I'm furious I fell for this meme coin

I'm furious I fell for this meme coin.

Still holding 360k

Comfy as fuck. This was never supposed to be a short term hodl.

I strongly believe that weak handed nucucks are not worthy to make it, so market sell it RIGHT NOW

yeees sell into my buy order set to ICO price


sold all of my ICO bags while im still in profit, its a shitcoin massively shilled by organized street shitters

you dumbfuck this is a kind of coin you accumulate and hold till EOY at least.

JNTlemen don't worry, this is normal in emerJNT markets, the key is to remain intelliJNT!

pretty cringy desu

It only dropped like .05
It will take decades to see any real returns, be patient

It was 0,6 USD 3 days ago.

Well unless you are stupid, you won't have more than couple hundred invested in any single coin. So all these exit scams, scam coins, crashes and red days will be just paper cuts.

Diversifying is a meme, you will learn that soon enough :)

Unless you can literally see the future, it's the only safe way to go.

>measuring in USD

You are right...it was 40% more worth in satoshi 1 week ago

Never listen to Veeky Forums you dumb dumbs. Its at 0.4c and will go lower. Whoever pumped it and dumped it, kudos. Biz never learns lel!

I fell for the diversify meme. I bought XRP at 18 cents, XLM at 2.7, REQ at 6, VEN at 50, PRL at 6, plus a few coins that have 2x or 3x. Even in the current depressed market 80% of my holdings have 5xed or more. Overall I am up 15x but if I had just chained all-in on any two of my coins one after another I would be a damn sight better off. The thing that makes it funny is a) I started off with such a small stake it wasn't worth diversifying to protect it and b) now I have a slightly better stake I am still diversifying, although not as much. When I add a new coin now it gets 20% of the portfolio, rather than 2-10%.

How do i do the 2 step google verification for kucoin?...i have a mac.

>Its at 0.4c

No it isn't.

did you actually expect to hold this short term and see gains? the market means shit all knowing the unregulated nature of trading. just know the fundamentals and forget it for a year

Fuck why didnt i pull out, obviously it was going to dump on kucoin

because if it took off you would have gotten JUST'd bad

>He thinks this is the dump
Wait for people to sell the news in a few days when the news actually hits. We are going to see sub-ico.

All FOMO buyers who fell for the shill without researching and now selling while still not having researched shit are gonna get FUCKED. Looking forward to the pinkies.

this level of comfort is second to my $5 antshare buy back in june

I'm not even holding it, because I honestly don't believe it's worth the wait.

But if you bought into a new and unknown project, no matter the potential, during a bear market while expecting great returns in just a couple of weeks, you need to get the fuck out of crypto, because you'll never, ever make it.

If you sold at a loss, you don't just need to get out of crypto. You need to get out of life. Invest in a rope.

We literally tried to warn you.


Where are those now? See how little the market cares for them? Enjoy fading into obscurity as the price drops to sub ICO in the next two weeks.

>read this thread
>the only thing I can think is 'accumulate'

sell me your cheap bags

There is this thing called Confido. I think you should accumulate. I also heard rumors of a money maker called Bitconnect. Same sentiment.

it's going to take a lot more than that to change my mind