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>paying resale price for shitty clothes

would be a shame if some muzzie mowed that little shit over

Probably 50$ desu, and I have a folio of 200k

>all these shitskins
>All these fits will be out of style in 3 years max
Clothes can't subsitute aesthetics

is there any brand that's more shitskin central than supreme?
all that money, and semites will never be able to buy class

Full winter outfit:
$400 jacket (meetings, going out) / $50 jacket (everyday)
$25 jeans
$20 thermal underwear
$4 underpants
$1 socks
$20 Mi Band 2
$120 shoes
$60 hat
$20 neckwear (Buff Cyclone, good shit)
$8 sweater

About $700 total

resentful towards 12 year old children. you anons are gonna go clean up your rooms godspeed. i am almost speechless (because i am never actually speechless ever). sincerly, your dad.

one of the few peterson posts that actually make sense

being resentful toward children is genuinely pathetic

Looks like a middle school ski club. If you’re going to pay $4k for clothes, make it a suit.

They made such great financial decisions, nice fit dude, choke and gag.

I blame the parents


they are 12 year old kids who buy themselves 200 dollar tennis shoes because they probably have parents who didnt fall into bitterness as you did user and actually have a career. go clean your fuckin room. (dad)

Not the child per se, but rather the disgusting shitskin consumerism

Buying expensive clothes is for the poor.

T-shirt 5$
Jeans 60$
Vest 15$
Shoes 25$
total: 105$

honestly if you can't look awesome in something as simple as a pair of jeans and a white t you're basically wearing clothes as makeup and no better than the average insecure bitch trying to buy self-esteem

Btw that outfit is not worth 4000quid, he's just a retard.

>If you’re going to pay $4k for clothes, make it a suit.

this... although buying a 4k suit at 12 years old would also be retarded.

>buy themselves
I’m not even bitter, I just have eyes that work and realize they aren’t getting the value they paid back with those items. I know the manufacturing costs of such items. I know it’s really off-the-rack and gains all of it’s value when the brand name is affixed. Overall value provided is fairly low, these are really $400 outfits they got cucked into paying $4,000 for.

i've been lifting/running for years and i'm admittedly in very good shape and i only buy clothes at thrift stores. Veeky Forums 4 lyfe

and i hope you are not older than lets say 14 years. because otherwise i might have bad news for you.

this guy gets it

Lmao im wearing sport pants wich i got for free, so 0$? fuck yeah.

what are you even watching op are you 16?

this guy sees himself as being in a sexual contest with 12 year old indian boys.

that being said these are the very same people who one day might pump your memecoins. be thankful.

talks about children as insecure bitches. also sees himself in a sexual contest with 10 year olds who buy nike air shoes.

People of Veeky Forums we need some serious room cleaning / sorting yourself out getting started asap. It's breathtaking (not actually nothing ever is breathtaking besides some random sovjet gulak literature). Dad.

Peterson posters are the worst

>in a sexual contest with 12 year old indian boys
with who?

el montruo...

i thought we were talking about grown men
why are you faggot pedos talking about kids

How does one determine the price of one outfit?
Is it market value or acquisition cost?

>pic related

I did not know videos like pic related existed. Holy shit! Where the fuck are those kid's parents??!!

the west is dead

well fuck me i'm a retard
seriously though who cares what kids do



Fucking hell i hate londoners with a passion.

Why would I invest in logos on clothes, if I can invest in logos in crypto wallet?

Oh, no, it's an O'Neill beanie.

I also own cat ears hat (I'm male), it cost $5.

>investment decisions based solely on the name/icon

urrrghhh my current outfit is prolly worth less than a dollar if you account for depreciation over time.

Socks - 1 year old - 0c
Gym Joggers - 3 years - 40c
Fleece - 50c
Tshirt - 5c

Do I look rich or poor? This is what I useally wear. Also try to guess my net worth and what cryptos I'm holding.

pair of old worn out khakis from (I think?) Brooks Brothers that I bought about four years ago

a yellow patagonia tshirt that is also old af

walmart flipflops

Seiko automatic...a cheap self-winding watch I wear day to day

Total about $181

I live in the deep south, it's hot as fuck, and I don't have to go into the office today. All I have on my plate is to walk the dogs and day trade. Also, I'm not a teenager and have no reason to waste money buying hypebeast bullshit like a dindu or suburban britbong pleb.

Sorry dad
*unironically goes clean room*

I bought a used schneider coat for $250
Amazing quality and build but theres no way Id pay full rerail price for that much less a few hundred for brands that outsource to china

lol u are that school shooter user who posted his face some time ago and it got a million replies telling you to drop the playstation tshirt and that your face looked like a school shooter

don't shoot up your school user

If you count the glasses like 1'200.

Old pairs of Vans, haven't bought new ones in a year probably
spending more than 20 bucks on trousers or jeans is retarded
I normally wear tight fit t-shirts with no designs on them, they're like 5-10 bucks each
A rolex my late grandpa gave ot me, or a Casio which is like

Yes that's me. And I'm not a school shooter, I don't even own any guns. And Yes I have the play station shirt also.

good for you not having guns user
have you talked to a girl yet?



>good for you not having guns user

100 euro on average.

I buy all my clothes at the thrift store or at garage sales.

not surprised the kid who doesn't see any issue with semites would post an international jew

>grey sneakers

One of my more expensive sweaters. I buy most of them in the $15-$40 range. Most expensive clothing I own is a $300 suit and $120 dress shoes.

shirt lucky brand flannel -30$
H'n'm pants -20$
Nike newbalance-100$

During winter

160€ jacket
180€ wool raincoat (shit is so warm)
20€ shirt
40€ jean
60€ shoes
30€ for underpants / socks

total 490€

No I haven't talked to any yet, this bear market is making me too depressed. Maybe once my crypto portfolio gets back up to where it was I'll feel more confident to talk with girls.

How long has the SUPREME meme been in existence? People unironically eat that shit up. Is there an objective advantage over other brands? Am I missing something?

Probably $1000, and since I have a different set of clothing for every day of the week it's $7000.

Wearing 100% Lacoste, I'm crazy for that brand.

Tell them you're a trader and made a lot of money out of it ?

Lacoste is retarded

Shirt $10
Jeans $60
Shoes $70
Undies $80
Socks $50

Let me guess, you have never been part of the cool kids back in school and take pride in looking like shit, while acting like you would not care, although you do sooooooo much. Yeah, thought so kiddo.

Also based.

>zero comparative advantage over other clothing lines
ahh, gotcha. thanks user

Nah, it's novelty as fuck, you seriously think I dress like those idiots? I bet you can make a strawman nitpick as that image you posted with every brand.

I dress like pic related.

chubby manlet detected

Full winter outfit:
$6 T-shirt thrift store
$30 jacket Member's Only
$25 jeans Levi's
$10 underwear CK
$3 socks Buffalo David Bitton
$45 watch Timex
$90 shoes Bull Boxer (hate these - i feel they were too expensive for what they are)
$16 hat Carolina Panther's fitted clearance
$20 belt Timberland

About $245 total - Most of my clothes are roughly the same price and I only have about 10 shirts, 4 jeans, 3 jackets, 2 shoes

The fuck does any of this matter anyway? Clothes don't make the man

£90 Levi's Jeans (high quality not a meme designer)
£10 T-shirt from Gap
£10 full sleeve t-shirt from Muji
£80 comfy patagonia fleece
£80 comfy camper shoes

wew £270, that's a lot more than I thought

keep in mind that this isn't one of 10 outfits, I wear the jeans, shoes and fleece literally everyday - I rotate the t-shirt and full sleeve every few days and change socks/underwear every day

“Shitskin” consumerism, as if consumer culture wasn’t invented and pushed by whites in white countries to begin with? This is way less of a disgusting display of consumerism than the white trash mart sharting memes. You /pol/fags are fucking retarded

Ehhh I was at some point in life, I'm fit now.
Dunno if 178cm is manlet since I'm Portuguese, compared to people from Central Europe I guess I am, when I lived in Germany I had plenty colleagues that were at least 180 but never at some point of my life I felt like everyone around me was big so I would consider 178 to be average? Maybe?


>muh j00z invented capitalism
just kill yourself for being this retarded

U pay 80$ for some underwear? hahahahahaah

>Dunno if 178cm is manlet
It is, but it’s all good m8. Where what you like, LaCoste just fits me like shit so I’m bitter, the polls are all short and boxy

Depends on the brand, my underwear is composed by either Calvin Klein or Lacoste, 1 piece being at least $59.

this county never used to be solely consumers until post-WWII, hmm

Oh yeah Lacoste is definitely a brand that has a very slim fit.
Maybe try WeFashion, seems like it would fit you pretty good by your description.

>having a career means you should spend money on overpriced shit
Clearly those people are too stressed to keep their priorities in order, there really isn't much to admire here.

I'm a half-Portuguese and I'm 197cm

Don't blame your nationality, blame your shit genetics

I knew you guys were a bunch of preppy fags obsessed with image. You are blue pilled as fuck and make me sick.

What i wear everyday always.
Army coat free from army
Hanes tshirts that come in a
boxer briefs from a 3 pack
Darn Tough socks made n vermont. $
Old nikes
3 pairs of jeans.

Y the fuck do ppl spend money on clothes?

At least my brain is bigger than your, because nowhere in my text did I blame my nationality, just implied that I was considered big there while average here where I am now.

Sam Walton wasn’t a Jew. Capitalists have always been incentivized to push consumer culture because its profitable for them.

Isn’t it also so adorable how /pol/ types pretend that they’re part of a masterrace while also embracing conspiracy theories about how they’re collectively being taken for a ride by 1% of the population?

>jeans from walmart, $15
>hanes boxers and socks, probably $2 combined
>generic black t shirt, $3
>generic hoodie, $20
>chucks, $50

So like $90

brb gonna go buy bape and supreme at fucking Walmart

$0 hand me down tshirt
$20 pants from target
$8 for a 3pack of boxers
$20 jacket
$15 hat
$60 shoes

Learned not to skimp out on shoes the hard way. Still wish i could find some comfortable shoes for cheap

lmao that fat jew boy in the beginning

I wonder if that had anything to do with advancements in technology since the early 1900s making it exponentially easier to mass produce and market products? Hmm...

>jeans £30 which I bought in 2016
>Jumper probably from 2011 £40
>£150 shoes from 2015 which was a gift
>£10,000 Rolex because I said I will buy one when Litecoin hits 5000$

>Adidas Stan Smith $75
>Levi's 510 jeans $70
>A decent t-shirt $50
>Lacoste hoodie $100
>Armani jacket $225

$500-550 in Autumn/Winter and I dress decently well, not even showing off and especially not looking autistic wearing Supreme overpriced crap.

>le everything you criticize you're resentful of
no Freud, parents buying their kids £1000s of clothes, decadent consumerism and your country getting flooded by aliens is shit

>Beechfield hat £3
>Fjallraven coat £50
>Burtons jumper £20
>FCUK jeans £25
>Redwing boots £230

absolutely chav

Don't pretend shitskin consumerism isn't a thing, chaim. Here in Northern Europe shitskins literally buy Gucci, Lacoste, Burberry, Stone Island and who knows what other faggy brands with government aid. Arabs and "Asians" have a thing for bling and expensive clothing, it's just how they are. Even dirt poor Syrian refugees buy $5k wedding dresses.

>Average brits, the only White kid in the pic looks like a wigger

This thread has way too many £ symbols
Pommies off my board REEEEEEEE

The only thing someone should pay a high price for regarding clothing is a suit, the coat that goes with it and the pair of shoes that goes with it.

Decent half measure suits start at 500, coat at 300 and shoes at 150.