Anybody else stopped working out after crypto...

Anybody else stopped working out after crypto? I haven't lifted in 2 weeks and I tried to bench press today and could only do 1 rep.

Do a heavy board press

Nah thats like the one thing I still do. Figure if i leave the house once a day and do something active ill keep it together haha

Once you're rich you'll realize there's no point in working out without PEDs

The more my portfolio dips the more I lift

yeah but that's just for aesthetics
exercise period is important for a slew of health benefits related to metabolism, cognition, etc
even if you're not ottermode or working towards ottermode, training helps you live your life. period.


Don't let your gains dip, bro. Get your ass back in the gym and beast those sets

>tfw you have a gym membership but you just work out at home.

I can’t zone out when people are around but, I refuse to cancel my membership

Spotted the scorpio

It's the opposite for me. Especially he never Im down, thats when I think its important to workout harder. Because if you don't, I think it would be easier to fall into a negative feedback loop.

sad but true

Dude same...

I used to lift at least 4 times a week. Now I’m sleeping 4 hours a night, staring at my phone constantly, and I’ve lost 5 lbs.

Nope, still working on my 1pl8OHP 2pl8 bench. Will hit it this year, ffs

Penis enlargement devices?

kek me too

>yeah but that's just for aesthetics
It's really not. You feel so much better putting in exercise that you just keep going keep getting a better pump keep pushing yourself. Trust me. Once you try it you never go back. Just make sure you have the cash for the lifestyle.

>I’m sleeping 4 hours a night, staring at my phone constantly
Idk, I bought in at around january, stopped caring once i've hit -70%

Pretty much, I used to go to the gym quite often but looking at my phone before leaving and seeing myself down a few thousand made me depressed and couldn't concentrate so I don't go anymore.

i guess i should do something with these crypto gains. i'll give it a try.
thanks user.

Ever since I made $300k, I quit my job and started working out more often than ever before. Picking up 6s and 7s like I never did before (Which was never). Progress, lads, progress.

We'll make it. Just buy some LINK.

I got into this shit last Aug. Was at my Chaddiest physically. Didn't work out for 4 months, stressing about chink crash, fork bullshit, btc wars and the normie xmas run. Realized it's all a meme and started lifting again. I laugh at crypto now, hold and have mental clarity again. Money is like pussy. An easy trap.

>mfw my first visit to the gym after 2 weeks gives me the flu

Gym sucks though. Long-distance swimming is the chad exercise

I did temporarily because I had to put my attention towards crypto during the December bull run. My thought process was that if I made it in crypto, I can afford to quit my job, build a home gym, and workout more than I do now.

Sad to say I have sub $10k so far ($3.5k initial investment). I got back into my usual workout routine with the hopes that my holds will become gold by 2020.

This is the cutest picture to ever come across Veeky Forums. True story.

It depends on your goals. I strictly powerlift and humans can become freakishly strong without the need for PEDs.

I stress ate 10lbs when I started trading crypto. Now I force myself up in the morning to hit the gym and I make sure if I am in the market my limits are in place.


I have some cortisol problems and I can lift only baby weights otherwise my skin tears apart

I haven't worked out in 6 months since I started trading. I have made sick gains and Im fat as fuck now.

im too weak to lift the bar i can barely lift my groceries (10 lbs)

not really, I go through periods where I lift couple months before summer starts, felt like patrick bateman making six figures and benching 2pl8

which PEDs are your favorites?


kek quite the opposite

wow.. like a real life suicidal hulk?

Pretty uncanny to find this thread at this very moment. Literally went today for the first time after three months of eating shit.
It was so fucking depressing to be exhausted twenty minutes in. Crypto is the biggest gains goblin of them all (apart from women).

>lift for years
>still weak as fuark

Had to move into a smaller place and ditch my home gym. I have a membership but have basically stopped going. At home I wouldn't miss a day.

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That style of pepe originated from a thread in which an user had his baby draw one. But I like your explanation as well

On the contrary, nothing gets me more motivated to eat well and work out than looking at my Delta and picturing where we'll be in 2 years.

desu I think many of us here live similar lives, no wonder we end up with the same feels and routines
I got so depressed yesterday when I actually took a good look at my body and finally noticed that I'm turning into a skinnyfat again, after all those years that I've been putting hard work to develop my body. I made lots of gains in crypto but I've neglected other aspect in my life. Feels bad man.
I'm trying to turn things around though. Today was the first day, I hope I can get back to it full force, like in the good old days.

>50 push ups per successful trade
>150 push ups per failed trade

its about the only thing that stops me going insane while day trading

I stopped doing everything. Stopped sleeping, cut my eating over half, stopped going outside, stopped working. I put all my money in link because it's only a matter of time until it blows.

I'm unironically becoming homeless at the end of the month to avoid having to cash out link to pay rent. I pay almost zero for food because I go to speghetti dinners at churches and good banks.

All the normies are laughing at me now, but we will see in 2 years...

Anyone else’s gainz suffer due to adderall?

I’ve been using a ton more of it for all crypto related endeavors and while I’ve still been lifting, the motivation to improve isn’t quite as there as it was before, and I’m eating less.

It depends what you mean. I got most of my gains running test and dbol but that also came with the most sides and my bp was through the roof. Now I just run the mks (2866 and 677) and that's good enough to maintain for me. Basically similar to kenny ko (look him up on youtube if you're new to this stuff he's based).

I've never tried tren but tried winny and var and didn't notice too much with those t b h especially compared to dbol. Also never done injectable hgh. 677 already gives me some pretty undesirable sides like brain fog and lethargy.

Same LOL. Am like 70% down on my max point, but I think this dip has been pretty useful for working on strats and emotional discipline

market is to volatile to keep dosh in cryptoshit - i only daytrade for gains and that works well for me
since then i'm having dreams about missing out on gains - no kidding
as for the gym?

been at it since almost 10 years now - right now i do full body workouts - 1 workout 2 days of rest in between ...
now get this ... started a few months earlier to leave 3 days of rest in between (sleeping 3 x times)

know what happened? i was able increase my strength and max weights (lift heavy, with proper form ...)
also when i feel rested enough i still go with 2 days rest to the gym

feels good ... currently no gf or relationship, stopped fapping for 5 days once - pointless overly tense but certainly gives more
pressure to do shit (sorta) until the "test" builds itself off in the course of 1 - 2 weeks and you're as usual

good thing to do though even if you fap vigorously 1x - 2x times a day ...
cut out the porn - oddly enough it kinda gives a shitty incentive

This was my January. I just got back to starting strength MWF and I'm weak AF.

I..I want this

Literally was in the shape of my life till post crash depression hit mid January I haven't even been gym since

my gym routine has gone to shit but I go on 2-3 hour walks daily and listen to podcasts
walk about 30 miles a week now easy
last couple of days I started doing calisthenis during my walk. just a bunch of diamond pushups and pullups. its depressing how weak I got and I lost a bunch of weight too. But desu Im sick of going to the gym its just boring af. Ill stick to calisthenics for now its much more fun plus you can do it outside and get some fresh air

Thats why I'm there at 6am opening time. Only fatties and old people there.