Anyone take adderall here or any other brain enhancers to help with their biz or trading? Does it work...

Anyone take adderall here or any other brain enhancers to help with their biz or trading? Does it work? What generics are best?

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I snort it every morning, not recommended, stay away

Adderall XR 40mg is awesome.

hop on the modafinil, amfetamines will fuck you up more

Modafinil, shit is dirt cheap here in TJ and it is fucking amazing. All of the concentration non of the stimu effects.


no. drugs are for degenerate subhumans.

Bullshit, this shit made me depressed and suicidal.

Ritalin is similar in the brain as cocaine. - Google it. They conducted a full study because it's given to kids.

Daytrana is better though, fucking hard to get, I love the patches.

You can get it cheap from Ph or Thailand, make a flight and stock up.

Indian pharmacies are cucks and you can't trust them, but they're good for benzos, steriods and pain killers that isn't morphine.

I fucking came off VPN to reply bullshit that Veeky Forums now checks if you're tunneling.

What manufacturer? Or brand name?


Was basically just like taking caffeine for me, but with less withdrawal symptoms from not having coffee.

Jesus 40mg how does that ever get prescribed lol

I just do ecstacy once a year. Feels absolutely fantastic man

My friend is prescribed 60mg a day IR apparently it’s great.

ive seen 80mg pills. Big fat and blue

15mg of dexamphetamine per day. 0600, 0930 and 1300.
Sometimes one at 1700 if I have something to do, but with a Valium later when I want to sleep.

Is your brain fried?

What kind of fucking retard would take adderall in the hope that it would help them day trade? Lmfao.

>once a year
Shouldn't be too bad.

>fuck up brain chemistry to make it
>make it
>brain permanently damaged
>can't enjoy having made it
IQ 83 detected

Where can you buy it online? saw a website called is it legit?

that shite made me feel unwell

I miss adderall. Used to be prescribed it, and then was buying it off the dark web. I stopped buying when Alpha Bay got shut down.

Can anyone recommend a decent OTC alternative? I do love my stims.

>he hasnt seen Limitless

adderall, but I used up my script too fast this month and am about to be fucked after tomorrow.

My phenibut did just arrive so that's nice. Hopefully it will keep me from drinking vodka in the morning.

modafinil for the win

I get high off my link

that's a good regimen. Wish I was that disciplined.

this, I usually do it on new years eve because it's a batshit insane party where I live

Why the fuck would you trade on Adderall that's a compete waste. It's amazing for studying though

The fuck do you guys get a script for this stuff? Every time I talk to any MD about it they pretty much just tell me to sleep more

I mean, 10 mg a day but I have a prescription haven ever abused it. How bad could it be for you, I am sure yo run the risk of neuron toxicity. But the risks out weigh the rewards. I went from a 1.98 gpa student to a 4.0 student, zero work ethic to a work ethic of gold, and to being the most financially successful person I know.

regular adderall use permanently alters your brain's reward structures. if you get off it, ever, you're going to be in trouble.

Really? I go off it on days I don't have courses/work and I feel fine. 10mg is as low as it goes XR wise.

>the risks out weigh the rewards
sounds like you didn't take enough adderall

Paradoxically, amphetamine probably improves cognition at therapeutic doses. Read up on hormesis nigger. Some choice lines from Wikipedia:

>pharmaceutical amphetamines appear to improve brain development and nerve growth.
>Reviews of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies suggest that long-term treatment with amphetamine decreases abnormalities in brain structure and function found in subjects with ADHD, and improves function in several parts of the brain, such as the right caudate nucleus of the basal ganglia.

Sounds like bs. Amphetamines have been prescribed for over 70 years and in therapeutic doses cause no significant harm. If you binge 100mg+ to party on weekends yea you'll fuck up but not otherwise.


how do you get adderal or something like that in australia?? i cant figure it out. i dont care if its legal or not

Not legit. Nobody sells schedule 2 prescriptions on the clearnet. Also, Adderall goes for $0.5-$1/mg via these channels so even the price is too good to be true.

You're usually much better off getting a script or copping them in person.

Sometimes I double dose the 0600 and 0930 doses.

I’m only human...

Taking it sublingually is good towards the end of the day. Kicks in faster and lasts shorter.

Same boat as you man. Went to doc, said I need to go to five sessions with a psychologist over the course of 2 months and there is still a small chance of prescription.
>tfw literally have adhd

i recommend the autism-tier ROA

do a water/alcohol extraction and make nasal spray for maximum high speed low drag (puns intended :^))

Just fake ADHD symptoms. I went in expecting to have to exaggerate my symptoms but it turns out I did have adhd. Not that it excuses how lazy I am/was. Anyway as long as you learn not to chase the high it is quite helpful for getting projects/essays/chores done quickly. If your already skinny make sure you get protein shakes because I couldn't eat for shit when I first began.

It barely affects my appetite but I suppose it's because I don't use it orally.

Might as well plug it up your ass if you want to do that much work.

smoke weed it more natural and deres no side efects

Does that work with xr?

1. Wikipedia the adhd symptoms
2. Create back story with symptoms built in
3. Be conversant
4. Go to GP, get Psychiatric referral
5. Go to psychiatrist and repeat story
6. Get script
7. Go back on the routine that they want you to
8. Get new script

Include things like;
- I was on Ritalin during high school but was moved to dex and it worked better
- stopped taking it due to x
- having issues with x and it is having substantial impacts on my work outputs

That sort of shit

I have to take inderal

That shit will seriously fuck you up mentally and physically if you form a habit. Best to stay away.

If you want to use it functionally take a super tiny dose, like 10mg.
It's very moreish, so set limits for yourself.
take days off, don't take it every day.
you can get amphetamine sulphate off DNM for like 1/10th the price of adderall. Its the same exact shit except its a 50/50 mix of l and d amph instead of the 75/25 mix in addy. So its slightly more body taxing, but you wont even notice at functional doses, only at recreational doses.

if you do start binging it or using it daily for extended periods it will fuck up your brain chemistry. Made me super depressed, suicidal, no joy or interest in anything for a while, but i abused the shit out of it. Eventually i bounced back though.

If you just want to use it for trading dont even bother, it wont really help you more then some caffeine.

I'm fucking retarded when I smoke. Shitty short term memory when high is what makes it hard.

It's even more convenient than eating them.

>extract once
>measure once
>mix and shake once
>now you have a spray solution with a metered dose per spray
>you can either shoot it up your nose painlessly (best ROA)
>or you can shoot it in your mouth (why would you do this)

I have no idea. I think the XRs might have less fillers so it may work better. If you can't separate the filler from your drug solution you could try using a syringe + micron filter.

Be truthful. If your psychiatrist is a non-believer in capitalism just dump them and find another one. That's how it works in America anyways.

I smoke weed.
I used to drink but then I abused that, so I don't any more.

Hmm what's the onset duration like with this and effective duration vs eating them. How do you measure it out too.

>Same boat as you man. Went to doc, said I need to go to five sessions with a psychologist over the course of 2 months and there is still a small chance of prescription.
>>tfw literally have adhd

Where's this?

You seriously can't buy this online?

onset: instant rush
duration: 2h

Although it lasts shorter than oral, you need significantly less. My dosage is 5mg and that can and will get me spun.

Research the solubility of your pill's fillers. In a lot of cases cold water will be a good solvent. If not you can use alcohol which is actually a poor solvent but it will work given enough alcohol.

You take X number of pills you want. Mark down the total dosage. Crush pills finely. Add solvent of choice. Stir.

Pour your solution through a filter or use a micron filter. Most of the fillers should be left behind.

If the powder needs further cleanup try an acetone wash.

use this for your nasal sprayer:

according to the manfuacturer it's metered to 0.1ml per spray and i find it mostly accurate

mix drug powder with distilled water/boiled water in the ratio you want and pour it into the sprayer

that's a super condensed version.

>Where's this

for clarificaiton the stuff left behind in the filter should be pill filler

after filtering you should let the solution fully evaporate to get powder

Don't start using some bullshit you will become a fiend. Just smoke weed and drink booze.

Ephedrine or psuedoephedrine. Unless you don’t like the fact it makes you not eat, ephedrine is a bit stronger than pseudoephedrine

Do you recommend what OP is suggestion or something else?

Would really like to know

benzedrex (propylhexedrine) is a meth analog you can buy in pharmacies or on amazon for about $5 an inhaler

side effects include bad constriction so i've never tried it personally

condensed instructions
>buy inhaler (contains 250mg each)
>open inhaler, get cotton
>soak cotton in acidic drink for a few hours
>drink half to try or the full amount

Dude, thats not good. You should get off that shit.

I take breaks 3 weeks on 1 week of, or there abouts and don’t take on the weekend normally (unless I have a reason to need the additional capacity).

I’m pretty effective without it, I’d say it gives me an extra 40% capacity/efficiency.

Think the ability to work a full time 6 figure job and complete an MBA (full time) at the same time. I also finished my bachelors in 2.5 yrs while working full time.

I have been taking it in the same sort regimen for about 5 yrs now. Took a couple month break last year after my MBA but definitely noticed the difference.

Only side effect I experience is vasoconstriction and very light appetite suppression.

At this point the benefits outweigh the risk. I swear by it.

What? I don't take it myself but it's literally designed to help keep you focused

That's not how it works

this. by far the best legal addy alternative. don't take very often though, shit is terrible for you.

yeah its def helped me turn around in school. I used to get D's and C's and now I get straight A's. Its not a magic pill though, you have to know what you want to do and how to do it, the addy just lets you actually do the work. If that is your main issue then I do recommend.

Fair warning: I used to abuse this stuff in my late teens when I couldn't get my hands on adderall. The smell of lavender makes me incredibly nauseous still even 5 years later.

The first few times you do it will hit you hard. Take half a pill in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. You will be productive all day.

>You will be productive all day.

more like awake all day because its productivity effects are very minor


My gf has 20mg pills. I’ll die if I take a whole pill. I only take 1/4 of a pill and helps gets my head out of the fog. I only take on days I just cannot seem to focus. Maybe once every 10 days?

I’ve taken a whole pill once and felt awful and cannot take everyday

White Maeng Da. About 5g.

Everytime I see the color pink I think of pink wojaks. What have you done to me Veeky Forums?

teva orange footballs. best IR generic. i split the 30mg and take it in halves

Have you tried any others?

fun fact: generic forms of drugs can be something ridiculous like 25% +/- wrong with the dose

check myself

Which is why I was asking if he tried any others. Checked.

>brain enhancers
kek it's the other way around

teva 15mg orange b777s are good

also reminds me of boeings

Prescribed 60x 30mg IR

tevas are the best generic

Have you tried other generic manufacturers? Corepharma is the best but they are discontinued now. Thinking of getting Sandoz or Sun Pharma, apparently way stronger than other generics. I’ve read Teva is mostly shitty desu.

What others have you tried? They have the worst reviews desu second only to aurobindo and mylan.

dexmethylphenidate IR, ~20-60mg a day, it's much cleaner than ritalin and adderall imo. It's uncommon. Highly recommend.

suppliment w/ magnesium and ease a comedown with a bit of booze or benzos. never any crash, only side fx is typical stimulant ones which can be mitigated with staying hydrated, stretching, eating well, etc.

does it help with trading?
idk, stims help with literally most things on the planet

Mine are teva, I had circular orange ones before and I believe they were better

I just switched generics of it but haven't researched the parent company. Will do so now, thanks OP

had 10mg sandoz e111s too

i remember they had a really unique taste

don't have much experience with different brands, I think any perceptible brand difference is probably placebo

How is desoxyn for ADHD, specifically for ADHD-PI?

How’d you like the sandoz?

Honestly I've never noticed any change in potency between mylan and teva. Never tried aurobindo though

It's used as a last-resort drug when amphetamine doesn't work. Clean meth. People would probably pay $$$ to buy a Desoxyn script off you.

They worked and they had a nice taste to them.


Thanks senpai

Is there a guide or anywhere else to read info about how to make the nasal spray you mentioned? Sounds way better. Hate fillers.