking bags. So with no one to buy bags the price goes down until the bags of shit turn to bags of gold.

And it happens when most normies hands let go at the same time.

If I get trips in this post Bitcoin will drop to $900 by EOY in a slow bleed. I’m sorry. Ok, check them.

Will bounce between 9500 and 9000 and then enter the bull tunnel. Smooth sailing from there.

>As their position increases in value, they are able to short even more
The point I am trying to make here is that, the more somebody expresses their position (long or short), the less they are able to add to that position. If there lots of shorts open right now, then that means that the people who are bearish on BTC have less money open to them with which they can short. Their position is already expressed. Sure, they can add to it, but the amount by which they can add is limited by the amount they have already put in.

>Money tied up in shorts can't buy your fucking bags
Actually, money tied up in shorts can ONLY buy bags. If you are short, it means you are going to buy back at some point to close your position. If the price gets too high, you'll be forced either by stop-loss or liquidation bot to buy back in.
If you are short it means you have already sold. You can't sell again what you already sold, so your affect on the price can only be positive from that point onwards.

do you even know how a bull market is defined?

God yall are retarded. Things rarely go up or down in a straight line.

It goes up and then dips a little
>bullfags btfo 6k incoming

It goes down then up a little
>bearfags owned 100k EOM

Whats funny is usually by the time i see these threads you're already wrong

It's a meme at this point and yes price goes up and down short term but there's still an overall trend to consider.

so if i say 53k am i a bullbear or bearbull?

dubs and we going to zero

singles and we are going up

Dubs and we're dropping to 0