Passive Income thread

Can we get one of these going? Anyone have any good ideas?

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neo and soon ven

>passive income

no such thing

Managed fund

Already in both.

Buy link and hold link for 2 years.

Cash out only 1 link a year when it's worth 50k and live comfy

cardano staking is coming

16.5k VENlet here. Planning to live off my Tron when 2019 hits.

Should I buy FBA?

Decred ticket staking is noice

Tax sheltered Roth IRA. Oh wait, you need a job for one of those

My success from least to greatest: YT vids, dividend stocks, android apps, crypto.

guillotine for the rent-seeking scum

>android apps
i tried that but the market is so incredibly saturated that even when i made my apps free with no aps i got barely couple dozen downloads


ICX (in future)
ETH (in future)
VEN (in future)
DBC (in future)

>tfw when i get passive income from the government for being a neet

Can you actually park millions in an index fund, or do I have that wrong?

Fulfillment by Amazon?

you mean thor

Dividends, rented real estate, own a business, billboards, vending machines, ATMs, copyrights, intellectual property, royalties

want to buy this fba business for 100k?


Your shitcoin is obviously going to fall. Why would I buy it?

I'll give you 50k.

How nigger?

I stake Obsidian. Closest thing to passive income I'll ever get.

Lmao you're still holding that trash? You're either very brave or very stupid.
every day i have to stop myself from throwing more eth at it
these faggots are geniuses
once the ethpyr futures come out, and if they're well-implemented, this will become a fully-fledged pvp game

lol our goods were held in customs for 3 weeks which we were out of stock

Nah. You are funded to wipe your genofond from existence.
Enough to force feed junk food and suppress your survival drive, not enough to get gf and start a family. You neet ;)

Well, let's see, you've got
>dividends from equities
>coupons from fixed-income
>rental income from real estate
I think those are the classic cases everyone knows about.
A bit more exotic are:
>royalties from intellectual property

I can't really think of any other, but I think that list is pretty exhaustive

that's a cute business you have there.

>Veeky Forums shills me on NEO (then called antshare; ANS)
> "It's the Chinese etherium"
> Invest in 3.5k ANS

Now the GAS it generates supplements my main income very very nicely. I have no idea what to do about taxes though (CADcuck here)

Try to get enough for a masternode in a low mc coin. I got 50k TRAC and I'm considering how much AMB will be necessary for one.

Will TRAC have MN's?

is confirmed that it will have nodes, we just don't know what kind of system or how much for a master node. Everyone more or less agrees that it will be some kind of scale system with a master node for 50k or 100k, lets see.

what's so complicated? just add to your tax calculation amount of gas each time you claim it with cost basis of 0

Thanks, just bought 50... ugh, 50K is still a lot, even though TRAC is down.

Lotta FUD about PFR but right now it's about 2ETH for a node. Platform should be out in march.

Renting out property is cool, but a lot of people here are doing it wrong by wanting to be slumlords. If you have two high-quality flats to rent out, you can make about 1500€ in passive income a month even in my eurocuck city. And you dont have to fucking deal with deadbeat tenants and all that jazz.

I like PFR idea, but there has been so much shilling and fud that I have no fucking idea what is going on with it.

TRAC isn't going fucking anywhere. Screen cap this.

Unironically buy DIVX masternodes

their roadmap is quite hot in mars, just the masternode info will make it moon. why do you think so?

the competitors look impresive, but TRAC is a protocol allowing you to create your own shit, in this kind of mega industries it makes sense that everyone can create and customize their stuff.

Some user once mentioned vending machines, sound like a great idea

I'm still holding it because I can't really care if I lose that money.

>rich people rent
Yeah, nah.

all in Bean Cash

Nodex looks pretty interesting. Passive income from masternode index funds sorta. No idea when their ICO is tho.



> nigger
you just answered your own question.

Thanks just bought 100k


Have you ever lived in a city? Even successful professionals rent.

Painting goblins, they're the ultimate passive income.

Add veri.. you can get exposure using your token on Veadir.

PPT is the top cash flow hit. So cheap right now

I get $1800 a month renting out a shithole in a bad area because it's section 8 housing. Doesn't matter that my tenants are scumbag deadbeats because the government pays me consistently every month. I plan on buying more cheap shitholes and renting them out until I become a slumlord millionaire.

how are stocks/crypto not passive?


That's pretty much the plan, NEO is my main hold, the dividends will be used to reinvest in some small market cap project, preferably less than $10M. Keep doing that, all holds will be at least 1 year, possibly two. Say every month or so next year, sell one and reinvest say 10-20% into another small market coin, most of the profit goes to larger dividend coins (NEO, ETH, ARK or whatever else is around at that time and looks to be a good hedge+dividends or simply to build that BTC stack, diversify among "safe bets").

Rich ppl do rent buddy, as do expats

You're Welcome!

plz do the explain