"Vechain has no te-"

"Vechain has no te-"




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where does the token come in?

Do some research faggot boy, the token use is already widely known

Vechain tokens produce Thor, which is used as gas to run the whole blockchain.

how am I going to profit from HM using the vechain tags?

In order for them to use the vechain tags they need to buy Thor to burn. Your VEN produces thor.

A12: The demo machine in the video can produce NFC + RFID hybrid chips, and is currently in production for one of the French luxury brands. We have already produced more than 20,000 pcs for them.

can vechain unironically be the first legitimate use case crypto?

Givenchy nigga

It might be givenchy


Vechains needs to take ovet the fashion game

Need a gucci,louie, versace partnership

What if they just buy VEN to generate their own THOR instead ? Seems more logical than to buy burnable tokens.

80 VEN here, that is like 80k on 2020 right?

Sunny was a louis vuitton's CIO in china and vechain are partners with their parent company LVMH, so it's pretty much confirmed at this time

What is a no bullshit price VET and THOR could hit by EOY? Could we really see a $20 VET?

They can do that aswell if it saves them money. Doesn't matter if they hold their own VEN or just buy Thor, it's both good for us hodlers.

Could be, I say 40k at least! Just hodl strong!
Is that a rhetorical question? We'll see $20 easily. I'd say $100 is a more likely estimate EOY.


I just can't see $100, that puts me at 1.4 million.

$100 would put us at a market cap of 47 billion. Think of their current pace, their massive partnerships that haven't even come to full fruition, with more on the horizon, along with mainnet + rebranding + node locking (half the supply or more being locked up).

It's hefty, and maybe not entirely realistic, but this is the biggest project in crypto right now, and so long as the whole space keeps growing, VEN will be able to easily take a huge chunk of the pie.

$40 VEN = I retire at 24 and never look back

thank you anons, im very poor as you can se but I do have 120$ more on ethereum should I buy more VEN now with it? I really want to get out of this poorness
do you guys see this as the next ethereum?

I could see VET at 47 billion MC if the entire crypto MC reaches 3 trillion or higher. I don't see it happening in 2018 desu but 2019 and beyond... absolutely.

I hope you have at least 50k VET then because retiring at 24 with less than 2 million is not gonna work out unless you live extremely frugally (like a poorfag) and at that point it's not even worth it.

By the time crypto MC reaches 3 trillion, the shit projects are gonna be weeded out. Real companies are gonna be soaking up all the money. I think we could easily hit 50b market cap if VeChain is successful

dont feed the retards

I have a thunder node, yes. And I'm a complete minimalist in terms of living situation. When I say retire I just mean not bearing the *obligation* to work everyday. I'm sure life will get boring quick anyways.

Reminder: 400k THOR will be generated per day. Estimate how much companies are willing to pay per day for using VeChain platform: 60M$

1 Thor will be 150$. 1 VET will be 3*THOR, so 450$.

Apparently some of their customers are already using VeChain on a private chain? Is Thor not required for this?

Thor is for DApp usage.

yes they have been running a consortium blockchain as a Proof-of-Concept type situation for a little over a year now. I'm sure they have been using a THOR equivalent

How come there are no BMW leaks... Surely someone working at BMW must browse Veeky Forums.

My dream is to retire on the passive income my VEN will be generating. (16.5k venlet)
€2000 a month is enough for me cmon Sunny

Why would you ever sell the VET? Just live off Thor passive income son

I'm still trying to grasp the idea that billion dollar corporations are going to be willingly handing over money to NEETs running nodes for THOR. I understand the technical aspect on paper. But the possibility of it actually happening seems very unrealistic to me.

That's right keep on holding to your BMW partnership, meanwhile IOTA just announced their partnership with one of the biggest car manufactures, VW.

why you here then faggot? go suck david's dick on reddit

link 1000 eoy

VEN is probably one of the best projects right now

it will be done on a public chain as their scope is becoming bigger



But how will the data be written to blockchain? Who's gonna pay the miners? Having a dapp that writes the data and burns Thor seems logical to me.

Ssshhhh, let the dream live and exit at the right time

Been in Bitcoin since 2013 and this is the first time since then I've been so bullish on a project. Enterprise block chain is the next moon and VEN is all over it.

what the fuck are you talking about? how would they be handing money over to NEETs? Most large corporations would have their own nodes

its not neets.

Only 8000 nodes will ever exist according to the Vechain foundation.

Likelihood is that investors have brought up a substantial number already.

Neets probably have less than 1000 collectively by the end either because they have glass hands or the fact that neets with their mere 2000 dollar investment never stood a chance in the first place. none of the retarded neets on here were buying it at 20 cents back in autumn.

Very few neets would have bought at the bottom and held enough for a node. At current prices a typical NEET surely wont have the money for a node.

The ones that have them are outliers.

people under estimate how much a node costs even at this price now.

60,000 USD is out of range for 99% of people. Neets were not the people buying buying when it crashed down to 2.75 with the entire market either. they were the ones who got justed. I wouldn't even class someone who timed the market and shorted from the top a neet.

As said, only 8k nodes will exist. between now and golden time most weak handed neets chasing lambos would have sold their node anyway to chase faster missions. big investors are playing a nice long game to extract VEN from people. Jim Breyer himself said this is a 4-5 year + investment for him.

the few of us that hold nodes on here can consider ourselves very fortunate. Don't risk losing it.

this, all the retarded neets are going to sell off and it's going to be 90% enterprises holding nodes as it becomes profitable for them.

Absolutely. I feel like we’re witnessing one of the first companies that will survive and flourish when this bubble pops.

I’m sure there will be some other long lasting cryptos with real-world usecases as well (Ethereum? Cardano? NEO?) but it’s really hard to tell, I like a lot of these projects very much but it’s so hard to predict which will take off even if they have good tech. But I’m really confident about VeChain, they’re No. 1 in partnerships and enterprise use right now.

If VeChain is the most-utilized blockchain platform in the world and I think it must certainly be up there, then its days of being outside the Top 5 coins must be limited. Maybe not now, because market cap doesn’t reflect reality right now, but as time passes and speculation gives way to realistic valuation....it’ll get there.

what does vechain offer that would deter one of these enterprises from just creating their own private chain and using it for free?

serious question?
or troll because imo its obvious why a "private blockchain" is not going to work very well for supply chain management...

because a private chain is basically a glorified database cuckold, the whole point is to make it universal and transparent so all enterprises share one database

lol, his comment reflects the kind of person that normally fuds vechian. say no more.

I bought at 0.40 USD :)

cant tell if you are trying to call yourself a neet or just felt the need to chime in

Did they release a white paper yet?

I'm with you, you got things right. All I say is that there are a few people that were lucky enough to buy in early. I consider myself being one of them.

im still waiting for Amazons white paper. the one about their strategy and conception of being a book outlet.

Chink coin no white paper. Good luck

Yeah I don’t trust ‘em for that reason, Bezos is shady. What’s he trying to hide?

i have 60 ven will i make it

used honda civic

Lol Amazon doesn't even have a working product. My friend worked there and told me about some shady shit that happened.

amazon is a wannabe ebay company

I used to work at Amazon and Sunny would visit from time to time. Jeff and Sunny would do a mountain of coke in his office and then spend the rest of the day finger blasting male interns, some real Caligula style shit.

thanks just bought 100k

so how much is the EOM/EOY of this ricecoin?

realistic estimates only faggots ... keep the Marketcap in mind

Stay poor my man, stay poor.


sounds reasonable ... by the looks of it this year will be rough esp. if BTC tanks again sub 6k or much worse when uncle sam forces tether to pack up their "shit shop" for printing "usdt"

VEN wil reach 10 by the end of February.

Guess I made the right decision investing in VeChain. I'm in it for the long run!

To make Thor viable for businesses, $5 VEN.