Grunk buy 1 crypto rock of each in case they become bitcoin rock rich

Grunk buy 1 crypto rock of each in case they become bitcoin rock rich

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its grug

Grug buy pyramid rock
Pyramid rock say give grug one cloth each moon
Now give cloth token not cloth
Grug wife leave grug for gruk

If I buy every crypto I'm guaranteed to win!

Long nose tell me bitrock go up.
Buy lots a rocks.
Next moon bitrock down.
No afford cloth.
How I tell wife?

smash his rock collection
unleash the clawed mammal

Grug not greedy. Grug like rock technology.

Sor buy ripple stone rich soon


Is that an American?

lol this meme is becoming one of my favs


omg this thread i'm dying


its uncanny

buy big coins

or stone balls and dont belive long nose tribe

Yea, that kid is fucking hideous.


>when somebody forked your rai stones and they are way better


Prejeet is scammer took all my rocks and now ripple stones is worth poopoo


Grung traded 1 cloth for 1 rock, now 2 rock worth 1 cloth. Rock going to be worth more cloth soon right? Grung didn’t loose all his cloth right?

deer sar bye oysters in yobitcave

Based grug posters.

rock giveaway!
leave rock here now
grug give you two rock later


ayyy! No paint fertile woman here! Grug trying focus on how get more bitrock! Fertile woman make Grug only think in want to mate!

Very good here my rocks for you grug


Not know rocklink real rock or fake rock
Other tribe lie about rocklink to make grug head hurt

1000 cloths end of epoch

Soygrug sell bitrock to buy self a rocktendo
What other grugs buy with bitrock cloth?