Why you don't short crypto?

Seriously why?

I did.

50x short got liquidated @ 11778
it was my last chance

>why don't you gamble????

seriously, why?

>using more than 10-25x leverage
it's like you want to get btfo

because its a bear trap

Shorting is not gambling, is the same that buy and sell, but the opposite sell and buy

I am a pussy.

>implying that all crypto is not gambling

im long 100x now

liquidation price?


Shorting in a bull market, lole

Which site do you guys use?

Any good youtube/site material to learn more about it?

shorting cripple like crazy, so comfy kek

>3 months straight down
>bull market

Google blue waffle.
Good shorting platform that

becuase bull markets are characerized by a 45° angled chart

You can short on etoro, plus500 and poloniex

Because while I'm convinced in 5 years the crypto market cap will be close to 0, I don't know how large the buble will grow before poping, so I'm at risk of being liquidated even if I'm right.

Is a bear market

That's your target, not your liquidation price.

Because I'm not a retard. Limited supply + liquidity + potentially unlimited demand.

if you short, then it should be short-term, few hours or maybe few days. anything more than that is gambling.

also, anything can happen suddenly:
- stock market bubble pops
- a country announce using bitcoin as a reserve currency
- a big company accepts it for payments


There is an opposite to short selling?

lokk at what venezuela is doing and switzeland is also starting to accept tax payments etc in BTC