Who agrees

Who agrees...

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source faggot

Eth link req eng is literally the most Chad folio of them all

i agree in every way possible user

what's the difference in these positions?
>tfw gf prefers the right most (enigma)
h-have i h-hit the jackpot unknowingly, lads?

>what's the difference in these positions?
Are you a fag? Only a virgin could ask this

my dick works in any of these positions. you must be a dicklet if you prefer a certain position, lmoa

LMAO he doesn't get it

Once you will actually have sex you will understand. You never had a woman, and I pity you for that

Left minimizes pain on the girl. If your girl is doing this then you are bad at sex, she doesn't want it, she is a virgin, she is in pain, or any number of these.

Middle is the standard fair sex. She is a little inexperienced, may not trust you, or is 'happy to have sex but not into it'.

Right is where the girl gets the most clit play and offers the most control to the man. If your girl is doing this, you're effectively a man and she's digging it. This is how you actually make a woman cum until she goes blank.

Congrats. Your inability to identify these positions mean you are a virgin, or a beta.

Fag here, if you're having anal sex the left position would require the top to be leaned way the hell back in order to get the right angle. Which is stupid and doesnt feel good for either party

The left position is visually disgusting, such a turn off. On the right, you know she's into it, hnggg. So awkward and weird when girls can't arch properly.

Enigma with her hair tied up in one hand and my other covering her mouth while I slam against her wall

I want all of you retarded normalfags to leave this fucking board right now. For fucks sake, I hope you all become homeless.

>t. virgin chad larp

>he doesn't audibly command her to cum all over the dick when she's in the rightmost position

do you even sex?

Vitalik had a lot of criticism for ENG in the interview last week.

like what?

Where is the original pic?

you don't have to be a chad to be good at sex

>I only care about this meme if she is an asian waifu


Women don't give two shits how you fuck them, just who is fucking them.


To be this terrible at sex...

> Women don't give two shits how you fuck them
Make a girl cum just right and you'll be fucking their friends soon enough. Unless you're a soyboy cunt.

Here is the source for all you faggots asking. Please make your own, and post.