More Chainlink Connections
This guy is on the gitter. Founder of PersistIQ.
Scroll down and you'll see Salesforce as one of their backers.
The Salesforce CEO is who Sergey tweeted at here.

Plus the one dev, Dimitri Roche, founded Loop & Tie which was also sponsored by Salesforce.

I think it's safe to say Salesforce and their associates are deeply involved with Chainlink at this point.

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How do I buy Link on binance using BTC? I literally just moved some BTC into binance from gdax, never done this before

Also reminder that if you're not a NEET, but in an industry that could utilize smart contracts, don't be a fag. Yesterday I stood in front of the entire management of my company (with some 15k employees) and shilled the fuck out of smart contracts because they'd quite literally save us tens of millions a year, and of course I namedropped LINK when explaining why no one has been able to utilize smart contracts until now.
Do your part, faggots. Smart contracts will revolutionize just about every industry. We just need to force the fuckers to take the leap.

Just send the BTC to your deposit address on Binance, go to the LINK/BTC pair and place a limit order at the current ask price to buy immediately. Or place it at the current bid price and wait for a seller to come to you.

Just do us all a favor, don't get weak hands and sell when we hit ~$5, there's more steam in it than that.

dumb question, but is 150 a reasonable amount to pick up now?

i mean the amount i'm putting in is expendable anyway so this is more about curiousity, but if i can "make it" off this that would be pretty cool

Good find, seems that various people connected to Salesforce are interested in LINK or are working on it, and that Sergey is interested in Salesforce.

Wonder what it could mean? Buy the rumor....

Once main net is launched and LiNk soars past $1b market cap there will be thread of user wanting to kys because they didn’t go all in on link under $1

Buy as much as you can afford to lose IMO. If that's only 150, then sure.

Keep in mind that it's possible BTC will drag it down further until we completely break the bear market but at $10 are you going to care much if you bought at $0.60 instead of $0.50?

you need 10k LINK minimum to make it.

eta on this happening?

okay i just picked them up so lets see where this goes

Is this the point where we all say the amount we have and state that you need that much to make it?

10,000 x $100 = $1,000,000

Nice FUD, faggot.

We can assume it will hit somewhere between $50-$100, but we don't know that for certain. Every legit calculation I've seen shows $100 being on the max end. I'd say you need 20k to make it.

Yeah, let's try not to get to distracted here with talk of making it. Let's try and dig up more info.

So I just did a Limit buy for 251, roughly how long is it gonna take to complete?

No offense but I suggest you take some time to read up before you ask more very basic questions. You're gonna get burned by making some kind of mistake if you don't know your basics well.

To answer your question, whenever a seller sells at your price.

how do i downvote on Veeky Forums

LINK is unironically going to be $10000 in 2 years

>You're gonna get burned by making some kind of mistake if you don't know your basics well.
I'm learning as I go, and I have you guise watching my back so it's cool. Whenever I ask for where to get info I get told to DYMR and end up looking up shit on Youtube which is how I found how to transfer to binance in the 1st place.

>Every legit calculation I've seen shows $100 being on the max end
You're a brainlet, m8. Ask yourself 2 questions: it realistic for LINK to cost 0.01 BTC due to scarcity, created by people locking their supply on the nodes forever?
2. is it realistic that BTC will reach $100,000 EOY.?

See? $1000 EOY isn't even a meme, it's a cold, harsh reality.

>watching your back

Jesus, that's a scary thought.
You give them the link to this thread there and it downboats (XD) for you.

btw when I first started coming to Veeky Forums about 4 months ago, everyone was saying that LINK was being shilled by pajeets mainly, has that changed now? the mood seems different on Veeky Forums now
>thinks I meant it with complete sincerity rather than with a hint of sarcasm
Nah but srs, I trust Veeky Forums more than somewhere completely fucktarded like /r/cryptocurrency or /r/bitcoin tbfh

My man. Good move user, don't get nerves and panic sell like a scrub. This is at least a year hold if not 3.


LINK is a scam token basically shilled by oldfags as a joke so newfags buy in :/

I've been hodling since I got onto btc last year, haven't got faghands even through the 6k drop. Felt bad because I actually socialized with a dipshit friend that day and missed the opp to buy like €30k which was my plan

it's cool, even if that's true, only burned a shitty amount of money. but the reason i wanted to buy in now is because of a strong gut feeling i've been having the last week or so and thought i needed to act on it or feel like a dipshit later on.

This thread was posted yesterday with the exact same first four replies. How the fuck is this not coordinated shilling?

>t. newfag

Good luck LINK Marine - and welcome aboard. THis is one of the few threads where you won't get fucked by someone here. Because we all genuinely believe in the token. Please take some time to read up before you ask /biz. The next result may not be as fortunate! While you're here - ask away

i've never asked about link before this. i've only ever asked noob-tier questions about how to DYMR and what youtubers were good and no one ever replied to me anyway, so it's all good. Found Doug Polk who is like a redpiller against shitty fake news youtubers.

Moving 251 LINK ain't gonna touch the sides fagboy! Get on board

Um, the info on the PersistIQ founder is new, dipshit, just the Loop & Tie/Salesforce/Dimitri/Sergey connection is old.

> LINK is a great token who oldfags FUD to horde more and accumulate, making actual NOLINKERS look silly when they mention the subject

Thanks man. While you're offering, pls help me out with any non-fag reading material/Youtube channels. I know I need to DYMOR, but always struggle with where to start. I've been reading shit like Economics dictionaries and investopedia and just googling terms and using wikipedia. What else can I be doing?

Salesforce is the 7th largest Internet based company btw.

The TLDR is that LINK got picked up here early - biz pooled and bought out a good chunk of the ICO - getting precisely the opposite kind of investor that Sergey was after. And have FUD'd it ever since to accumulate as much as they can. In the ALT Coin sea of shit - it is an investment that is better than most and as good as any. Good Luck

No later than the end of Q3, so before October. Realistically it will probably happen sometime between May and July. Keep in mind though that after SXSW you likely won't see sub $1 LINK again.

This ckarbass guy tweeted the Eminem parody post from here, he even has good taste in memes.

What a swell guy, somebody call him at home and ask him for price predictions

Got in back at $0.16

The only thing that disturbs my comfiness is the idea that my wallet will somehow disappear. Why would anything good ever happen, after all?

Are you the same person pasting this in every LINK thread?

First tip: dont listen to fucking youtubers, holy shit

In the future don't buy with BTC. Use ETH. It'll save you like $40 in fees

well i take them with a couple of spoonfuls of salt, and like i said, i try to figure out which ones are bullshitting (all of them) and then sift out the couple of bites of news they tend to shit out
i guess it's about the same as reading Veeky Forums, you inevitably see the same coins getting shilled.
i don't just listen to these retards and go out and buy 100K. I only bought link today after owning btc,eth,ltc for like 2 months and not diversifying, purely to avoid bullshitters. like i said, I had a strong, strong gut feeling that i knew i should follow on this.
are you sure? the fee was like 0.17 euros.

Underrated post

Do you have a link to the archived thread? I'm genuinely curious

I think 1000 is possible but in 2020.

Read the free IMB “blockchain for dummies”-book, it will give you a basic understanding of how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies work.

lol I made that thread
was pretty funny that so many posted in it

I'm talking about the transfer fees to get BTC onto binance. It's cheaper to sent ETH to binance than BTC by a lot

So just wait 2 years to become a multi-millionaire.

it was free though user, sent from cb > gdax > bin... wtf are you talking about

it wasn't, it was the new dev from salesforce who was posted about yesterday

Exactly my plan :)

i remember this reply being posted, might just be pasta
cant remember about the others. holder

I guess I'll just eat oatmeal until I have 50 million in 2020.

>trusting this fucking board to watch your back

pls b safe m8

incredibly good for your health, especially your gut.
lol it'll be fine m8, been lurking a while. i don't even consider buying normally. don't know why i had such a strong feeling about link, but i guess we'll see very soon. it's only a bit of money, i could probably withdraw the same amount from my paypal that i made by selling old shit on ebay.

Alright dummie as a banker I'm gonna lead you in the right path to start to understand the implications of LINK. Try to learn and understand how global capital markets function, where, how and why does money move in and out. Capital markets are the way in which money gets allocated in a free market through instruments such as bonds, equities, derivitaves, swaps, etfs, loans etc. Look into those financial instruments (they just boil down to contracts, some more complex, some less so) ChainLINK, along with Smartcontracts will help to codify those existing financial agreements into self executing code in a secure and trustworthy manner. This will be a huge boon to bank middle and back offices.

It obviously doesn't stop there but starting with the financial industry will ensure that ChainLINK will have the necessary network effects to creep into every digital facet of our lives. I think once you start to understand how smartcontracts and oracles will work in conjunction with global capital markets then it starts to be more clear how LINK will impact business, society, etc.

it's always charged me to transfer btc from gdax or coinbase to binance. Seems weird they didn't take a cut

>i don't even consider buying normally. don't know why i had such a strong feeling about link,

It's the endless shill threads.

I'm a newfag and it's creeping into my consciousness too. I might buy 100 too but make no mistake, it's just effective advertising, not intuition.

thanks man, thats my homework for the next week then
some user gave me the trick on a thread earlier today, glad i asked because i nearly went straight from cb > bin

it's not just this, though you might have a point. remember, people have been shilling link for months now. why have i only just now got a feeling to buy? anyway it's probably stupid to read too much into gut feelings. guess we'll see soon.

Also, SWIFT. Read as much as possible on what SWIFT does and how it functions. (the fact that they don't EVER hold or move money). The fact that there is even a remote possibility that SWIFT will use LINK to operate an oracle involving their backend makes it the best risk/reward bet I've ever seen before.

Lol can't even find a top 6 company to work with, deluded stinkies. This shit will be $1 EOY.

Work middle office finance, went balls deep in LINK coz my job will get automated kek. Win Win

Wow 1BN market cap that'll be like $3 per link! And the only thing that has to happen is almost full global adoption of a totally speculative tech

i'm a programmer, you couldn't find a worse example of a company if you're trying to fud link, m80. salesforce came out of fucking nowhere, is already indispensable to the SV crowd and is now taking over Europe and Asia.
if these guys are backing link (not why i just bought) then it's a good sign.

Dude you payed a network fee to transfer btc

Its low right now, but user is right, always use Eth

What's the fee moving from CB to Binance?

is quarter mil enough to make it?

Its not a coinbase fee, it's just a fee to use the bitcoin network. During the bubble it was $40 + in fees to buy a cup of coffee

Smart on your part desu. Honestly just learn to code then see if you can bullshit your way into a promising career with "smart contract" bonds, settlements, etc. Or you know burn down the god forsaken middle office once LINK hits $1000

What is it now compared to Eth? Sorry I know these are stupid questions. Thinking of moving some money from CB to Binance, just wondering what the best method is and how much it'll cost.

When buying altcoins from binance, always use ETH?

there's only 350million in circulation, 1 billion market cap is closer to 3$

Nah man, outbound transfers from GDAX have always been free. I've even sent like $5 worth of BTC out of there before with no problem. They don't take any cut. Not sure how they survive eating tx fees on tiny transfers like that, but wgaf.

Where are you from? Did you just get out of a coma from 2004?


I watched this video
and it seems to be Salesforce's own blockchain application - they say in the video that they can put data onto their application through their own "listener" they called it. Did they mean they have their own oracle?

I'm not really sure what this means, can other anons take a look?

Who cares? Veeky Forums was shilling the hell out of ethereum when it was worth a few dollars.

Same with NEO when it was worth pennies.

Link is the next moon mission for us. People will shill the coin they believe in and are in just for the purpose of feeling smart and getting other people to invest with them.

It's human psychology...people want other people to experience things with them. If you can get someone to jump on the same boat with you and experience the journey. It's a much better feeling than doing it alone.

I started reading who replied.
> Shabbos Goy @mostshabbosgoy
> SemenDrinkingTouhous @TouhouLoveSemen

I think the thing most people don't understand is that this is the kind of job stealing automation that people have been talking about. This isn't a machine making McDonalds burgers for you, this is going to put a lot of people, who cost a lot of money, out of work. This is like owning the first bad ass job stealing robots to roll off the production line.

Toxic anons will alienate the public and tank link before we ever moon screencap this

I love experiencing things alone, does that make me aspie.

Finance user here as well.

These. The potential automation will basically force these companies to use LINK because the savings will be so gravy. They will be able to cut redundant as fuck departments that are filled with boomer ladies in their 50s. Gonna be glorious.

Absolutely, 100% agreed with you. Front office jobs won't be going away (you still need to build human connections and have someone to blame when shit goes wrong) but a lot of middle and back office shit is straight up out of the fucking 90s early 00s. A lot of folks in white collar positions pity (and probably secretly mock) blue collar folks who lost their jobs to outsourcing and automated machinery and have developed this smug attitude that they'll be safe because they always have been.

Honestly as a banker I'm excited to see tons of people be automated out of their jobs. (psst. most of them are complete shit at their jobs anyway and machine would be 10x better). They are literally like the blockbusters and kodaks of the world, they didn't think automation applied to them and that it only applied to fast food employees and factory/farm workers. Their executives on the other hand.... will be implementing smart contracts as soon as it is economically viable.

ADMINS FUCKING GA'LORE. All you have to do is tell a bank that you can get their ROE's out of the 9-12% range without leverage and their ears will perk up

>Every legit calculation
Ok Nostradamus, you don't belong here. $1000 eoy is a meme for a reason- it's highly likely and an even more conservative long term estimate.

Correct. It's hard to say exactly when everything will happen, but if the following events take place:

1) Mainnet and partnerships announced
2) 90% of Link removed for staking
3) Large financial institutions adopt Link
4) No seriouus competitors crop up

Then we could even see a $10k or $50k LINK.

We are legitimately in possession of the future

Completely deluded

I always laughed in conversations about automations because I'm a programmer so not too worried.

Now I laugh even harder because not only do I have the skills to be in an in demand market, I also have 50k of one of the
>the first bad ass job stealing robots to roll off the production line.

Precisely- data is the new oil

Let's imagine a situation where LINK is adopted by major financial institutions. What percent of total supply do you think will be permanently staked for nodes at any given time?

“None it’s an erc20 token”

when LINK is used as a metric on the american economy
>higher LINK price -> more new businesses -> healthier economy