>Drawing a head and shoulders with only one developed shoulder
So we're going to go up because it's going down right now? Great TA.

There have been how many IH&S calls in this down trend? Hilarious.

Your right shoulder drawing is fucking retarded by the way.

But the last one peaked perfectly. If you didn't make any money on the last one you're retarded lmao.

you're fucking retarded btw for missing out on free money.


It's not complete, you moron. You're just drawing lines in the air and hoping the market will go your way. That's how you get btfo.
Wait until it reaches 11.5k to celebrate. For now, we might as well be going down.

then short it faggot and post proof moron.

t. 6k bottom seller

damn you are retard

Nah, btc isnt going on bullrun until double bottom. 6k bottom of last crash, 5.4k bottom of next crash.

>we might as well be going down

then short it dumbass. I'm long want proof?

Don't post shit if you cant back it up

>hurr durr we're going down but you're a retard for saying that I should short

then you're just a colossal pussy.

Only one I saw was with 2 weeks ago that started pump to 12K.


Also, look at the biz catalog. Theres like 20 threads talking about how btc has huge support and bullrun is starting. Buz NEVER looked like this during the real bullrun of fall 2017. There were mostly altcoin threads, and one or two threads FUDing btc.

This is the largest warning to tether up ive ever seen. Tether and buy back at 5k or 6k in coming days. Could go below 5k for all i know.

I pity your parents for birthing such a down syndrome individual

looks like ~6k btc = 60 million USD are not ready.

It's easier to go down, so why not might aswell take that path.

what time frame my friend?

>inverse head and shoulders

I save a screenshot of your post to laugh at you.

you must have gotten mentally destroyed by the market if you resorted to posting something as sad as this lmao

you fucking retard
the right shoulder isn't even close to being formed yet, and it's LITERALLY the single most important structure in that formation
seriously just fucking neck yourself

yikes severe nocoiner coping at its worst :^(

Hope you don't get liquidated too badly on the way up :^)

let them live in their fantasy land, they'll be the ones selling into your bids at the bottom

I actually think you're on to something. What pattern did you see to predict this? What's your next months prediction?? I found a pattern JAN 27 and it was rough but works so far...... it was 12k. 7.11(just happened).10. 15. 12. 19. and I stopped looking into it after that. I wish I screen shotted the pattern because I think I'll have a hard time finding it......so ya. your next rise goes a little too far. I'm sayin up to 15. See if my pattern is right and if it is look for the 19......I wish I predicted the dip after so I could sell and buy again. This is before I knew about the head n shoulders thing but does that come from crypto or regular stocks?

Crypto can't be compared to traditional stock charts to gain any knowledge

I know this but I am asking where does head n shoulders come from.

That's the only place charts have come from because it's the only good way to invest money

Veeky Forums needs these retards though, else we wouldn't be able to make a lot of money on them.