Anyone else getting tired of others bragging about how they COULD have got into crypto early on?

Anyone else getting tired of others bragging about how they COULD have got into crypto early on?

"Ohh bro! I knew about Bitcoin in 2014 I could have been a millionaire bro!! If only I bought a few hundred dollars XD!!"

Yeah well guess what shithead you DIDNT. So stfu cause no one cares

no that's just part of talking to people is hearing them say things

They also think they would have held this long. I sold all my BTC at like $11 and stopped mining when I was making less than a BTC a week cause I didnt want to kill my GPU over chump change. And this was someone mostly interested in the project as cool tech.

i don't think you realize how bad it sucks to be someone like me. i not only knew about bitcoin in 2008. i even mined it and owned some. i just threw it away because back then it was kind of a joke. even people in the know back then never thought it would amount to anything.

In 2016, I thought Eth was a pipe dream.

I heard of bitcoin in 2010 but didn't think of mining because I was a child with a shitty laptop.

Then heard about it again in 2013 when it was heading to $1000. Thought it was going to crash soon.

Then in 2016-2017 I was busy on Tinder, drinking and partying and fucking sluts every week.

I missed my chance because of my benis. When do I CUT IT OFF???!

A lot of us actually used bitcoin for intended purpose not as a investment tool and missed out on massive gains.

I mean yeah, I'm in a similar boat even if a bit later to the party. But hindsight is 20/20 its like saying "if only I bout ticket number XXX82728D7288D In the lottery draw I'd be rich!" Im sure some super genius investors held out of genius but 99.9% just got lucky than use survivor bias to think they are smart.
Also this. Being able to buy vidya with Crypto was my biggest downfall

I never got to the stage of mining it and throwing it away (lol) but I did do a few 'how to buy btc' between 2011 and 2013 after this guy at work used to talk about it now and then.

I eventually put about £1k into forex trading, I know if id have found a good btc community back then id have put that money into bitcoin, I only ever put normie levels of effort into it and the rest is history.

Id literally be a millionaire by now if only id took that extra step fml.

The good ol days

tfw lost 3 btc over a tumbler and never bothered to figuring out where it went

I missed on Eth at 10$ and i feel horrible, I love hearing about others failures. Btw Op your jealous.

I was actually scared to buy it right back then as I thought id end up on a list.


welp, you are on the list now while being a poorfag

The irony of it all

all these transactions were >100$ drug purchases

>knew about bitcoin since 2011 something
>didn't get in

sold my 70k ada stack at $0.03

most internet-savvy people knew about bitcoin since 2011. No one wanted in. It's annoying to hear "ouuu I could have gotten in early". yeah, yeah, we all could have but yet none of us did

I purchased about 50btc over 5 years ....guess where all of it went. : ) Worth it? Fuck yes.

Wanted to invest 2000 Euro when ETH was 1,62.
Was a Coward. Regret is the worst feeling, but with crypto, you have this feeling that after a time you will make it.

In 2012 I was sitting in a dorm room with a bunch of people, debating if we should buy some bitcoins for the lulz of it.
Well, we decided to spend the money on 5 cases of beer instead.
7 years later I bought antshares at $5 and now I'm a millionaire with a passive income of $100 a day.

This. Newfags nowadays don't understand that everyone thought it was just a fad that would t never get bigger.
I bought some btc on 2011 and 2012 and spent it all on drugs.