Nano on Coinbase CONFIRMED

Nano on Coinbase CONFIRMED

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>unironically amazed that its possible to send a line of code from a device to another device pretty fast

whats the next thing they come up with?

moving pictures on big electronic screens?


kek, ever heard of venmo?

>send a line of code
Double digit IQ not allowed in this thread

Can we get a list of coins shilled by the normiebase faggot bald cuck soyboy CEO that of course didn't get added and never will?:

Yeah, it's a paypal wechat right? What about it?

I remember Golem was excessively shilled to be on coinbase too.

deluded nano

Lets send payments with nano instead!
> not proven robust or secure
>Weird, creepy wallets
>Can go from $30 to 6$ after you get paid

Quite honestly think people who buy Nano have literally no idea what a distributed ledger is or why it's important. If a ledger is feeless, then why the fuck does it need its own crypto? We could just send around USD with it and not worry about volatility.

Fake news it's going to be OmiseGo. DYOR.

>>Weird, creepy wallets
New mobile wallets look good though.

> not proven robust or secure
And venmo is "proven" to be secure? Did it get peer reviewed or something?
>Weird, creepy wallets
New wallet is great, low quality argument
>Can go from $30 to 6$ after you get paid
And can go from $6 to $30 as well, fiat will always go down

>We could just send around USD with it
Banks will likely use blockchain tech to do that in the future. That doesn't mean crypto is worthless. Part of the worth is not being tied to traditional financial institutions.

>t. Paypal employee
The reason should be obvious. With crypto I have control over my own money. With your fiat app I can get my money frozen/confiscated for whatever reason they can come up with.

Kek venmo doesn't have 3 years of known exchange issues. Don't worry, it's rumored bittrex will take their xrb wallet out of maintenance any minute now

nano holders are gonna be so pumped when they find out about email

>The tech is still young (almost as old as the I-phone) but once it progresses and we see some advances in the next 5 years, we will be able to do what Visa has been doing for 30 years without Dr. Manhattan powering their systems.

The absolute state of crypto deludies

Low quality bait. Exchange issues lasted for a couple of weeks before they got fixed.


Scam coin

Visa has been processing payments for no fee at all and settling them instantly for 30 years? News to me.

>is not a currency
>has no value

>>The tech is still young (almost as old as the I-phone)
XRB project started in 2014 but didn't really release until more recently. That's not as old as the iphone. Also the the tech behind the iphone is much older than the iphone.
>but once it progresses and we see some advances in the next 5 years, we will be able to do what Visa has been doing for 30 years
Visa charges a % fee, is far from instant and have much higher fees for international transfers.
>without Dr. Manhattan powering their systems.
XRB uses PoW but due to the architecture of the block-lattice it is much much lower than the power consumption of traditional block chains for the same amount of transactions.

which exchange are you referring to? because it has broken every exchange it has touched over the past few years. including the low volume one they used to perform that coordinated pump and dump followed by an exit scam that cost poor redditors hundreds of millions. how are you possibly still defending this trash? its disgusting. you're disgusting.

So Coinbase listing is the new Bittrex soon shill tactic now, rotfl.

Binance and KuCoin (real exchanges) have been fine. Bitgrail was programmed by a retarded monkey and had issues with every coin listed (but was mainly used for XRB). Mercatox is just poorly run in general and has 50% of the wallets under maintance all the time but was ultimately fine.

>Weird, creepy wallets
The absolute STATE

>double withdraw on BOTH kucoin and binance
>it's the exchange not the coin™

can venmo send funds over seas? Honest question

>Binance and KuCoin (real exchanges) have been fine
Didn't they both have issues where they had to cancel withdrawals?

The whole cost of VISA is in chargebacks and fraud prevention.

Still I can make payments on my credit card abroad with no fees to myself and have it seamlessly convert the currency.

On top of that VISA, Mastercard and Amex have massive network effects and use a stable currency.

To make a payment with nano, you have to convert your fiat to nano, transfer it to your wallet, pay the merchant (assuming he accepts nano, which he doesn't) then he has to convert it back to fiat.

And all of this with no protection against losing my wallet and no fraud protection.

Are you seriously shilling visa here?
What the actual fick

Please site a source for "fiat will always go down"

who uses coinbase? literal exit scam

Never heard of inflation dumbass?

>PSA for all you newfags:
Coinbase/GDAX will not list any of these coins for the fact that:
1) Most of them are very centralized in terms of transactions
2)XRB/Nano specifically has had too many issues with withdraws and exchanges, therefore not very secure.

OP is probably just trying to pump his bags a bit so they can get out

Nano is a reddit-tier worthless crypto. Why don't you try being ahead of the game for once? See:

Infinite, perpetual inflation? No.

is nano pumping due to this? All is red but nano

>Most of them are very centralized in terms of transactions
What does that even mean?
>XRB/Nano specifically has had too many issues with withdraws and exchanges, therefore not very secure.
Those issues are fixed, this argument doesn't hold any water anymore
>OP is probably just trying to pump his bags a bit so they can get out
Nah, I only invest long term. Nano will be a top 3 coin in 2 years

No has not been confirmed by the video. It has been confirmed that it will not by of the developers on the team Twitter. We don't want your anal bead bags fag

Tell me one year where the USD hasn't lost value since the end of Bretton Woods, and why are you under the assumption that central banks will stop money printing for some reason?

1. Learn how to write intelligible English
2. Do you know who the CEO of Coinbase is?

Meaning that in order to have such a high transaction throughput that is also very cheap, there is a centralized entity. BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH are proof of work coins, where one central entity cannot control transactions. XRB is not PoW, all transactions go through their network. Thats how you get instant/cheap transactions

>there is a centralized entity
No, there isn't. You must be thinking of IOTA's coordinator which NANO doesn't have. Next time please educate yourself before spouting bullshit.

>very ideologically pure team

pffft hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahah

>Next time please educate yourself before spouting bullshit.

lol no way dude

stupid redditors

easy x5 in 2 weeks from here

How can nonanos ever recover?

>> not proven robust or secure
They have a $100k bounty on any exploits related to their system, why don't you prove it isn't secure and claim that cash?

Nano is the neo mission of 2017 in 2018
10000% gains

>italians and jews
I'll keep putting my money in link, thanks

jesus christ how can people be so fucking retarded to buy this rumor
I wanted it to drop further, it would have for sure during this dip, now it's almost at $10 again fucking hell

They are not buying the rumor, they are buying the fundamentals

I didn't even know about the rumor and it still went up.

>being this retarded
Please go to your nearest market or merchant and ask how long does it take for visa or banks to actually process payments, and ask the commission.

I already know, it takes weeks for them to be able to access their money

i signed up for ios beta wallet like a month ago why aren't i in yet?

How fucking stupid are you?
>they have a bounty so that means it’s secure!!
Something needs to be proven secure, not proven insecure you mongoloid. Yes let me go find a vulnerability in my free time after fucking work because I’m a secure systems expert.

Have you ignored all the flaws that have been raised about this coin? The lack of timestamps? The double spending issues that literally don’t have exist with any other coin?

no timestamps and double spending is a feature

go back to the skatepark pajeet

Deluded nannies. this is going to drop when they realize that coinbase rumor is false.

Idk, but you reminded me that I am and I just tested it. Took about 4 seconds from the web wallet once I had the address but copying the mobile address over slowed me down. Everytime I use this currency it feels good to not have to worry about losing any due to fees.

It’s going up due to mobile wallet beta looking solid. No one actually thinks it’s going on Coinbase.

>The lack of timestamps?
This doesn’t really bother me. It’s part of the way the block-lattice works and so it’s tied into the exact reason it is fast, cheap and scalable.

>The double spending issues that literally don’t have exist with any other coin?
Double spending issues don’t exist with this coin. Unless you mean the withdrawal bug in the bitgrail code which did affect other coins on bitgrail and isn’t the same as double spending (if it was, bitgrail would not have become insolvent).

Anyone in this thread who owns NANO: please see this.
"Real world adoption" doesn't mean everyone's grandma having a Nano wallet, it doesn't mean paying for your Starbucks in cryptocurrency. It means DLT, smart contracts, and transferring data. Please see the light and invest in something more promising.

>Doesn't have timestamps
>Double spending issues don't exist

Also dude, timestamps are like 4 bytes of data. This was most likely overlooked instead of being a feature of the block-lattice

reddit picks better coins than biz. biz is holding link and xlm bags while reddit has nano, vechain and eth.

>coinbase exit scam confirmed
a-okay, let me pull my money out first goys

You can see double spending without having time stamps.

It depends on at what point you would count the transaction as happening. In bitcoin it’s timestamped with when the transaction enters the Blockchain but that doesn’t really make sense here because it’s not a normal Blockchain. Anyway, it’s easy to add local time stamps to the wallets even if it’s on the block explorer. Maybe they will if people care.

I’ll try sending a tenth of that balance to 10 people who post xrb addresses here because I want to test the mobile wallet and it costs me essentially nothing to do that.


All comments on plebbit was saying it wasn't working though?

Why does coinbase offer so few coins anyway? They make so much godamn money, you'd think they'd be adding coins every week

>It's fast because noone uses it. When people actually started using ETH the congestion ruined it.

I’m using it fine but haven’t gone to that reddit. I would guess it’s salt from retards who left xrb on shitgrail.

So you’re welcome with ur 1 digit IQ