Back to the mean!

Last chance to buy at sub 10K before 2030, I'm super serious.


we are in a pivotal time

big if true

Nah. See you at 5k or less.

>this is a suckers rally

if you don't think thats where we are you are beyond delusional

Did I miss capitulation, anger and depression stage? user...we have a long, long way to go.


yes we went through all of those stages



people fucking killed themselves from this crash already

fuck off

zoom out silly
we are at return to normal bulltrap
despair is below 4k


Kek, you're in denial.

70% is not enough to feed the frog-god

For real though, think with your thinking brain, what grounds are there to be bullish over the next few months?
When you can't feel *anything*, like I can't, then it's time to be bearish

We're heading into mass reddit suicide. Then the jews will pump it high one last time in order to tear down the barrier between realities.



lol no its a fucking manipulated market, the manipulators will run out of money eventually what do you think happened in 2008?

Hope so



>Did I miss capitulation, anger and depression stage?
Yes, you did

I love this. It follows the chart so exactly.
Textbook bubble.

December buyer.

You are saying that the entire cycle only worth four months? KYS

big if true

I agree, this is a sucker's rally.

Anyone who doesn't realise we still have to lose around 50% more until this is over is a desperate hodler, enjoy the bags

fucking bots... Jesus Christ!


yes user, BTC will keep growing indefinitely till the end of time... it's market cap will surpass that of actual physical commodities like Gold, as well as all the USD in circulation, despite BTC having literally ZERO use case


Hope you SODL'd!!!!!!!!


you're pretty stupid, even for a redditor

if it goes under 9600, we're FUCKED

Otherwise its on the way to 20k lmao

Kek it's going down to 9.2k atleast, hold onto your knickers!

Yep, the poor selfish bears just misjudged “return to mean” and what a greedy 24/7 global market would look like when the bitcoin bubble burst and recovered. It’s hilarious. Goodbye, 10k.

I really think that we are here. Sure there was media attention but that was the same as in 2014ish. Still such a small fraction of the population is in crypto now, with all the talks of Wall Street and other projects I really think that in the coming years there will be a mega rally, and that's when the true bubble rules will apply. That's when you'll be hearing of your grandparents buying bitcoins. That will be the time to get out

Paycheck came a week ago and I got verified on my exchange. It's fate

Then what Bitcoin is under 9600 and its just never going to come back? Bitcoin will no longer exist and we will go through the rest of this millennium unable to buy coins because it went under 9600.
>Zoom out you stupid Nigger.

How many times must the meme chart be posted on biz?

20K to 6K? Alts rekt even harder?

this graph is really misleading because ti basically tells you to buy shit that's fell a ton or is really really cheap when in reality 99% of shit that plummets does so for good reason and doesn't recover.

>he bought in December at 16k

How is Ellen, who is basically the new white Oprah, shilling BTC not high-level media attention? Idk if you know a lot of white women and fags, but she's kind of a huge fucking deal.

>we already hit capitulation!
>never capitulated
yeah about that...

>what is bitcorn cash
>what is monerdo

Ellen doesn't have the same kind of audience that Oprah does. Or did, even her marketing wizardry is dying off. Ellen's audience are either cynical lesbians, or mainstreeters, who aren't looking beyond their work-matched and provided 401ks for investments. Besides, her dumb video was more a joke than anything. If there was a bump from that, it's long over.

That doesn't matter. Ellen is talking about it because it's what the news was talking about. But do you really think that everyone who was watching went and opened a coinbase account that very day? Ellen is not enough to convince the average person to put a significant portion of their savings into Bitcoin. But do you know who is? JP Morgan.

We need more people. We'll get more people. Sure tons of people have heard of Bitcoin, but we're bubble status until most people have bought Bitcoin

The significance of media isn't that high unless you live in Korea or Japan. We could've went through the memechart and be at return to meme only to be at media again quickly because this market can do that. Fucking 50 billion came and went the past week. Like holy shit dude. That's like trillions bouncing in the stock market. The money is here,but nowhere near how much could be in it. If my mom is asking me to borrow bitcoin to buy groceries, then that's when you know we're getting somewhere.

I see that we are in denial phase.

>we are crashing gox levels

anyone who thinks this isn't just retarded, they are brainless. you can't even be deluded you have to be completely fucking brainless to think we're going sub 5k


Those last few sentences, that's exactly my point.
Sure the mainstream media is talking about it and yes a lot of people have invested already, but nowhere near where it should be for me to start worrying about a "bubble."
You need to hear about people quitting their jobs to trade crypto and soccer moms talking about it to the cashier at the grocery store, that's the time to get out. Just like everyone and their mothers was investing into real estate before the 2008 crash.
Some money is here hut we need a lot more before I get scared. That's why I think we have room for one more huge bull run which will be the real actual bubble.

Protip: If you didn't already know this, you're an easily-distracted mark.

mu memelines tell a different story

All the way to 0?

no, it's either up to 25k or 4k -> ?

>6k was the end of wave C of the cycle
>6k was the end of wave 2 on the super cycle
>6k was the beginning of wave 3 super
>6k to 12k was wave 1 of the primary
>6k to 9k was wave 1 of the intermediate
>9k to 7.8k was wave 2 of the intermediate
>roughly 9.5k may be the bottom of wave 2 primary
>Cliff high 13.8k EOFeb may be confirm on wave 3 primary, wave 3 super

If we returned to mean, it's at a higher mean than last year as last year was before that. MT. Gox was a significant crash. You're talking Silk Road bitcoin usage. Hal fucking Finney was still alive. Come along way from $100-$1000 bitcoins. I'm with you on the bull run, but am not 100% all in. This is return to mean, first sell off bear trap, or we're looking at that drop to 2k since btc was 1k one year ago. Think the mean is higher than 1k and what miners are going to mine if btc goes beneath 5k? The flippening of bitcoin cash happens. Only so many ways this could go. Prepare for them all.

Consider this: maybe the people that heard about it and didn't buy never will.

The most probable -

* BTC drags BCH to 2k when it hits 1400.
* Alts keep pace with BTC because BTC can never regain its dominance vs market again for many reasons
* the market shows its already started parabolic movement in 2018 and hits 800b in April before going nuts to 1.2 trillion by June.

14000 oops

Old fat fingers.

PLZ happen lol


I don't think so. People need more exposure before they drop a ton of their hard earned money into internet fairy dust. This part of the cycle bubble they heard about it but didn't trust it yet. But it will be back, and they'll remember how bitcoin went from 5k to 20k in a couple months. The first time they weren't comfortable, but the 2nd time they hear about more bitcoin hype they'll remember and will fomo in

Or maybe they will never think that buying Bitcoin is a good idea.

Maybe not everyone. But it didn't take a ton of normies to pump the price up to 20k. It won't take a ton to pump it again. And this time there will be less selling on the way up which will mean a bigger moon because that's what people will expect, so they won't want to sell too early

We haven't truly reached the Media Attention phase yet.
"New Paradigm" is 1 BTC = 100,000 USD.
Screencap this.

"new paradigm" is @ 500 trillion (marketcap, not usd/btc) unironically.
50 trillion is the absolute minimum marketcap bitcoin will take in the long term, likely to stabilize higher.

>We haven't truly reached the Media Attention phase yet.

haha the retarded shit you read here

We are becoming a global currency!

>haha the retarded shit you read here
This time next year, when there are crypto Super Bowl ads, you will realize we are at the media attention phase.

When the dotcom bubble burst, there was over $3 trillion invested. Crypto isn't close.