Why are POC under represented in crypto?


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because niggers only buy shoes

Because they want to be. They have enough problems don't try to push meme coins on them.

In my country a bit coin is worth more than a year of minimum wage
>Inb4 you can buy fractions
>expecting normies to research

True, as far as I know just BURST use it.


This is why user

There's a shitload of Asians
Bitcoin was meant for Chinese goldfarmers

Proof of what? Not heard of this kind of coin.

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What is this guys iq?

But user, except for Bitcoin all cryptos are Proof Of Concepts.

fuk u nigga we be grindin on dem biconnec n davor n shiet


>America (continent) doesn't exist

>vid posted on 18 jan
>posts this day after


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Can't believe people like this garbage
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Proof of care

we also care about you user.

Asians aren't considered poc because they're successful

110 at least. He can say the N word and still dance with black people whilst the average 4chaner will resort to calling each other the N word and fear every black man on the street and won't dare say the N word in their presence.

Never thought of it that way. Just end me.

Imagine how much better the US could be right now if they had decided to pick their own cotton back in the day.

Who propagates this strange myth? Every troll box that I see is full of pajeets and mohammads. Crypto is as swarthy as it gets.

Slavery was a mistake.

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also worth nothing retardation used to be 70-84, but once african americans got tested and fell in that range on average, it was decided to reclassify lower ranges

jesus christ i might be mildly retarded too, afterall i bought xlm


Satoshi made crypto too hard for us to understand


White culture has for centuries treated minorities as inferior, this has influenced the minorities culture, as their culture grew around the principle that they were inferior.
Now it is an underlying backbone of minority culture, that they behave and act as if they are inferior to whites.
How exactly this hinder PoC to buy crypto, i haven't yet figured out, and Reddit haven't provided me with a clear answer to this.

Regarding non-minorities i.e. Africans in Africa. I will go with colonialism..


because they are under represented in IQ
obvious bait
2/10 made me reply

FUCK your bait. Who cares if they are underrepresented? It is a meaningless point that you bring up. KYS.