Crypto is dead

>Crypto is dead.
>Dropshipping is dead.
>Affiliate test sites are saturated and dead.
>Starting your own business is meaningless in a time of monopolies.
>Your college diploma means nothing and there are 100 applicants for every vacancy.


Wagecucking isn't dead. McDonald will always take you bro.

We hear crypto is dead 5times a year and it goes back up stfu newfag zombie

Dig ditches you weak faggot. The world needs ditches. And garbage men.

i have got a in engineering and cant find a job.

no larp. I am freaking out. couldnt sleep the last days.

should have gotten into a trade. now i have to pay for my stupidity.

>will to live is dead.

None of these things are dead dumbass

Considering the shit state of the world I'm surprised there isn't an abudance of McDonalds applicants.

Learn a skill besides sitting your soft body behind a keyboard. Custom cabinet, wood Craftsman, kitchen remodelers are hard to come by and dying out because the internet is turning young men into furry fucking soy boy androgynous pussies.

There is. Remember a few years ago McDonald's opened up quite a few positions and got so many applicants it had a higher rejection rate than Harvard

anyone want to give their theory on why bankruptcy isn't applicable to student loans

Zuckerberg is his true form in Courage the Cowardly Dog

You know why

Which discipline? Bachelors is usually optimal, masters can fuck you in the ass due to being overqualified. You can always take a step back and be a technician or drafter

well same situation here, industrial engineering and no job for a whole year now, just give up user

Get seasonal drafting work so you can actually put something companies care about on your resume

>Your college diploma means nothing and there are 100 applicants for every vacancy
not for certain jobs that are boring and soul sucking like data science

>dropshipping is dead

Kek good one

>Your college diploma means nothing and there are 100 applicants for every vacancy.
Can't speak for everyone, but electrical engineer feels comfy.

Also, his face is really disturbing.

200% THIS. In fact everyone in this thread should take the S.W.E.A.T. pledge! Working paycheck to paycheck is a beautiful thing!

imagine being smart enough to get a masters in engineering but not smart enough to extract value from the economy without a good goy pay check

start a start-up in Silicon Valley

lots of angel investors will give you $10,000 to work 16 hours a day for a year

Wage cucks will always come up with reasons why there is nothing they could change.

Pro Tipp: saturated marked means nothing, just be the best.



Holy fuck that pic lmao

Dropshipping is for uncreative kikes

Capitalism has been living on borrowed time for a while now. We will either get basic income soon or the guillotines will be rolled out again.

Lol no. Mass manipulation has been turned into an art. The masses will ditch thier pitch'n'forks as soon as the next media spin rolls out and thier homeostasis is secure

Government doesn't want you going to school taking out exorbitant loans in excess of 300,000 and then instantly declaring bankruptcy. It would be taken advantage of.

universal basic income - all prices of every product rises accordingly. or, we could just fix society's problems by canceling all welfare

To add they can be discharges if you can prove that the loans are an undue hardship but that's really difficult to do.

Not really.

Any not even decent, but average lowly wagecuck job position has lines of applicants willing to work for dirt cheap to get hired so you will have no luck there.

Any tedious manual labor is dissapearing as well. For example mcdonalds cashiers are already being replaced by pic related and they are now also making burger making automats, which make custom burgers from fresh ingredients, even better that wagecuck work made burgers.

So middle class jobs are impossible to get due to the supply completely overshadowing demand and low paying cuck jobs are taken by machines.

The only future for you, me and all the cucks here is welfare and foodstamps. If they ever stop handing them out, we will end up as homeless beggars. So get ready.

>Mass manipulation has been turned into an art.
Sparking off the whole millenials vs boomers thing was genius. It is such an effective way to cover up the fact young people don't want to join pension pyramid scheme groups because it is obvious they are getting in at the bottom.

indentured slavery user. they have you when you take outrhat lian, sametime this was made law college tuitions skyrocketed... i'm sure it was just a coincidence

wrong pic

This guy doesn’t know economics at all. That’s not how it works.

Good luck selling that shit. We get everything from China now

McDonald's is in decline (at least in Europe)

what kind of capitalism has 50-80% total tax rate as we have in the west ? you could not get much closer to communism not being a fully communistic soviet union

You make copy a product. You mongrel even chose a pic of Mark fucking Zuckerberg who stole an idea of two ugly twins who basically made another MySpace.

>homeless and beggars

Revolution comes when young men have no oppurtunity and nothing to eat. Shits gonna hit the fan before we are all out on the street

i hope it dies

We should cut all taxes and eliminate every single bit of social welfare. If you starve on the street that is a good thing for our country. Worthless deadweight serves no purpose.

>even better that wagecuck work made burgers.

Kill the old!
Kill the retired!
Only working men are fit for America!

>dropshipping is dead

I could have sworn that I just got 6k in my bank account yesterday. (chinese new year, stores are closed)

>crypto is dead

I could have sworn I sold a 4 year old bitcoin yesterday that was worth about 400$ back then for 11k ...

Damn... life is pain ,,, when you're a brainlet.

Kill everyone on the planet except girls above 8/10 and me

holy shit
>tfw when I'm not perfect

If you didn’t save enough for your retirement you can eat a dick you worthless piece of trash.


I know a kid who literally went from highschool dropout alienated from his family and working mcjobs to married with a house and a decent office job in the time since that picture was first posted
ofc he doesn't do smartphones, eating out or any kind of shit... his passion is playing video games older than him on old ass hardware
the game is unfair, but inability to succeed always comes down to personal failure regardless
consumer slaves will remain consumer slaves even if they land a 100k/y job

A slave who is alright with having someone whip him is still a slave user...also, any healthy intelligent minded human always strives for more and doesn’t just waste his one and only precious life watching pixilated cartoon characters on a tv screen for his free time every single day when he could be out experiencing the greater things in life.

I've never found what you described to be true. People who need external validation tend to be of limited intelligence, whereas smart people find motivation from their purely intellectual pursuits.

>hurrr durr hard work for pay is slavery
God you sound like such a pussy. Your mentality is that of a loser. So much fucking delusion.


>calls other delusional
>still believes in hard work

Hard work always pays off. You’re probably just a lazy bitch.

>protestant work ethic
Never gonna make it

I didn’t necessarily imply that these people I was describing wanted some kind of external validation, I will agree that a mindset like this doesn’t seem very intelligent either. However, a person who seeks something more in life than just mindless entertainment is probably gonna tend to have a higher intellect than the latter.

op kill yourself you nihilistic bitch faggot

>a in engineering
Engineering in what ? Environnemental engineering ? Gender studies engineering ? I finished my EE master 2 years ago and i make 85k a year + bonuses.

Why aren't you in tech yet faggot? Literally hire any STEM major and teach them how to code or design business processes.
t. Chem major in tech since college making almost $200k/year as a consultant

high end wood work will always be in demand if you can make it customized and artistic. buy yeah all the generic shit is pressed with glue in china with sawdust and newspaper filler or whatever else the chinks put in there

Im a data scientist and was smugly reading this thread until you posted this, kek
You got me

>he thinks there's only 100 applicants for every open position.

No you dont. You will be unemployed when you finally graduate

Interesting, why exactly do you find data science boring and soul sucking? I've jumped from a data science like role to a pure software development role and I'm finding the latter to be boring and soul sucking in a way that makes me feel like a I'm widget factory dragging around issues in Jira.

Well... you want your status symbol you should have to pay for it.