Am l reading this right?

Am l reading this right?

Do l really need to drop 10k bucks to use this jewsite?

Fuck off pleb.

go be poor somewhere else, like the gutter.

people here don't even have a mere 10 to invest
>The absolute state of Veeky Forums

Yeah no poorfags allowed. Go use robinhood lmao

what's even the point of investing less than 10k? you're not gonna make it breh

Try Koinex.

l have around 20k. l just don't want to put half my portfolio on some website l discovered 10 minutes ago

No idea why you're using those judaic sites, you can start trading crypto with as little as $5


Ask your mom

my mom wants me to help her trade crypto

Just use binance or bittrex like every other fag on this board.

Or cuck(:D)coin

you can't literally trade anything with 5 bucks on binance, their minimum amount is 0.001btc

>0.001 btc
just wait a few weeks

are you poor? If you bought 15 ETH for 150$ last year you would have made it

what is this?
Can't blame exchanges for not wanting to waste money on support for poorfags.

bruh imagine the kinds of messages sites like bittrex and coinbase get everyday

>hey my $3 investment isn't processed yet, wtf you scammers refund me right now or I'm posting negative reviews on social media!
>ahhhh I sent $100 of ripple to the wrong wallet, fix it right now!
>hey I lost my google authenticator code and I don't have an email or phone number linked. How can I access my account?
>I have 0.0000000000001 LTC left over in my account after transaction. How come you didn't send it all? It's my money and I WANT IT NOW

>what's even the point of investing less than 10k? you're not gonna make it breh

i literally started with 7K, its 320k today.

what did you invest 7k in?