How does an autist find his way in the sales game?

An autist can barely find his way in the cashier game.

Autist might get invited to MLM session, and then become "that guy" who's always talking about kitchen knives, legal insurance, beauty products, health shakes, or whatever other weird shit floats your boat

you have to build something people want, thats how you use your autistic genius in the business world.

then you have plebs sell for you.

do you think bill gates is a salesman or a nerd that made something all the normies wanted?

I can make websites. I have been prospecting businesses that dont have good websites. local business wont buy from me. It's starting to black pill me.

Lemonade stand

that's lame i did the same thing i had to deal with fucking boomer business owners acting like they know what marketing is.

yeesh what a waste of time fuck those faggots.

Just be confident

choose one

>i can make website

i bet its wordpress

its been really rough :(

autists are pretty fucking confident, look at vitalik for instance

Do you have any successful jobs completed? You need to build a portfolio. With regards to local businesses, you'll just have to sharpen your approach. Sometimes it's impossible because people are too stubborn/lazy/cheap, in which case you just have to let it go. I suggest reading some good business books that focus on sales; there's a certain amount of practical psychology in them that will help you to an extent.

can you suggest any?
so far I have read..
way of the wold -jordan belfort
advanced selling techniques - brian tracy

you're obviously autistic so you're not going to be very good one to one and you'll never be able to pick up on body language.
stick to ecommerce.

it's perfectly possible to be both

way of the wolf

my advice is rather than trying to do a catch all system for them, just focus on one thing with one metric.

like, i will make you 15 youtube videos a month
or, i will get you 1000 twitter followers a month
or, i will post 10 facebook posts a month

these people want results and when you give them metrics like that, they know what the results they are paying for are.

then for the sales all it takes is you telling them how them having 10 new youtube videos, will lead to them having 30 new customers every month.

that's an exception, pretty by autist OP means socially broken

mmm I like the way this sounds. any suggestions on how to pitch a better website? or do you know of anywhere I can go to learn a better pitch like that?

my point is don't pitch the website, which is a huge project. start small with the little services i wrote above.

once you have shown you are legit by completing a small service for them, then it's time to bring out the bigger projects like redesigning the website.

because at that point, you're a trustworthy dude that is contributing to their businesses profits.

gtg ttyl

How does one mend being a social cripple? :(

Just be yourself

thank you for your help user.

I have a portfolio but I can't even get to that point. :/

People seem to not want to be around me shortly after meeting me. Their expressions become apprehensive the longer I talk to them, their conversation less open.

>I can make websites
Literally every Russian code monkey can make websites with ease. Get some SICP.

>Implying that Wordpress isn't effective for 99% of websites.

whats else is there besides web and apps

ive read it - its my fave compsci book