How does Veeky Forums plan to take profits? For example when you hit 1M how much will you take out? 2M, 5M etc

How does Veeky Forums plan to take profits? For example when you hit 1M how much will you take out? 2M, 5M etc.

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inb4 "never cashing out" or "never reaching 1M" memes

when/if i hit 100k I'll take out 50% and diversify the rest in btc/eth for steady gains


how much will you take out from your total stack user, what percentage

the crypto dream is over. Sorry goys, we couldnt let a bunch of neets to live off human stupidity and greed. Cash out your gains while you still can, we're going sub 3k

At 200k I'm cashing out 75%, paying off my house and other misc debt. The remaining 50k will be spread amongst shitcoins in hopes of a random moonshot.

damn you lads are way more conservative than me

You can't cash out. None of us are in this to try to exit into fiat. What would be the point? Crypto is the future.

I am not concrete in what I want to do but I was reading an article on how much you can safely take from your funds during retirement and never run out of money. The figure was around 2% so I'd try to limit my self to taking 2% a year.

>have 300k
>ath of 550k
>haven't taken any profit
>barely have 2k out of crypto and average job and no house

Did I fuck up? I don't even think about cashing out into 7 figures. I don't know what I'll do if it keeps going down. I don't think I'll realise what I've lost until it's gone.

i'm leaning toward something like this. periodically taking out enough to get by but never fully cashing out.

however ideally i'd like to first secure my initial investment. and part of me thinks i should at least get some sort of profits in place before letting it ride. very tough decision, i'm basically fucked if crypto doesn't explode in the next 5 years

if i made 10M in crypto you'd bet your ass i'd cash 5 out to put into an index fund or even an annuity that would pay me like 15-20K a month for life. that way you're absolutely set no matter what.

after 100k i might cash out 5-10k so that i can comfortably focus on crypto for another year or so. i wont take serious profits util 1M+. I might do 100k at that point. at 2m, maybe 500k etc. I don't see myself ever cashing out more than 50% at any given milestone
anyways i dont really feel like im gonna make it, so its all fantasy

Never cash out
Alternatively cash out 2mil when I hit 3mil

>2% a year

More like a month in the crypto market

how the fuck are you going to be sitting there looking at a million dollars and just take out 100K. it's true that 1M isn't set for life territory but it's still a solid decade+ where you don't have to worry about shit. that's going to be so hard for me to turn down

Never reaching 1m isn’t a meme. It is a reality for most of you.
Having some arbitrary NAV you have to hit before taking profit is not an exit strategy. It should depend on the market conditions, your position, and risk appetite. Goals like that are the reason why this board is filled with bagholders.
I sold when the market was exhausted and could not go any higher. It left me much better off that these people still holding, eternally waiting for a magic milestone that will probably never happen.

>I sold when the market could not go any higher


decent points. do you plan on going back in? did you completely exit crypto or leave some in? if the latter what percentage did you leave?

Oh I can tell were going back to btc 19500 soon. For sure.
Everyone and their mom knew it was done, user.
Complete exit. Haven’t jumped back in yet because the reversal is not confirmed - it needs to test lower bounce again to make me confident. It’s kind of spooky that this hasn’t happened yet. Generally, a trend like that doesn’t reverse in just one bounce.
I will never really get in again though, I plan to buy certain instruments that provide exposure to btc or tend to move in tandem with it. Easier for tax purposes and more convenient. For example network backlogs don’t affect the liquidity of a GBTC position.

>the reversal is not complete


Nice well thought out response, can tell a lot of effort went into it

You too sweetie

If I hit 1m, which I won't, I'd withdraw it all, get raped in taxes, and use the 600k or so I'd have left to quit my job and go back to school for something piss easy that doesn't require thinking. Maybe become a teacher or something...

cash out man. it has just started falling again and will fall much lower.

%20 to %30 every time I reach a milestone.My milestones aren't tied to usd, it's btc. When I reach certain amount at btc, portion of it goes to "cash out" pool, then I cash out over time.

Currently mostly staying fiat and gold, searching for "stable" investments.