Do you see the difference Veeky Forums? tell me how we're going into another bear market

do you see the difference Veeky Forums? tell me how we're going into another bear market.

what am i supposed to see explain you fucking brainlet

i am bullish but this chart is weird.

We are not. People completely lost confidence in crypto after Mt. Gox.
January "crash" was simply smart money taking profits from normies. We'll be back on track soon enough.

>retard doesnt understand chart with colored lines
>calls OP a brainlet
I'll just tell you it means you should sell, retards like yourself can't into crypto

How many times do I have to explain this. We're not in a fucking bear market, whales just have to play a little bit from time to time

this is a logarithmic chart

essentially its clear that the bear market occurred not only after mt gox, but also after insane percentage increases. every brainlet on Veeky Forums thinks we're going into a fucking bear market just because they've lost a lot of money, but in reality we're not going into a bear market as illustrated by the annotated graph.

we broke out of long term channel in december,
now we're back in the channel
worst case scenario is we bounce of about 4k

Holy fuck dude, you can't really work with such long term channels in crypto.

Why would you sel during accumulation phase?

>We're not in a fucking bear market
of course we are not
it's been falling only 2 months after 3 years of bull
but if we keep falling or moving sideways for another several months it will be a bear market for sure
except it will be too late for all this newcoiner deluded hodlmeme bulls

wait for it

just redrawn it on an even longer time scale,
it actually didn't break the channel,
I drawn the bottom line and duplicated it
parallel lines are distorted by log scale

>shown chart
>can't read a basic chart
>calls person with chart stupid

Do we really have to keep re-explaining how crypto works every time theres a dip because its really wasteful.

>tell me how we're going into another bear market

We’re about to see the biggest run in crypto history that will make 2017 look like a fart.

BTC was in bear market for 3 years because of MTGOX crash

>We’re about to see the biggest run in crypto history that will make 2017 look like a fart.
and you predict that because you bought at 19k?

The sooner bitcoin is decoupled from the rest of crypo, the better

>trading bitcoin when you have less than 6 figures
Enjoy your grandpa gains gramps

You are seriously dumb as a rock man, I'm just impressed.

>Enjoy your grandpa gains gramps
enjoy your denial

wtf despite what i thought was an easy to understand annotated logarithmic chart that demonstrates that we ARE NO WHERE CLOSE TO A BEAR MARKET you retards still get it wrong

log is meaningless

Denial of what? What did I deny? When you assume it makes an ass out of you.

ah fuck - edit: didn't mean to include in that

yeah sorry i missed that you were different person being sarcastic

this is just the fact of increasing prices. the high the price goes, the lower the volatility is, and it im turn dampens the rallies and dips.

actually, we're in a beer market

>muh log chart

hurr, we can totally go from 1 trillion to 10 trillion market cap in 2 weeks!

what the fuck is the point of this shitpost user? you can't actually be this retarded can you?

thats exactly why log charts are the only useful way to display price increases you moron.

zoom out you fuck


>ripple can't go above $0.5
>the market cap would be to big
>and I can't imagine that happening
I've heard claims about market cap in the past


he's right though. This is the full chart

the idea is exp should look linear in log
so if the trend is parabolic long term you should use log scale