Everything is dipping rn so might as well buy some cheap altcoins

is shitopia even working again?

it is

Why did they even remove the LTC pairs? Exchanges get worse and worse all the time

I do not know that but I think it was because of the low volume.

Low volume
price is going down
lots of fud going on

I think I have to pass on this shitcoin

This is when you should buy retard....

le accumulation meme


Low quality shill thread, skycoin deserves a better one.

What is it with all the plebbit fud have you pissed of the wrong people?

the main dev banned some plebbitors for being "low T whining idiots" and they're extremely butthurt about it

So fucking sick of the autistic team. The project is going to fail and it makes me sick. I have a lot of money invested too. I should just kill myself

Throw it in the trash. acquire eos, or don't. Doesnt matter it's your life anons

What is wrong with them? I do participate in crypto communities since they are just echo-chambers. Anything happened?

They basically have top notch technology, but bad PR and marketing. Extremely bad.

Like what are they doing? I see zero marketing tbqh famalam

Take a look at the videos on their youtube channel. And look how they responded to all the FUD. Check the username /u/SkycoinSynth on Reddit and see all his posts

Nice scam

>Bitcoin and Ethereum creators left to join Skycoin
>Designed by artificial intelligence
>Lead architect can channel the universal mind
>Founded by cybersecurity experts that trust each based only on their work
>Funded entirely by thousands of BTC donations from anonymous whales
>Direct descendant of original innovative cryptographers
>Will provide the first internet on Mars
>Creating its own hardware with no CPU backdoors
>First long-range WIFI antenna will inevitably be Skywire antenna
>Rumor says Satoshi joined the Skycoin project
>Ancient Indian scriptures tell of computer AI that will create itself and hand humanity the keys to their own salvation
>They learned fluent Golang in under a week >Nation states entrust their digital communication security with Skywire--It's the new and improved TOR network
>The Synth is about 2 decades old (founded in 1994 on the first supercomputer), from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society
>In reality all intelligence is timeless, existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe.

>Mfw I hold over 1k skycoins

My withdrawal still pending

for how long?

A few hours now

Mine always take around 24 hours. But they do come through.

everything under 1 day is fine with me on shitopia

i felt retardet for writing this