Weed is so good and comfy

Weed is so good and comfy

only sativa though
indica is for low IQ

until it starts literally setting your mind on fire and you have a psychotic break

weed makes you dumb


Lmao. I must have spent at least 5000 on it over the years. Must start growing that shit.

Had to quit because of this.
Don't miss it though

Literally growing gold price per gram wise.

Everyday I thank God that I am not dependent on anything but food, water, and air

Just use in moderation, it's not that hard.

how does that feel? I think I'm experiencing this but I'm not sure if its the weed or my loneliness

Take a break from weed before it causes a psych break. I don’t understand these people who smoke to the point of psychosis then blame the pot. You can induce psychosis by overindulging on basically any drug. Caffeine included, and rather common too.

this, indica is shit.
who said i was dependent? first time i smoked in months

i never heard of anyone getting a psychotic break from weed, at worst i got a panic attack from reclaim

you fool.
sativa-based strains are overwhelmingly what bring out pre-disposed mental illnesses, eg schizophrenia

thats the good part pussy

i love smoking weed, but you make some retarded trades when you're high. don't trade and smoke.

>always get heart palpitations and nervous on weed

I don't know this feel

I've seen it happen to a friend of mine, but i think he might not be the most mentally stable desu.

Smoke a hybrid that's more on the indica side. Or drink like half a glass of wine beforehand.

This is true
It lowers your blood pressure which causes a slower a heart rate as more blood is distributed with less pumps. What’s probably happening is you’re nervous about your heart which causes it to beat unusually. Most of the time it’s not even palpitations, it’s that a burst of anxiety causes a premature beat and the next beat is skipped/delayed to compensate. Which may cause a burst of anxiety, rinse, repeat.
Long term frequent smoking makes anxiety worse btw.

I know. Just smoked a bowl now gonna chill to some music and watch btc fall. Later I'm gonna get some coffee and donuts or something and just watch the normie rush hour after the wagecucks return from work. I like to drive slowly and piss them off, to see how they rage on the road trying to get home 1 second faster so they can enjoy their 4 hours in front of the tv before they have to go to sleep. So fucking comfy.

I have a friend who’s ‘dependant’ on weed to the point that he’s in debt and got fired from my work place. Basically because he was too lazy to sort himself out because of constant smoking.

I don’t believe in addiction to weed because I’ve been there, but I understand that it weed can be a temporary brick to your mental health problems, and when it starts to crumble you get a full metal breakdown.