Kylie Jenner badmouths the new Snapchat

>Kylie Jenner badmouths the new Snapchat
>SNAP shares plummet
>I make a profit short-selling SNAP

Tfw you can make money listening to reality-TV princesses. What a time to be alive


What a freak show

Wtf I love Snapchat now

Make her talk good about link pls :(


Lol what a mess. The white guys cool, though.

>The white guys cool, though.
One is cut his dick and wears dresses

the other is not white

la luz extinguido

i'm preheating the ovens.

Dios mio...

>listening to reality-TV princesses
You get a brain damage though. Not worth it.

Pretty sure her kid ended up being white

la creatura..

holy shit half of them look like clowns

also who are the other 2 random niggers?

Once you realize that 90% of pop media is high leveling stock FUDing, your perspective changes totally, you realize the word GOYIM to the fullest.

Think about what was the news 5 days ago? Yes it was a facebook FUD, how facebook is loosing young users to, guess it, snapchat. And how facebook is an old dying social network.

kanyes henchmen I guess.

in my defense, i heard about it on cnbc after i opened my short-position

el goblino


checked with respect


It’s honestly insane to laugh at crypto when stock does this. At least in crypto it’s mainly whale manipulation and hacks that crashes prices, not just random retards on Twitter.


seeing families like this really gets me into kidnapping those lolis to save them


There's a fucking tranny in that picture.


This is karma for Papa Kardashian defending OJ


you do realise the lolis are half black, quarter armenian, quarter mutt

People talk shit about hype affecting the state of crypto, but a socialite controls the price of a stock

The times we live in indeed

only people worth a damn in that pic are Kanye and Kim

holy fucking shit, how did i miss it the firs ttime.

Wow checked

fucking checked
Fuck this kardashian shit pop culture is a scourge upon this planet.