Explain to me how venmo doesn't blow every cryptocurrency out of the fucking water. You have to hook up bank account just like you do with coinbase but now people send you money and it goes directly to your bank account. Venmo is the future. How is that not peer to peer. Basically is. Plus you don't have to register on an exchange pay heavy fees and deal with volatility. How does crypto even fucking compete? Fucking bcash cucks btfo by venmo its embarrassing

stop larping dude

Venmo is US only, and Coinbase isn't crypto

> how is that not peer to peer
being this stupid lul

I don't see any intelligent response providing actual facts why crypto isn't 2nd tier to services such as venmo
You don't think they won't expand? Absolutely.

I use venmo for my "business" i only make 8k a year but im looking to expand. How long can i dodge taxes, will they rat me out?

its an honest question many people are asking themselves

Banks still control your money.
It's not anonymous.

Stupid! Come back when you know what you are talking about

>trusting a third party to complete your transactions and handle your money.
>comparing it to crypto.

kek. boy you are all kinds of retarded.

Basically you're saying Monero is the only true cryptocurrency with any usefulness? I can't really argue with that Monero might be the only exception.

Right now in this stage we have to trust third parties (exchanges) how is this any different?

Can Venmo execute Smart Contracts? Is Venmo a suitable supply chain solution? If so, why didn’t DNV GL sign a contract with Venmo instead of VeChain?

>I make 8k a year
You're probably good. Over 10k maybe report taxes

! My check through one line of work takes about a week and a half to get the payment to my account. However Venmo usually takes a day!! At most a couple days.

wow at most a couple days, not bad

I work 4 hours a week currently, so i could bring it up to 24k pretty easily, guess ill get a business license and everything

Sounds exactly like PayPal, why do you think this is new?

pls pls kys nobody will miss you kthx

We can add these coins to the "useful" crowd for now.

You guys are retarded if you don't think Venmo could easily back a coin 1:1 with USD and use a privacy blockchain.

What type of operation are you running? People like you contribute nothing to society. Zero knowledge and like to echo phrases you read to fit in. Fuck off cunt.

>thinks every token is a currency

Fucking retard, kys, you're too stupid to exist. Pic relevant, it's you.

>You guys are retarded if you don't think Venmo could easily back a coin 1:1 with USD and use a privacy blockchain
I don't see why they wouldn't. They're already planning on expanding across the globe.

Obviously every erc20 token isn't a fucking currency it just happens to be a great use case. Shill LINK or something if you believe in smart contracts so much

You need to green texts certain parts of your posts so i know which part to laugh at
>sees anime reaction pic
Oh! I'm just supposed to laugh at you in general

>contribute nothing to society
>broke money
pic related

Yes we know Venmo is better. Crypto is useless shit but you can make a lot of money buying low and selling high to fools who believe the hype.

ELIX will be Venmo with lending and kickstarter combined

*proceeds to get ignored*

the closest thing to Venmo from the cryptosphere is a piece of shit called Blockmason. LNDR for luls

what does Veeky Forums think of LNDR?

WHo the fuck cares about transferring money?

Currency cryptos are reddit-tier

Smart contracts are the future.

venmo has a limit to changing your funding source.

You can only do it 5 times every 6 months or so?

Either way it's a bullshit limitation, fuck em.

>expects intelligent responses
>says some dumb ass shit
>doesnt do their own research


this thread is filled with plebbitors

you guys realize 99% of tokens are not meant to be used as digital currency, right?

You’re also completely forgetting about smart contracts, still being fucked by inflation and crisis situations where a bank can just freeze everything.

Crypto isn’t really about conviennent payments, cash and credit cards do that fine, it’s about décentralisation and anti-inflation

>filled with plebbits
>plebbit spaces
Yea I realize this although as stated before currency is the best use case. Which coins do you believe in then if you don't believe in cryptocurrency being used as a form of intermediary exchange?

>smart contracts are the future
Which platform? EOS? Eth? Neo? ICX? Link?


Link isn't a smart contract platform retard.

you dont though
you just do it for convienence

I still have no fucking clue what this was about. Anyone feel generous enough to explain?

This fucktard is a new /biz faggot. Get outta here fiat cuck. Venmo is limited to shit. BTC can go anywhere it wants bitchboy of the 20th century.

Just wait for OMG to kill Shitmo