90% of ICOs will fail

>Oct 27, 2017

>It is an established fact that ninety percent of startups fail.
>And it should also be an established fact that 90 percent
>of these ERC20s on CoinMarketCap are going to go to zero.

What's your bet?
10 %: ....
90 %: ....

try 98%, at the VERY least

this. the vast majority of coins are vaporware shit

This isn't new

try 0.1%, at the VERY least

1% at the fucking most..

we goin to da trillionz nibbas

GVT definitly gonna suceed - but just because the will leave the Ethereum Blockchain eventually

Less. There's at least 5k shitcoins out there, probably what, 200 of them could be considered successful?

There are 582 tokens on CMC.
>pretend those are ERC20s
>forget those not listed on CMC.
0.001*582 = 0.582

So, which 5 or 6 projects is your 1%?

Literally 99% of coins are absolute shit. The whole purpose of crypto is decentralization - so what is the point in all these shitty utility tokens whose only use is tied into a single centralised platform for a specific shitcoin company?

Oh wait, it is for them to be able to raise capital without undergoing scrutiny of non-retail investors.

Look at the fucking state of most of the shit coming out - just slap "Coin" or "Token" after your company name and hey presto you have a useless piece of shit that pajeets and retards lap up because MUH BITCORN WENT 5000%.

Literally the only decent projects out at the minute are things like ChainLink, Quantstamp etc.

Utility tokens = SHIT
Non-BTC / BCH currency coins = SHIT
Platform tokens that aren't ETH = SHIT

>he thinks utility tokens are shit
they're the only things with uses in this fucking market

Veeky Forums doesn't care about crypto, Veeky Forums is not a purist.
Veeky Forums cares about $$$.

*crickets chirping*

what coins if any do you hold

aww, op just learned that most businesses fail in the first year
and he made a lil posty wosty about it
so cute

Too many, got to reduce those shitcoins.
Tokens: VEN, LINK, THETA, MAN, OMG, EOS, NGC, LAT, LHCoin, ...

No, just skimmed through my todo list, rediscovered that and thought that someone might be interested.

90% of platform blockchains will fall

not even confido or bitconnect are at 0 yet

I don't keep track of all the tokents but I do use brave browser and I think that BAT is a neat idea. What will happen to ETH if 90% of the ICOs based on the platform fail? Will it drag the price down?

what about the SotC

why should i give a fuck, i'm not holding shitcoins that will fail

that's why you should hold the good ones: BTC, ETH, ADA

One of these is not like the others, one of these is not like the rest.

and LINK & REQ

100% of the winners will be LINK. No other token even needs to exist.

Lolberturrian detected. Welcome to 2018 when crypto is no longer about "muh freedumbs" but just about speculative business.

Shorted bitcoin btw. Seeing all this red. Feels good man.

Never heard of it, sorry.