What did he mean by this?

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he's strapped for cash and desperate

Will it work? Can crypto actually bailout a commie regime?

It's the equivalent of Hitler minting his own money, pure desparation. Except Venezuela can only back the money up with oil for so long. Then it's either war or the gallows.

it's possible

Lel. What a fitting end to crypto.

now he can oust all the plebs circumventing his authority using crypto while gaining more crypto at the same time.

fuck this guy

> CNN: Venezuelan dictator Maduro uses crypto oppress his people and fund extremist groups blah blah blah


>for so long

for about another 200 years, actually

venezuala has some of the largest oil reserves in the world, and there is plenty of speculation that only a fraction of total reserves have been discovered and tapped

considering the basically infinite free money they have access too, its pretty remarkable that they wound up as a failed state

Finally a use case for ChainLink

Look up resource curse


Uhm. Hitler didn't act out of desperation you stupid kike.. he did it to get rid of you.

>tfw Venezuela actually becomes te richest country in the end 2018


>keynesian ever understanding economics

Holy shit, how easily triggered are you stormfags? I'm rightwing as well and you faggots are an embarrassment. Pick up a book and fuck off.


this. Too many 80 IQ subhumans from /pol are shitting up /biz. Being right wing is not an accomplishment

They are socialist and israeli bankers cannot allow a cohesive socialist state to exist.


you're gonna take advice from someone with teardrop tattoo?

kys by swallowing razor blades.

tattoos are degenerate, and truth is truth - regardless who speaks it.

>he thinks /pol/ and hitler are keynesian
my sides


>entire gdp in bitcoin
>goes up 1000x within 5 years, as it always does
>Venezuela now has the largest gdp in the world

But he Was keynesian
Read a book fag
He Was also a vegan and Was in favor of animal rights and food stamps and loved banning Guns

> camel niggers become rich in XX century for selling oil in oil crises
> cachaca niggers become rich in XXI century for selling crypto in fiat crises

>Venezuela order governemtn to accept any crypto coins
>also any foreign coins
>also ChuckECheese coins
>also chocolate coins
they must need coins real bad

pay your taxes in turtles

This 100x. Of all the oil nations there is only one country that have managed to effectively manage it's abundance of oil, and that is Norway. Every other country that has oil as it's main export has fucked up.

Was this his plan all along? Ruin his fiat currency to make people lose faith and result to buying crypto?


>he was for animal rights, banning torture and mistreatment of animals, and banning jewish ritual slaughter
more info:

>he was vegan
false, the closest to that would be him eating a mostly vegetarian (not vegan) diet in the last few years for health reasons

>muh food stamps
false -- Winterhilfswerk does not equal food stamps

>the nsdap for gun control
FALSE you fucking negroid rabbi
that's been debunked over and over again.

>Venezuela gets in on the bottom of the bitcoin bounce
>100,000 EOY 2019
>Venezuela richest country on earth
>Veeky Forums gets flooded with hues
>"gommunism works :DDDDDDDD"


>can buy a can of beans and a roll of toilet paper

Name one industry in Norway other than oil. I'll wait.

Inb4 fishing and logging, both of which count as resource extraction

So basically either his nation is fucked (which it already is) or they become the richest nation on earth in a couple of years. Sounds like a good plan considering they have nothing to lose.


Faggot production, very high output

Logging is basically the same as farming -- you grow the trees then cut the trees.

watch oil prices mysterious crash 10% in the next week

clever if you ask me. But yeah fuck this guy

Anything can bail them out. Their own currency is worth less than fucking Runescape gold, literally.
He knows very well that traders are greedy and doesn't give a shit if they make a profit by buying his "petro" cryptocurrency.

There's just a matter of time before North korea does the same, followed by other poor nations.

Black metal
Fox Pelts

>any cryptocurrency
>Venezuela buys everyone's bags
>even more poor than they are now

>Comments about Third Reich Monetary policy
>Talks out his ass.

Why don't you stop into my shower room.

lol what a bunch of bs. You read a book, fag. Gun ban was for jews like you only

>Libertarian ideals are so powerful, they can save an actual socialist state.

kikes when will they learn

Venezuela outsmarted israel and now they are angry

i'm sure they will be destabilized and have a (((revolution))) to "free the people" long before the oil runs out.

>mfw you can actually pay for things with LINK

Hitler had to mint his own money because the previous money was fucking worthless due to the treaty of Versailles.

You do realize Venezuelans do not laugh like Brazilians, right?

Spanish speaking people laugh with something like "ja ja ja"

What? You do know that banks actually *supported* every communist regime in the last century, right?

Proofs? Not a butthurt commie, just genuinely havent heard of this.

I also want proof, interestin

May as well. Beats having your people beating cows to death and eating each other.


Literally search up "communism and bankers". How would you think that a piss poor country like czarist Russia managed to finance and keep a ginormous centralized State for some 70 years?

So does crypto support the commies now?

This coin is literally CIAs doing. I will explain.

America will buy copious amounts of this shit and the moment Venezuela fails to back up (because they dont have money to extract the oil) America will declare war and set up a puppet state and american companies will run thr extraction .

Venezuela being in Americas backyard instead of some shit muslim country literally on the opposite side of the globe is a big deal breaker.

Maduro confirmed as Satoshi

>Furthermore, he ordered “a manual be established for the payment of tourist services in the country through the Venezuelan cryptocurrency or any other virtual currency.” According to him, “service providers, hotels, inns, national and international tourist services” asked him for authorization so they can “begin charging in cryptocurrencies and petro.”
damn. looks like we'll be taking crypto vacations in Venezuela

>1 - harvest trees that grew naturally over hundreds and hundreds of years
>2 - plant a few saplings
>3 - wait hundreds and hundreds of years
>4 - profit!
Will you be my investment advisor?