What did he mean by this?

What did he mean by this?

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I would like a large pizza




>are you really interested?

kek fucking pajeets



I'm extremely interested ano-


Hahahahahaha haha please user need more

It sounds fishy

What is this Pajeet even trying to do? Is he going to deposit the "profit" in the empty wallet, ask you to pay the 10% and then pocket both? What kind of primitive bait and switch Pajeet scam is this?

He wants to extract the private key of the wallet.dat file and then wait for OP to send his funds to that address

letting shitskins on the internet was a mistake

>OP totally isn't actively seeking pajeets

Do you frequent habbo hotel or something? Where are you even running into these people user?

how do I get contacted by pajeet scammers? seems like fun

Probably this



>hang yourself you filthy curry nigger
If dubs post reply


have him send you a few thousand sats to cover transfer fees


i hope OP is not actually considering this generous "offer"

dumbs don't lie
Why are Pajeets so scammy? Any local Pajeets on /biz wanna explain?

Heard of one idiot getting scammed on this.

reminds me of

should have at least asked for 0.01 btc


LINK 1000$ EOY

They seem to have a good grasp of the language, why do they use that sir shit and reveal themselves as pajeets? They should be well aware by now that sir thanks sir is a meme


Fuck i thought it was laughing Homer Simpson


>Thanks sir

Because they're being excessively polite and since these scammers are on the low end of the caste system, they always put up politeness for their seniors. That's my reasoning anyways.

there was a faggot in MAN telegram who was admin and kept saying "sir" to everyone

dropped my man instantly

what the fuck does he need 1 btc for, you asked for 1/100 of what he did and hes all defensive

seriously, why would anyone give away free bitcoin? You know you can change everyhting in html if you know how to use right mouseclik and inspect right?

Tell him you want his dickpic to be sure he is legit pajeet not some scammer

Im Indian (British). Regardless. Indians are a joke in crypto.
>Constantly begging with 'sir, target sir'
>Scamming or being scammed
>Come off as complete plebs
..Most of these guys cannot think for themselves. Reminds me when I was read a certain trollbox, none of them could figure out where to open or close positions, literally depending upon someone else to tell them when to buy and when to sell.

Because old habits die hard, they had to lick their bong masters feet for centuries.

>send me 0.01 btc first so i know it's not a scam

actually nice one

Start talking like a pajeet back to him so that he thinks you're a scammer too.


tfw this pajeet is actually a real friend trying to help OP With his brilliant Pajeet IT skills and creativity but OP is wasting the opportunity of a jeet lifestyle

>not joining a multisig transaction with him so he gets the BTC once you receive the 5 BTC
do you faggots even know how to use the blockchain


tell him it's for the transaction fees you niger



If OP successfully scams a pajeet....

Holy fuck I think he might be scamming people out of their Bitcoin to put it into a lending platform scam



-Make him sign up through your referrel link
-Make him join a multi sig transaction
-ask for the wallet.dat file so you can trust him
-Ask him to promote your Binance referrel link to 100 pajeets

Pajeet the Pajeet. Well played

even if he promoted his referral, pajeets have no money and don't trade. they only scam

well played


>change your password
what is he even talking about anymore

give him an empty wallet
when he accesses it, ask for 0.01 btc so you can transfer 1 btc

This. Keep fishing OP. Scam that dirty street shitting pajeet



kek good job OP

Just take it slow, make it seem like you are hooked

nice, we got this man
just give him an empty wallet


not yet, don't celebrate too early
pajeets aren't dumb, they are just scammers

>pajeets aren't dumb

But yeah, not out of the water yet.

as the first user to suggest this you owe me 0.001 btc
make sure you're ready to transfer it to another wallet quickly

Tell u how excited you are for this opportunity OP
Lay it on thick

>Thank you master pajeet for choosing humble myself for this scam.

kek no way he's THAT stupid, surely he has the upper hand in this scam

nah, he just won't send anything and that will be the end of it

You got him OP now send him that empty wallet.

Really hope this works.

>trustless system
>still used to scam
satoshi has failed


give him the info

Wait OP what the fuck that's an ETH wallet

You are playing it wrong OP
Stop mentioning the 0.01 btc, and start telling him how excited you are

op thinks BTC is an erc20 token :^)

im glad i witnessed this thread

>op thinks BTC is an erc20 token :^)
>OP is pajeet showing off his big heist

i am so excited to be here we are changing the world the world is not how it used to be

hmmm no no no

What the fuck that's an ETH address you idiot

Pretty smart op, you are pretending to be a clueless retard so he trusts you more

Threads over lads, OP is an retard


>bitcoin is an ERC20 token

vitalik's vision

>he doesn't know about the fork



Plot twist: both of them are pajeet trying to scam each other.

Plot twist: both of them are pajeets but are actually trying to help each other

PLOT TWIST: They're both claiming to be smelly pajeets, but in reality they're both hot lesbians looking for love.

OP here, looked up his IP when he accessed the wallet, the guy is from Nigeria