90% of tech businesses fail in the first year so it must be even higher for crypto businesses...

90% of tech businesses fail in the first year so it must be even higher for crypto businesses. Which ones will be here in 5 years?

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Only FUN.

Iota, if:
- They manage to release a working wallet
- Manage to remove the coordinator
- Their CEOs stop behaving like idiots in social media

Ripple will still be there, even it will likely not go to the moon.
It will be used in transaction by banks.

Ethereum will still be there.

Tron maybe.
Lisk maybe.
Either Dash or Monero, but I bet, only one of them will stay (and I don´t know which).


the true sleeping snek

Bitcoin will still be there, but at about 500 $. It is just outdated.
Litecoin will go the same way. Maybe 30 $.

Cardano may have potential.

Petro is a joke and will be doomed.
But maybe the Chinese will set up a governmental crypto which will perform well.

NEO and OMG have a chance of being still there.

DOGE will still be there but be worth almost nothing.

1. they are working on the trinity wallet and they are in the endphase of it
2. iotas endgame will be machine to machine transaction by big players, they don't eve need an awesome wallet for all the stupid Veeky Forums and /r/cryprocurrency poorfags so that they can spend their 100 bucks and increase the price by 1% overall. All the private investors will maybe make 10% of the market volume

For the last time banks will not fucking use ripple. T.banker here. Think logically for a moment. What central banking authority or regulating body is gonna allow banks to move money with Chuck E. Cheese tokens made by pedophiles in San Francisco. You ripple tards are the cancer of crypto.

>but muhhh (((banks))) wil use dem. Itz dere koin xD

You are new, aren't you ?

Basic Attention, Time New Bank, YOYOW and all that stuff will go the way of second life Linden Dollar. Just forget about them.

Stellar will still be there.

Well there’s two question you have to answer.

Which coins will deliver on what they claim to be creating? Which coins will actually be useful once fully developed?

Also it depends if you mean they are just existing or they are doing well. EG, Ethereum will still be around in 5 years no doubt, but if EOS, ADA or any other 3rd gen coin delivers, ethereum could lose all momentum.

Privacy coins are even harder to judge. All it takes is one instance of monero privacy being cracked for it to crumble. It’s why there will never be just one privacy coin.

Muh "only interested in the software and not in the token".
The software is designed to be used with XRP. And the company is very interested in selling their software with the token (remember, they still hold a shitload of it).

There’s no such thing as a 3rd gen. Ethereum can do and will do anything that these vaporware tokens are promising

The stat is these businesses close within a year. Not all closure is bad. If a company closes because the owners start a new company that is good, as is closing a company that was for only one event.

Look up the American Survey of Entrepreneurs for more data. If you have real money pay your economic research techs to do it.

QASH. Assuming:
>The worldbook works
>The migration to it's own blockchain is successful
>Fintech companies use the QASH blockchain
Honestly as long as the worldbook is successful it'll still be around though. Just no where near the market cap it would have if it achieves it's 2019 goals though. That's what will make the difference between this coin being "still around" and being a top 5 coin.


Are you fucking stupid or just dense? Banks can use ripple the company’s messaging system akin to SWIFT to send secure messages which those instructions are then sent to clearing houses and other banks to credit the corresponding accounts. The product that uses the xrp token is that of money remittances. Newsflash retard SWIFT will continue to be used because banks are slow to adopt new technologies (especially ones that are now standardized) and regulators aren’t gonna let us move huge sums of money with imaginary panty machine coins. You have no idea what you fucking invested in do you? Have you done even a pecosecond of research into ripple you fucktard?


Good teams and projects

This. vitalik has said this recently in presentations. Ethereum will be the ethereum of Korea, Japan, US etc

Cryptokitties arre here to stay.
Everything else will fail

Just inform yourself better.


What the fuck is that

Except Ethereum has no way to:
a) interact with other blockchains
b) have close to zero transaction cost
c) have a stable, blockchain-based currency alternative

And it's still not PoS. But hey, I'll put my money where my mouth is if they start kicking ass in these areas.

Governments will never issue cryptos, it defeats the entire purpose of how their monetary system works. Governments rely on printing money and quantitative easing to quietly ass rape us, much harder to do if it's all right there on the block chain for any average voter to look up and witness the carnage.

Governments are either desperately trying to make crypto fail, or they see the writing on the wall and are adjusting themselves accordingly.

Lol you literally can't DYOR huh? Quora? might as well be Veeky Forums-lite

>r they see the writing on the wall and are adjusting themselves accordingly.

what does this mean, user? Stop spoopin me