Is Veeky Forums a cult?

Is Veeky Forums a cult?

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kys faggot

sounds more like the Democratic Party tbqh

I for one am on a non-stop crusade to discredit all former Veeky Forumsraelis, with their lies and calumny. I hate them, fuck em and die, all of them. DeFOO from your family and join Veeky Forums. Hail our glorious leader.

Veeky Forums is the opposite of most of these rules. we don't have leaders, we don't want people to stay, we want people who actually fit these rules (redditors) to leave.

>implying Veeky Forumsfags agree with and can stand eachother
Go fuck yourself, faggot.

>we don't have leaders
We do, though. Assblaster, Oracle etc.

We have no leaders
Many of us are from /pol/ and value sexual purity and the family unit
You are here forever on your own accord
Deus Vult!

Are you kidding? Those larpers and tripfags can go fuck themselves, too.

gr8 b8 m8

nu/pol/ posters like you are so low on the degenerate totem pole, you don't even deserve the gas chamber like the normal /pol/cucks do. you should just stay on your containment (the_donald).

Only for $LINK

You didn't know? Come on OP.

I’ve been on /pol/ since 2011 faggot

how does it feel to literally be a subreddit in 2018

suck my dick, faggot

lol where is that from? sounds like a cult.

1 sign you are a trisomy 21 mongloid

the most hilarious part about this statement is that you say it like it's something to be proud of

just go back you faggot

Yes -

compared to being a liberal, it is

Big if true.

>he thinks there's libtards on Veeky Forums
you know there's more options than just nationalist and liberal, right?

i'm from senpai

2011 and 2012 /pol/ had incredible memes and bants. Guess you missed the glorious Zimmerman trial and the Romney campaign. Shit even 2015 was gold with Trump until the fucking plebbitors and shareblue shills descended on the place like a pack of wild dogs. I watched my board burn to the ground and raped over and over again, starting with moots bullshit and ending at the election. It brings a tear to my eye.

Not by those criteria.

there was nothing glorious about the campaign of a mormon cryptoliberal who wanted to nuke russia though

Is this shooped?

It's a therapy group for the terminally rekt

>ever listening to tripfags on Veeky Forums or any other board

Fits LINK perfectly

no Veeky Forums is a Christian anime image board

The memes were funny
And the predictions of Romney landslide were pretty funny