This will unironically be the biggest gainer in 2018. V2 will soon launch, complete overhaul of the entire codebase.

>recent dev updates:

>Februari 22th (today)

>complete overhaul on the ARK (V2) desktop wallet announced.

Ark already has one of the best wallets in the crypto world. The wallet will receive a complete overhaul.

>February 21st. ACES team has completed aces protocol with Ethereum.

This means users can conduct two-way transfer services and contract deployments on Ethereum with Ark or, with BTC to Ark to Ethereum. Now Ethereum ACES has been completed, future crypto platforms such as NEO and LTC will be easier to implement.

>February 19th, V2 technical update. Ark team is including api webhooks and legacy systems (non crypto such as financial data etc.) support. Basicly solving the oracle problem.

>Februari16h, Ark releases alpha mechanism of the push deployable blockchain mechanism.

Ark holders can now start their own side chains.

>February 16th, ARK Symfony added as PHP framework for ARK development

>February 14th, Ark hires a new marketing advisor, the jew called Jeremy Epstein, stating 'their hard work will soon come to fruition.'

>February 13th, Ark V2 technical update. New testing suites have been utilized to speed up and improve quality of future coding. They succesfully migrated from Mocha to Jest.

>February 9th, V2 technical update.

fuck, I dont even understand this shit as it is too advanced coding. these guys work hard and play harder.

>February 7th, new Ark explorer V3 released, vastly improving development speed and capabilities

when V2 drops, it will blow away the competition. the team has ignored marketing and hype, and a perfect working product will drop soon.

In addition, due to the partnership between ARK and Blockport, direct fiat > Ark trading will be integrated into the Ark wallet in Q4 2018.

A storm is coming. extreme last chance buying chance will be april.

>developer updates the coming days:

-How will the deployment, testing and switching core from v1 to v2 occur,

-Smart Bridges, Atomic Swaps & ACES.

ARK dev team has stated they are now TESTING V2. These autistic fuckers dont do announcement dates. They will drop without warning, dropping a product vastly superior to Eth, Neo, Verge etc at a price of 4$, whilst also having smart bridge between the cryptoverse, push deployable side chains and Link style capabilities.

What does v2 do?

Vastly improved TX speeds, smart contracts, push deployable blockchains, in wallet fiat support, oracle problem solving, smart bridging (pay ark, utilize any application/smart contract on another chain such as Ethereum or Neo, or vice versa). And these homos dont release until its an actual working product, which will be around april-may.

the fundamental problem i have with ark is that it's a bet again bitcoin and ethereum as platforms. the only way ark gets any value is if the blockchain space gets incredibly fragmented with 10-20 platforms all with very equal dominance and share, which i just dont see happening.

i think it's very possible that theres only going to be 5 or fewer platforms that ever see huge adoption as actual platforms. in that scenario there just isnt any need for yet another blockchain just to cross communicate, especially if it introduces it's own token.

I already bought back in, will drop another 500 Neo into this shit if prices have remained the same to April. after the initial pump to 20$ i will sell a portion, and hold until 50 to June and 100$ at the end of the year.

I used to be 100% in ark, but the reality is no one will ever use it. There are bigger and better ico platforms already and no one but enthusiasts will use it as a payment form because it's too small.

The only thing it has going for it is trustless swaps but even then everyone will just use omisiego...

Ark doesnt care, ark is the spider in the entire web. It doesnt care if people use Neo, Ethereum or Verge or Ark.

the thing is, pepole can use all these platforms whenever they want by just paying one coin: Ark. Smartbridge bitch.

In addition, once V2 drops, people can have their OWN smart contract capable crypto currency, for free, with only one button. Ofcourse, this new chain will be automatically linked to Ark with smartbridge.

Ark will be the central exchange for all these various services and payments etc, including legacy systems (oracle problem).

What price point do you see post v2? What are the advantages Ark has over other blockchain development teams?

V2 and push deployables will ensure that ICO's can have an instant smart contract able blockchain that can be funded by ANY crypto currency, not just Ethereum and Btc (Ethereum), or Neo and gas (Neo).

this will be a revolution.

no, ark is just one of 1500 alts, it's not the center of anything. that's the point.

nobody has any reason to buy their token because speculation dominates right now, and if you actually want to use a platform, you only need btc/xmr/eth.

my biggest hold and one of two alts I hold
this is the next NEO
buy at the bottom of BTC's dip and prosper in summer

once V2 drops Ark will be superior to everything in the cryptoverse except direct TX speed and fees. However, off chain transaction load is easy as a new chain can be created literally with one button.

initial price range once it drops is 20$. however, this will quickly grow to 50$. After that growth will slow again and will be dependent on business adoption.

would you like your own crypto currency with smart contracts. and its free and only takes the push of one button?

is your answer yes and youre not holding ark youre a retard.

it doesnt matter if there are 100000.00000000 alts. Ark will be able to link consumers with every single one of them, without the hassle for the consumer to buy them all. in fact, due to push deployables of Ark, the amount of crypto coins in the cryptoverse will likely explode.

approximately how much ark can i get per day with around 1k ark? these staking coins feel like shit to buy unless you get in cheap

smart fella, note that it may stagnate and bleed small amounts until V2 drops (april-may), then explode like a fucking volcano that has edged on harcore porn for a two years.

however, perhaps it may rise earlier due to speculation when the general public realizes whats actually about to happen.

No it won't. Do you honestly think the barrier of entry to an ico is that people don't want to use one of the top 10 coins? Not to mention that there are way more ico platforms than that, and they will be faster post ark v2

The only platform that will compete with eth/neo post scaling will be either a '3rd gen blockchain' that turns out to be something more than vapourware, and even then I'm skeptical or XLM using IBMs infrastructure and connections with industry, in which IBM does the work for companies using the stellar network.

weekly profit:2.09 monthly profit: 8.94 yearly profit: 108.83


the barrier to an ico is either an ico develops their own coin for months or they push deploy with ark in 1 second for free and have a working chain. afterwards they can tweak and adapt. now suck my dick.

>its free
it's free to launch your own cryptocurrency today, doesn't mean anyone is going to care about it, or use it. smart contract platforms are only useful when the network running them has massive value to prevent attacks.

but ark is a middling coin at number 50, with very little interest from anyone. you're going to have to pay for the tx cost on any blockchain you talk to via ark, and it certainly won't be any cheaper.

You know that's what an erc20 token is you brainlet. Once plasma drops there is no need to worry about clogging the eth blockchain and you essentially have your own. At the rate ark is going, plasma will probably be out before v2 on top of that.

Ark also runs the issue that ark token is not used for gas. Meaning that as ark scales the token doesn't need to. With eth, ETH is used for gas, meaning as tx throughout increases so must the ETH token

IBM's usage of stellar is completely temporary though.

launching an ico contract on ethereum is literally just a copy+paste.

you really think people are going to be interested in buying tokens via an ico that was created in "1 second"?

Ark, technological, might become with v2 the greatest blockchain network.

If they are able to add a few interesting partnerships and get traction from developers, I can see Ark shooting up to a stratospheric level (bigger than Neo for instance).

well that's decent if this coin can reach 1-2k usd
fuck man this is a tough call, im all in on chainlink right now but you say this will trump ETH?

>it's free to launch your own cryptocurrency today

go ahead id like to see you try. I imagine every business and ambitious individual just clicks one button.

but allright, you dont have to buy faggot. dont forget to post a few pink wojaks for me around may.

If you think making your own coin takes a lot of work without ark you are very mistaken. You can pay pajeets on fiver to make you one if you don't know how kek

Perhaps, perhaps not. I'm not shilling xlm, but the reality is is that stellar is the only crypto with a real brick and mortar connection to the business world and for a lot of people to adopt crypto that is the kind of connection businesses need to see, particularly when they are run by old boomers.

Yes. There are a lot of very valuable erc20 tokens. OMG will be top 10 this year. BAT sold out in minutes. ERC20 tokens are valuable, just like ark icos will be valuable depending on the platform,but that doesn't make them special.


nigga you wont have your own you still run Eth which has proven to be CENTRALIZED in the past.

i also know many erc20 tokens are developing for months after to ico to release an actual working product, which will be fully negated by push deployables.

Dont worry. you can hold your linkies for a few months, just dont be too late. Buy in around april.

the way it is going i dont expect major price movements untnil V2 nears.

i dont think you understand what a cryptocurrency is. regardless, ethereum already lets you do this, and people already have built "one click" solutions to create tokens/contacts, let you customize them, and deploy them.

well ibm saying their use of stellar is completely temporary is pretty convincing to me.

a true ico has no reason to use ark though. nobody cares about how long it takes to "deploy" a token or contract or blockchain. it's the least important part.

and ark with it's distribution and 300m cap is even more so.

Eth is not centralized that's pure fud. And you own a sub-chain built on the eth network, which ultimately is better. Do you not understand the value of decentralization and blockchain length?

What's your point? Not all erc20s are good. A lot of them aren't, but that doesn't change anything.

the team is American and Western European, with a few stray Slavs. it is supported directly by France and is set to be adopted E.U. wide.

ETC proves ETH is centralized sorry. and the point is, an ICO would rather choose instant free platform to work on than start from scratch or actually do work. the funding options from all cryptos instead of a few also help.

in addition, ark holders can be paid not only in ark but in all other coins by staking. earn btc, eth whatever. ROI 10% a year easy.

>, and people already have built "one click" solutions to create tokens/contacts, let you customize them, and deploy them.

like what. I bet my non-coding ass wont be able to do it.

and yes, building a crypto currency is free, but the time and resources invested into creating one are not. unlike the few gods on this board (including me), most of the world is disgustingly poor.

good coin but it won't bring much gains unfortunately


Hi I ask this every thread and never get a response.

Why aren't there any of their supposed services out there they have coded

Why aren't there any partnerships

Why is the VM going to be off chain

Why would anyone want a single node blockchain that forces bloat on their own database (ie one click blockchain)

Why would anyone migrate to this for their dapp or anything like that at this point when v2 is coming after EOS releases?

ACES has been out for 6 months and no one offers it. It's basically vaporware.

Nice faggots I am going to sell another 500

>plasma is real tech that will be available before 2020

>Why aren't there any of their supposed services out there they have coded
What do you mean by this?
Everything that's completed on the road map is out there.
>Why aren't there any partnerships
They have a few, looks like their main one is with blockport. But what's the point in making partnerships if you don't have a product yet.
>Why is the VM going to be off chain
VM being off the main chain reduces bloat.
The keeps Ark coin (which is going to be like a gas in the ecosystem) fast
>Why would anyone want a single node blockchain that forces bloat on their own database (ie one click blockchain)
There's going to be a market place full of delegates you can get.


No one gives a shit about ark. They need a full rebranding and relaunch.

I agree but what is their big push? Whenever Ark is shilled it reminds me of the idiots that would shill Vertcoin. It has no real selling points. "Hey guyz we're yet another eth wannabe sort of but we're also connecting blockchains sort of durrrr." Everyone is tired of ETH/NEO wannabes.


these guys need to find a way to collaborate with the SKYbros and make the ultimate red pill coin

Skycoin and Ark partnership

oops meant to tag you

fucking nice