How is a brainlet with no coding experience supppsed to do this?

I can’t even install Go on my laptop.

Unironically in the same boat op

I honestly can't even find a decent point to start. Every tutorial I can find on coding assumes some knowledge on the part of the reader. I need something that can teach me how to code from the very beginning. I downloaded Go but am having problems setting the pathways. Looks like using a linux VM is the best option. Otherwise I'll just stake it in Linkpool.

same. I'll either try to collect all the tutorials needed and start following every step like a monkey or just stake it somewhere else/sell when price reaches singularity

you're probably going to get better answers from Slack or Gitter, there are only brainlets here.

Maybe fags could make a ChainLink Alpha Node Discord channel to help each other

I've not even got that far yet. I've got an old latptop ready to install Linux and that's it. I intend to install and get used to Linux first, then start on looking at a chainlink node. I also want to build a skyminer & run a skywire node

And everyone was complaining that it was taking so long. Well I guess this is why, must not be that easy, right?

Look for a docker image with everything preinstalled.

I believe somewhere it was said before that you could just join a pool later and receive your dividends basically.

just join senpai. they will have something more straightforward

biz's obsession with chainlink runs so deep that people are willing to learn coding. Heck I will start as well, it's better than looking at graphs for hours and pray to make it.

Ah yes let's see, let's join a pool & send my link stack to some third party where you no longer hold the keys or can be certain about security. Good plan user.

You could lurk on g more. It's abit boring and hard to resist the temptation to keep making threads asking if g stands for gay, but I'm learning some things.

> no coding experience

None is needed. He's just installing the thing. LOL.

>asking if g stands for gay

also I think in the future this process will be simplify by just installing a piece of software with a nice interface that let's you then manage all that shit like bids etc

Welcome on board, marine.

From reading this, I'm assuming you have enough LINK for a masternode?

How much do you need?

hexx got nodes inside wallet...
accumulate 2k asap

If the video confuses you, the alpha release is not for you. It's really as simple as that.

Holy fuck lurk moar and DYOR, it's 20k link for a masternode

WHy are there so many LINK newfags posting today?

stop spewing missinformation, there is no masternodes, no minimum

i'm guessing you don't remember how tough it was to send/receive ETH in its early days before MEW? this is what you call the ground floor, kiddo. there will be developers who come along later on who will simplify this into a one-click for brainlets like you.

Smug cunt

Where's a good place to learn how to code from the very beginning?

The truth freaking hurts. There is no "running a node" at this point, it's just for development.

I don't care I'm still going to try & learn this shit, I feel totally retarded not being able to understand anything or to assess shit github

>all these brainlets equating coding with systems administration

Do you code? What's the best way to learn? Like I said, I'm having trouble running Go on Windows. Should I use a VM running Linux?

I think you should definitely learn Linux first. At least to the point where you can be comfortable with the command line, and with Googling problems that you encounter.


Theres no actual benefit to this right now unless youre actually trying to develop some use for it right?

Unironically this

yea, you cannot earn anything right now, besides some experience I guess for when the floodgates open

> oh bother, I thought internet moneys can make me rich with zero self-improvement or research requirements

You can boot ubuntu from an usb, go to and read the documentation. Pooling is really not a stupid idea, they want juicy fees because they're the ones doing the work and if you don't know what you're doing you'll eventually get penalized and lose your linkies. If you don't trust them it's fine but nobody owes you free tech support so if you have no experience coding and have never touched linux consider your options.

>and if you don't know what you're doing you'll eventually get penalized and lose your linkies.
yea, many people will lose everything because they got a power/internet outage in their nodes run on a regular pc/internet provider