''cha'' in your ID will get you 501 Chancoins from my wallet automatically

''cha'' in your ID will get you 501 Chancoins from my wallet automatically.


''Cloverhash is Live!

Thanks to the hard work of several community contributors, we have finally got Cloverhash live on mainnet! Block times are now pretty damn fast. Our contributor MangoFusion is working on a GPU implementation, but for now use the instructions in the post above (thank u for posting that, btw) to get started mining, or pop on down to the chancoin discord - linked to in the first post of this thread - for help.

Now that the massive 0.15 update is FINALLY done and rolled out, we will be taking a few days to catch our breath before announcing next steps and priorities, but here's a sneak peak: new website design, updated roadmap, paying down technical debt on our codebase and finally getting down to work on some of the end-user applications we've envisioned for the coin, such as our own crypto-enabled image board.

Thanks for everyone's continued support,

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This time I am getting CHA


I am starting to consider buying Chancoin. You guys are doing impressive work.

Thnx. Check out bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2152411.180 for more info.

OH MAN SO CLOSE...............CHI...WEWW. ROLL.

I don't even want this Shitcoin






You realize it's nearly impossible right

5.48*10^-5 roll

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Stupid roll threads aside, this shitcoin now has a functioning blockchain and you can mine it at bitcones.org

This man, is correct. roll.

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Never bought your shitcoin. Still respect the effort and enjoy your threads.

You may well become kingz n shit again.

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