Tfw you switch from /pol/ to Veeky Forums

fucking hell, I wish I came here earlier.

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Veeky Forums
Veeky Forums

The 4 pillars of a well rounded individual. Healthy mind. Healthy body. Healthy soul.

welcome you filthy paki, get in link or stay poor forever faggot

>when you realize the only way to actually change the world is with money

Veeky Forums -> /pol/ -> Veeky Forums

wish I came here sooner desu

Good job lad. The crypto boom has resulted in biz having the kind of energy we used to see during the trump campaign. It's more fun here.

I made the jump six months ago and despite visiting Veeky Forums almost daily since then I've gone to /pol/ only once or twice (and less than five minutes at that). Veeky Forums has slowly deradicalised me.

explain how your pew pew machines fit in this ''healthy'' aspect

Is this satire? Someone help me i'm autistic!

you have to go back

from /b/ make every board my home


The only way to beat the Jews, is to become the Jews

Wir müssen die Blockstream-Agenten ausrotten.

already holding it brah, im thinking about buying VEN and REQ too

You have a new Lord now.

/pol/ has a lot to teach honestly, a lot of good redpills can be found there. It does tend to radicalize you though, I went from being a socialist cuck to full-blown nazi. I've chilled out a lot since coming to Veeky Forums and just growing up in general though.

Still hate niggers tho

>Is this satire?

Well, not to me if that helps?...
t. /poltard

I haven't relinquished any /pol/-redpilled understanding of the world.

I've just come to believe more and more that my only option in the face of degeneracy and decline is to escape with wealth.

Knowing how to operate guns is critical in our society. In actuality it's just a fun hobby for us men.

But /b told me about btc 4 years ago

would you say you lean towards civic nationalism or an ethnostate?

What's going on with Sweden these days OP?


>in actuality

>horrible edgy racist outcast who hates jews
>who invests in ponzi schemes to get rich
>who is a sociopathic gun nut
>that has body dismorphia

kek kidding but that's basically how normies see it

I only came here to leave you fags behind, you already destroyed my board once. Just let me have /po/, you can't give a shit about paper planes, let me have that.


i said the same thing during ron paul 2012, went real shitty 2-3 years ago, more reddit tier echo chamber, barely anything new other than few /x/ tier shit once a blue moon. its a dead board desu.

1. /b/
2. /v/
3. Veeky Forums
4. /sp/ & /tv/
5. /pol/
6. Veeky Forums

this was my degenerate path

this tbqh

>/pol/ has a lot to teach honestly



You should workout at least 3-5 times a week and eat healthy. Own a gun(get a conceal carry license) . Be up to date on current events. And constantly be trying to improve your wealth.

It keeps other pew pew machines from making you not healthy.

/b/ is for degenerate trap porn. It's been dead for years. 4 years ago you probably heard about it because someone wanted to buy drugs.

At least you skipped /a/

the ideal citizen

We don't want refugees you stupid fuck.

Switched after trump got elected have not been back since life is much better theses days


I will say this my brothers. The energy /pol/ had during the Trump campaign was truly fearsome. We memed him into the White House. A God damn congressional committee displayed memes that were created and disseminated by /pol/ as an example of "Russian meddling".

If we all got together around a single coin and put the same energy behind it (I'm talking social media blitz, hourly megathreads, doxing our enemies, rapid meme generation, etc...) then we wouldn't be talking about $X EOY we would be talking about making it the number one coin full stop.

We could meme ourselves to lamboland.

Meant the second part for

>civic nationalism

Cuckservatism by another name. Race is -almost- everything.

Show me a coin that kills Jews and I will go all in

It does though, in the sense that you shouldn't blindly trust the media and think for yourself.


/sp/ for obvious reasons, Veeky Forums just to keep me from losing gym motivation, Veeky Forums for keks.

If you browse /pol/ unironically you're a cretin.

>4 years
Fuck off newcunt

I'd say that it has redpills but you have to de-exaggerate alot of stuff that gets talked about.

I cant count how many """""HAPPENINGS""""" ended being literally nothing

Dent, link and icx. Remember.

be careful that you don't become a pink wojak

good goy


Because, that's obvious once you get fully redpilled on the truth about BTC vs BCH.

damn son are you me

Well yeah but that's Veeky Forums as a whole in a nutshell though isn't it? A lot of valuable information and keks found on this site but you have to be able to filter out the bullshit.


It forces you to think for yourself and be critical of everything, a very good lesson. Contrary to a echo chamber a la reddit.

Literally LINK.

Nice digits also.

>Not having a 1080p screen for every board

I'm pretty sure the average /mu/tant is in middle school.

>well rounded anything

/b/ -> reddit -> /pol/ -> Veeky Forums only in December 2017


/pol/ is literally for mentally ill people

Veeky Forums is a wastewater treatment plant you are the filter before you get replaced with the next batch


/b/ /v/ Veeky Forums /tg + g/ Veeky Forums /pol/
Left /b/ because it became shit, left /v/ after gamergate bullshit.

Almost me.

2. Veeky Forums
3. /sp/
4. /v/
5. /pol/
6. Veeky Forums

/b/ / /x/
/vp/ [I needed a lot of help]
Veeky Forums

never retarded enough to browse /pol/ though

>went to /b/
>went to /mu/
>this is nice
>eventually left
>came to Veeky Forums
>making money

Horrible. Here are the true patrician boards:
Veeky Forums
Veeky Forums

And i only browse two of these :(

>tg for CYOA.
>b for gore.

Pol, fit, and k are awful.

you are rarted

>bizpol here

were the new WASP's the Jews tried so hard to exterminate.

Isn't that what link is?

That's the tsundere cuckold fetishist board?

rate my trip

/b/ -> /a/ -> /sp/ -> Veeky Forums

After my Great Meme War tour of duty I wanted to live the good life

A bizpol isn't a bad idea!
I'm sick of everyone here shilling and being disingenuous.
Would like a bunch of ethnocentric guy to actually help each other get rich instead of this other shit.

I never left pol, nigger

biz is merely a pol colony

sorry but it's true

pol is flooded with bots and shills 99% of the time so you forget just how insanely influential it has become

Veeky Forums is full of shills too
there's no escape


Don't like you broke up with us, there's room for you here and there sweety.

/pol/ used to be good until Veeky Forums made me aware of shilling and fudding and what not

Now everything I look at is a scam until I can verify it's genuine

everything on Veeky Forums and /pol/ is a scam. The day I came to that realization I started questioning the authenticity of everything in life. Everything I knew was a lie up to that point. This is illumination in esoteric terms.

Everything in life became a scam too. It's how to become successful, be hyper aware of scams and i you have to, do the scamming.

this post might be a psyop scam so be careful

Link, unironically.

What are the juden if they can't middleman the work of the goyim? Just some massive noses sucking up all the air cause it's free.

I wish you never came here at all. /poltards shat the place up

holy, fuck, people visit /b/ and /pol/ unironically

>It forces you to think for yourself and be critical of everything, a very good lesson

That's what life is

You have to be a genuine failure to learn that from a fucking anime imageboard

We need to actually rally behind LINK then and fire the first shots. Accumulation phase is over. Time to expand beyond Veeky Forums and let the world know a new boss is in town.

Meme war veterans, are you ready to become soldiers of fortune?

/mu/ -> Veeky Forums

unironically realized that white males in current era have zero chance as musicians unless they can independently finance their albums and promotion

Subtract /pol/ and add Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums.

I have been responding that, "it's a scam" to almost every question where I'm unsure of the answer for a few weeks now.

oh noo, it's retarded

Magic happens in small chambers, in stinky beer halls and on anonymous basket weaving forums.

true, and that's evidence of how influential biz has become albeit in a rather different way

shitcoins are to biz what da j00s and other hot topics are to pol. People without experience in the financial tech/startup world are getting fucked in all holes with broom handles because they can't distinguish between serious technology and glorified PR agencies with a bullshit scarecrow of a product

Yeah Ed Sheeran and Imagine Dragons are really struggling these days

A good 80% of people don't learn it at all. I'd rather they learn about it from a Mongolian Yak Sheering board than not at all.

yeah because just look at this paragon of male energy and virility

i came here from /gif/ in late 2016 wtf OP?

More like
>Veeky Forums
>Veeky Forums
>Veeky Forums

If you want to be a functioning adult

More like a functioning soyboy.

>functioning soyboy

Sounds like the oxymoronic rap artist to me.

I just wanted to post in a Link thread and this happened
How is this even possible?
I vaguely remember posting this 3 years ago.

>Veeky Forums
>Veeky Forums
>Veeky Forums
>Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums