New etherestates dapp - first ponzi / hot potato hybrid

Introducing the first hot potato / ponzi hyrbid etherestates! every single owner gets divs on every sale! Our usual friendly neighbourhood whale just dropped 70 eth on It, I'm sure we can trigger him again :D - 2000 transactions in 2 hours!

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im just milking on sweet divi now 0.5eth

Another thread about this?

Lol y'all didn't get in earlier did you? Lucky for you Txs still pooring in. Not many games will give biz a 2nd chance like this. Don't fuck it up twice.

good stuff im in

its already dead

Many out there

Rent money still coming in, as long as you own an estate and let the whales fight at the top

100% holding bags

so many bagholders on this one

I’m just here for the flips

One whale dropped 70 eth on this less than an hour ago. Floor is currently sitting pretty at .45 bound to keep rising

whale wars means more for me

Amazing Dividends

ETHMap is solid. It will get its day. Today is for etherestates, rent pays for itself when the whales battle.

kids are FUDing, saying its dead cuz they aren't invested, they quit too early and are pissed that they aren't making free money

Remember guys, whales battle for the top, buy 2%+ and they will buy off you - or places they are likely to care about. Ain’t no whale buying 0.4 locations.

>Many out there
Emoji and stamps looks good, might get some of it while the whales are busy with other things lol

This is the very first ether game I've been involved in that doesn't seem like a scam and it properly rewards the players currently holding contracts. Hats-off the the devs for the ideas and time put into the solidity.

the divs are real

Might look at it too, prices are OK, not too cheap.


1.3 ETH transaction just went through. Picking up again.