Hold on to your seatbelt... March is coming

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This is turning out to be as incompetent as ODN

is this amazon's chainlink? haven't researched it

Nobody cares about Tezos anymore.

>still believes in tezos

tezos is dog shit

they completely imploded once they had $300 million of ICO money to fight over

>Nobody cares
Olaf is going to be moved into the original foundation, placed in front of a bit under a billion dollars. He personally wrote a letter to Diego and Johann asking for appointment to the board in December. Never change biz I'm just paying forward to others trying to make it. DYOR aka the opposite of what biz says.

plus Kathleen Breitman has one of the most punchable faces I've ever seen

Olaf is invested in a major competitor. Polychain owns a majority of Dfinity.
What a fantastic start.

Btw, Olaf pumped and dumped a lot shitcoins after shilling them. DNT and ZRX are good examples.

He runs polychain so he is investing in many. That said he has been backing Tezos for quite a long time and is now further involved. If you think this is a zero sum game sure don't buy.

Sure, nothing wrong with investing. But why own a majority when you're part of the Tezos foundation? Doesn't sound like great news to have Olaf.

When I first saw this I couldn't believe it wasn't a shop

Others can read for themselves. This project is important to him as described in his letter. Either way best of luck on your trades. Olaf is a single factor of support that the community is familiar with.


Who do you think would be more qualified to oversee the project's foundation?

You all are butthurt plebs. Read about Michelson language, muuh mathematical proofs. And their governance structure. You fucking pajeets and normies don't deserve this take this shit down.

So when is this hitting exchanges?

Arthur has friends at Coinbase, Ledger, the OCaml team and who knows where else. I'm sure there's someone who would be better qualified.

Yeah, it's awesome. Everything else is a fucking mess though, why should anyone be excited now? Let's be real here, mainnet won't be out for another two months, so I'll bitch as much as I want.

Sometime in March just follow the community they are active around the clock.

t. salty notezzies

Wow. Doubled your sats since ICO and that's with the fake IOUs price.

It's only getting started now that Gevers is gone