Potential Chadfolio?

What do you think, /biz? Am I going to make it? Feel like all of these projects are extremely solid with massive growth potential. Also have positions in MAN, CPC, and TRAC and am keeping an eye on HPB, BTO, and a couple others.

Dont diversify the 1 btc trust me, Just find something extrmely undervalued. (You can find a ton right now) All in. Hold for 3x Sell rinse repeat. Once your at 5 btc start diversifying in to 2-3 coins. Rinse repeat until the number satisfies u :)


user I...

If you or anyone else has a criticism or opinion, I'm glad to hear it. Genuinely interested in what everyone thinks.

a bit diverse but not bad

>Dont diversify the 1 btc trust me

i don't see the problem with being that diversified. i mean this shit is so unpredictable you never know what's going to moon and when. seems like if you're in 10 coins you believe in, it doesn't matter how much you have in each.

you have down syndrome

i know i'm missing something about it. but i've just never understood it. i have a minimum of $500 in each coin i'm in, and about 60% in 1 particular coin.

if he goes all in on ZRX but OMG takes the cake for the year he's fucked.

you goofed up...

can you be more specific about why this is too diverse?

My major reason was maintaining high potential of return but also minimizing risk. I could be all in on AMB or 50/50 with another coin, but if the NDA speculation winds up overhyped and the potential there doesn't materialize, I'm taking a way harder hit. I feel that while going all in on btc or eth could be argued as an intelligent play in certain situations, going in on one altcoin is pretty dumb given that many of the most promising projects have a lifespan of months and still don't have working products or public exposure.

i think of it like betting on horses. if there's 1000 horses and you think 10 of them will win but you're not sure in what order, you'd be on all 10 of them. you wouldn't bet on 2 of them.

but i'm not a gambler so i know i'm missing something because 90% of the portfolios with 5+ coins get the "too diverse" comments

>no ARK, just like everybody else

you're ALL not gonna make it.

I have literally the same shitcoins except for 0x

Yea guys diversification is a meme desu. You have to stay in 2-3 coins max, with btc to buy the dips. Ride those coins as they pump, and take profit. dont become a community member,

I started with 2k in may, rode neo, omg, walton, etp, and ven. i know have over a million, stillin college. there is still time for everyone to do this.

take profits. jump ship. sell news.


I really like 0x's potential, but the key issue with it is that if projects like Coss, Ethos, etc. take off, people may not really need the protocol as the space it is poised to have a huge influence on, DEXes, could lose relevance to a degree. I plan on holding based on merit though and seeing how everything develops.

Thin the beard and buy more Amber. Consider adding HPB.

i've heard "time in the market beats timing the market" but yeah, what you're saying makes sense. i'm just not very good at timing the market, probably doesn't help i work full time, tho.

will take your advice. maybe take $500 and try my luck at 1 week per coin or something.

No. AMB cannot possibly drop lower than it already is, add more

This. All in is a crypto meme. No serious investor goes all in. Diversification is about spreading risk. If you pick 5 coins you believe in then if one fails your not absolutely fucked. Bad news can cause crashes which take months to recover or just bleed out. Trade between coins and rebalance if you need, but don't fall for the all in meme.