I want this done YESTERDAY or i'll find someone else to do it

>i want this done YESTERDAY or i'll find someone else to do it

i'm really scared to go to the office tomorrow Veeky Forums. i haven't managed to do the work my boss told me to do despite staying awake the last 24 hours. i know i'm going to get fired tomorrow in front of all the associates. our boss loves to humiliate people who he fires. the last one apparently killed himself in front of a train 3 weeks after being fired.

how do i stop being a pussy and take the humiliation like a man when my boss fires me tomorrow?

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Don't give him the chance. Resign instead.


take it like a fucking man, get fired, and collect neetbux for a bit, paid vacation.

This, you won't be able to collect unemployment if they fire you for misconduct anyway, might as well resign and tell your boss to get bent. It'll save your resume too since you can easily explain away an overbearing boss

Accept it and act like you dont give a shit because you have a big business idea thats going to make you millions

Go in drunk

Just don't go in

You only lose the wagecuck game if you choose to play

Bonus points if you just lose all the work you did and don't turn it in

claim you're transitioning and firing you is sexual abuse

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

If he fires you, shrug your shoulders, walk out, go get a beer and a delicious lunch. The enjoy severance for a month before you start to look for other jobs.

Don't buy his shit leadership "let me make you and everyone else fear me to get power over all of you". Stay strong, show no respect to leading with fear

tell him he's gay then suck his dick and you're sucking dick to prove your not gay trust me works everytime

This is why I got out of wagecuckery after 5 years. Mine wasn't even terrible on the daily but still sucked badly


I adopt this guy's persona to deal with difficult employers.

Maybe throw in a little Daniel Plainview from There Will be Blood.

Don't overdo it or you'll actually crave conflict.

If your boss is a real dick, you might actually win his respect by acting like this.

Never ever EVER be a pushover, a lot of bosses smell the fear and then pounce on you for that.

Lmao if you know you're gonna be fired stand up to the stupid faggot. Maybe beat the fuck out of him, everyone would respect you if you kicked the shit out of him in front of them. Humans are very primitive underneath it all.

if you're a burger this isnt how it works. worst they can do is drag their feet in typical cases. as always dyor it varies

Stop being berated.
YOU are the right one.
Act like it.
If it truly can't be done in 24h, bet him he can't do it.

Fuck it user, you're getting fired, might as well take out some aggression and let the dude know you think he's a beta who is so scared of what others think of him he needs to project.
That's what I'd do.
Or you could be a pussy.
Name the company, OP.

>bad-mouthing former employer

Thank you for your time, Mr. user, we'll get back with you shortly.

Being your wife and new born baby to the office for a tour and to meet everyone.

Yeah the LAST thing you want to do is to bad mouth any person or company you've worked for.

Lol enjoy getting sued

his boss will have a hard time demostrating misconduct (been there, seen that). specially if he is the kind of guy to stay 24h awake for a job.

Take the humiliation, request your firing payment or whatever is called and go to travel in asia to fuck some easy travellers (been there too in between jobs, one of the best experiences of my life, will give you a new perspective of life appart from your job)

Take the Fight Club way out

Is everyone ITT unemployed and/or never employed?
You won’t accomplish anything by sperging out IF he fires you which is not yet guaranteed. You try to finish the project and bring him whatever you have tomorrow. Whatever his reaction is, make yours rational. People will remember you in a better light if you act like nothing is wrong.
Imagine you find a new job and they see this employer on your resume. They call and ask about you. Do you want them to say they’re not sure why, that the boss is a dick, or do you want them to say he stormed out of the office like a child after being fired? Or worse yet he fought the fucking boss lmao.
If you’re sure he’ll humiliate you it will only benefit him to see you react. So don’t. Be stoic. Act as though he is speaking a foreign language you can’t understand.

this is the only correct answer. nobody else in this thread has brain or understands wage cucking.