2018 will be the greatest transfer of wealth in human history

>2018 will be the greatest transfer of wealth in human history

No second most, after 2019

> 80k by EOY


>We're the early adopters

>this happens every year, just a post-Christmas dip

They weren't wrong.

>You're meme graph doesn't apply. Nothing like this has ever happened in human history.

>We found the new bottom 20k EOM

haven't you guys heard?
Biz has oracle now
The faggot that shows himself when we are moving up and takes credit for it. Hmm where is he now though when bearfag called this last night?
>1 trillion dollar market cap

>stealth phase

>Crypto will be my way out, I will never need a real job

>Link $50 EOM (feb)
>ICX $50 EOM
>VEN $100 EOM
>XLM $3

>we are still early adopters

XLM is working on it, lol

>I'm an insufferable faggot from reddit and I'm going to break the time honored Pepe plush thread format.

I've watched people buy bitcoin for 3 years now, and shilling and yet i never bought in because it was too complicated and a privacy scare.

Once exchanges have physical headquarters where there are clerks and you go to open your wallet or register, this is when even it will really boom

What you're talking about is called Robinhood. The most normie-friendly thing ever, literally 2 buttons - buy and sell, no need to worry about orders, wallets etc.

No internet man, people don't trust internet, they want to see a big fancy building and talk to a human, then they will believe

more jewish homosexuals.

>encoded listener

robinhood is US only, and americans already represent 40% of the exchange population. is there really such a large untapped market still?