Fuck the world thread

Anyone else selling drugs to support themselves with every penny of profit in crypto?

>be me, 18, three years ago
>camping in Texas
>pigs show up while we're smoking some blunts
>I take fall and get a whopping $10,000 in bullshit fines, have a year to pay it
>kicked out my house, lost my job, no car, get job at fucking Subway
>cant even make $10000 By the deadline at 40 hours a week
>start selling weed to pay for weed fines, mainly just to spite cops too
>have cash, pay fines, feels good
>start selling lsd n shrooms and during one trip I realized I'm basically dead so nothing matters
>that feeling is constant motivation
>quit wagecuck job, every penny in crypto, trap really fucking hard
>make way too much money
>this is my life now

I'm not afraid of getting arrested again. I have two shotguns and am more than willing to blow my brains out / suicide by cop if I get raided, in fact I almost welcome it at this point. I tried getting another wagecuck job but I walked out the first week, definitely no going back. Unless I can get a job that doesn't make me want to off myself crypto is my only way back into normal citizen mode. I'm hoping one day I can live normally, settle down with my gf and maybe have a family but life is too fast right now. I guess I'm just not fit for regular society's standards

Don't take any guff from these swine bro

>cashing out laundered drug money

I ran Bitflur.com
Fuck everyone

Stay strong my fiend. You are not alone. The universe favors those who aren't afraid of it

Used to sell weed pills and mdma, quit 3 months ago to get sober.

Selling weed is a better side gig than crypto. Literally will make you alpha and get you pussy and you pay 0 taxes to the ZOG. How much money you making OP? I’m curious as what your requirements are for taking on new customers to determine if they aren’t a potential snitch/ dumbass that will get you robbed or busted. Or are you just selling to users and not other dealers?

There's no way anyone is gonna question where I got my initial investment. Plus if I make it I'm going somewhere I can tax free cash out into gold

Don't get high from your own supply.
Be careful with who you buy your stash from and who you sell it to.
Keep drugs well hidden/close to the toilet just in time to flush them should the cops raid your home.
Get fit and educate yourself (read books), be smart about your business
Don't get too confident, don't sell too much. Get enough money to get by
Don't flash your cash
Change cellphones every couple of months
Stop selling for 4 weeks periods every now and then
You'll make it

I avoid the hood at all costs even though I find myself living there from time to time. I try to just sell to friends and people they can vouch for, and if I've got new customers I have to get to know them. The best way to vet people I've found is to smoke with them. I try to smoke with every customer I have and if anything is sketch I cut them off. I made like 2k a week last year but I'm slowing down just trying to get enough to afford bills for now. I've got 60k in crypto. I've got a couple friends who are dealers now because I put them on and I sell to them too

I sell mdma from time to time but I limit myself to one roll a month. Stay sober homie that shit can wreck you fast. My dad overdosed on pills it's way easier to die than you think it is

Good advice. I use a burner phone app and I just change my number every month or two. I learned not to flash cash or be too confident the hard way. I had over 20 grand stolen from me last year. Still don't know who

>2k a week untaxed
That’s big boy money user congrats, I’m currently only making a few hundred a week off wax, I have a degree and a good job and am torn between wanting to trap way harder and make real money or keeping things super chill the way they are and just make enough to cover like half my monthly expenses and have some play cash. If I want more I need to expand right now I have a solid friend I put on with weight and a few just regular smokers that buy a few grams once or twice a week. Tips on expanding customer base if you don’t smoke and are finished with school?

Put up an elaborate trap that will go off if cops smash thru ur door. Like a bunch of confetti comes down and pamphlets of Rothbards Against the State. That will show em.

Ahh I wish I had some wax rn. I had some a few months ago but it wasn't selling fast enough for me to get more. When I need more customers I just tell people if they bring me new customers I'll give them free weed. That's the only way I can expand safely without getting robbed/arrested. I also got lucky I was already friends with heavy smokers before I started selling. Also every time I get lsd I end up with a few new customers since it's so scarce around my town

i think it's hilarious a lot of lawyers are accepting bitcoin as payment. hopefully you're setting some aside for legal expenses.

lol I should home alone my shit

Exactly. I dont get why more ppl, especially dealers, dont booby trap. Get a fucking solid as fuck door that wont b broken down in one hit. Inside is a cube of bullet proof glass. Now the swat has entered and is stuck n this bulletprooof cube where u can pour water over their heads and lol at them. Even they will laugh about it after they arrest you.

If I got busted I'd be doing 20+ years. I have a half pound, 250 hits of acid, two illegal guns, 20 grand, scales, and paraphernalia. If I get busted I might let them take me and wait to see what I get sentenced but desu I'll probably just see how many pigs I can take down with me

Everything posted here is fiction. We know you just joking user.

Not joking tho. I am Bill Gates. I love this website.

Yes. While they're trapped in the bulletproof box I'll hold a pretend hearing where I sentence them to 10 years for breaking and entering. I'll have to somehow transfer them to a different location, where I'll butt rape them and feed them prison food for the next decade

No joke I'm really out here tho mate

True words my friend. Nothing doesn't exist and we are all nothing

How do you handle taxes, user?


I don't. I avoid banks and letting anyone know i have money in general Welcome to club death betch

>tfw too asocial to sell chemicals

Its the best way to make it if you're smart

So is time just us going towards nothing?

Avoid going to small towns. The law will just pull you over just because and bring the dogs just because. Happens to me every time I pass Jacksboro going to Dallas.

I could ship u concentrates from cali

Holy shit all this larping and self-snitchery.
Good luck, you fucking dengerates

if you are white in California with a decent lawyer and no priors that is 2 years served tops. Texas is probably brutal tho

Really hoping you're behind seven proxies here brah

actually less than that. if it wasn't for the illegal guns you might not do any time

Yes and no. It's a 4th dimensional speed but also everything is just trying to be nothing when it can't be, and nothing is trying to be everything when it can't be. Everything is this, make is small trying to be large, female is large trying to be small, positive and negative, etc etc. the rabbit hole never ends.

Yea I'm not gonna kill myself unless I get sentenced to too much

since this is anonymous. you guys use deepweb, or just know somebody who is shipping? obviously the latter is a better option.

ship to house? usps?

why tf would you have illegal guns? that is retarded as shit you dumb motherfucker. get some normal guns. what are you, a nigger? thats how niggers go to jail, by carrying illegal guns. the hell is wrong with you, you live in America

Lol if they're wasting they're resources on a biz

I used deep web but now I have a regular source. Yea it's dumb as shit but I have them and people don't rob me anymore.

You’d be amazed what u get away with as a first offense unless your a nigger. I know a kid who orchestrated a 10 pound deal sent from Cali and sold it to a snitch, he only did 6 months and would have done less if he could have afforded bail. I know another kid who got got with weed and around 20 guns and one was stolen and he only did like a month.if you have made like 80k profit you have more than paid off spending a few years in jail unless they seize all your cash (hint burry it somewhere)
Explain the death club sacred geometry stuff has always fascinated me.

As if they're wasting their resources on a biz thread*

Yea feds are monitoring a crypto trading image board on the ch0n, if this was /pol/ than maybe unless you are trapping hard on deep web Fred aren’t monitoring your internet usage.