ALL IN AT $9830

Just went all in on BTC at $9830

Did I just fuck myself?

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the fucking yourself part comes when you panic sell at 4k in a month. or just put it into cold storage and forget about it for 5 years and you might get your money back



>not all in on BCH instead
Yes, you pretty much did.

it's going to continue to drop to 5k

Personally I think you got in at a good time mate
We just rejected, with high volume, sub $9.8k for the 3rd time now. I think we're about due to start recovering from the correction. Also, I don't know if anybody else noticed, but the biggest price moves upwards seem to always come in the last few minutes/seconds of important candles - 1hr, 2hr, 4hr, 1d, etc. This gives me confidence that the whales and market manipulators are looking upwards rather than downwards for BTC price. Remember, these guys have pretty much their entire net worths in BTC - while they need dips to be able to accumulate, dipping/crashing too hard will ruin their wealth.
>t. hodler in denial that we are in the middle of a market crash

Stop loss at 9700 and no

setup an air-gapped computer that has never touched the internet. de-solder or disconnect any wireless internal antennas or network cards. setup linux but compile everything from source code yourself, and audit all source code first. setup a paper wallet generator using a cryptographically secure source of random entropy.

transfer your BTC to the public key address you generated offline for your paper wallet. now your coins are safely stored offline and can't be hacked. the next step is critically important. take your paper wallet with BTC on it, and the next time you feel the call of nature, wipe your ass with that paper wallet and flush it down the toilet because that shit is worthless.

>actually buying when it goes down

you did better than 99% of the people here, even if it continues to go down you can never time the bottom anyway

The ascent from the last 24 hour low was bearish (i.e. low volume).
you're a retard if you don't think there's further dumps to come.

you're a retard if you think its that predictable

Oh and my sell target is like 10,500 I'm hoping for a bounce not a full recovery.

I don't know.

>you did better than 99% of the people here
We will see.

I hope to god.

>wipe your ass with that paper wallet and flush it down the toilet
Not today.

>Buying after a PERFECT downward channel confirmation.

Oh my.

Same pattern as yesterday, moving up just to get dumped on, this time i dont think we will reach 10500. Maybe 10100 before falling to 9500.

you did. Most people here bought at 15k and sold at 7k, not even joking.

wrong. try inverse head and shoulders

well when you put it like that.....


Damn my weak hands.



No, you didnt.

stop posting that nigger on my board you filthy plebbitor

It’s eventually going to pop back up above 10,100 temporarily and when it does you better sell because it’s not gonna go anywhere but down for the next few days probably settling around the 8800 mark

i sure hope so.btfo with that shit reddit meme fucking attention whore

you fucked up


Meh. Probably won't go on its bullrun to 30k until this Summer. I'm holding one though so I feel like shit if it happens sooner though.

bullrun is gonna happen faster this time. Look to late March early April

Well I think a lot of people who bought the top are still holding and will probably sell when we hit 12-14k. We have to shake weak hands.

You forgot the part about your mom dying in her sleep tonight but otherwise well played.

well its testing 10k again. If i sell now I've still made a a couple of hundred $$$'s at least.

$500k buy support at $10,000.00 on my exchange.

I went all in too but at 10,500

Starting to learn what it means to have hands of steel. Even if it dips to the meme of 4k I'm still holding.

>Even if it dips to the meme of 4k I'm still holding.

Thats not risky that's just dumb.

Your $40 is perfectly fine.

Buy high sell low

You fucked yourself like a bear fights

user is a big believer in some recovery that doesn't exist
BTC needs to drop to a reasonable level before mounting another bull run (=being attractive to would-be buyers) or at least stagnate at that level for another alts season
whales will make it so, they've been at it for long enough to know what's good

Strong support at $2,000, put your sell stop just under there.

Your "would be buyers" won't be buying before we pass 20k. They'll need to feel the FOMO first.

Yea 18k a couple months ago dropped to 6.6k def needs to drop more to be attractive.

Stupid fuck.

they are looking at the chart realizing that it's lost steam; FOMO coupled with babby's first correction (ongoing correction) struck the fear of god into plebs with no prior idea of what's coming
6.6k is still high, brainaldo
4k would be more suitable but what do I know, I've gone into fiat before the shitstorm purely by chance, right?

>Remember, these guys have pretty much their entire net worths in BTC
You actually think that? Lol!

yes you have. you absolutely dont know jackshit


Or spend 100€ for a trezor

>It's a whoozy it's a whazy
Who knows man. I think you did good

I think you're fine

Bought at $9,830 Set a stop loss at $9,900. I'm comfy whatever now.

It's a good low risk entry. $9830 is right about where the 4H 200 SMA is and buyers have held it so there's a good chance of the bullish trend that started from the ~$6k dip to continue. There's a trendline that cuts across as first resistance to clear then the big target to get above is the daily 100 SMA.

Congrats on a good call. wp gg



Raised my stop-loss to $9,995.

Now we're playing cricket!

well that was fun, got my stop loss bought at $9,995. Shall I buy at $9830 again and do it all over?

OP you fucked up. But you could just buy again at the next bottom and average down your cost