ITT: Post your hidden gems for 2018

ITT: Post your hidden gems for 2018

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Electra (ECA)

this one is going to be huge with boomers

This shit hasn’t done anything but crash. Good thing I only bought $100 worth.




UFR its hidden cos everyone thinks it is a scam but its not

I suppose you missed out on the run from 18 cents to $4 then, right user?

What do you think biz? I bought into the ICO can't wait for exchange listings.


Pikciochain. NEO/Onchain partnership, way under the radar.

Tether, Just waiting for it to moon. Should be any day now. Get in while you can user.

Only 3M marketcap
Ex google employees
Only on forkdelta

Veritaseum is gonna be worth $7k mid-2018 screencap this


in that order

PBL unironically.

R block CVT


shill me dis

ELLA was my biggest BTFO. just destroyed me.

I wanted to sell at 4 or so but I was on the road. tanked just after.

Also, POA Network by extension

Fuck this shit coin and anyone who shills it. Just a pump and dump piece of shit.

Genesis Vision (GVT)

pump and dump euro trash coin. i watched an interview with the founders, there is literally no use case for this piece of shit. Oh but it has low token count! wowwwwwww.

Nigga, I got this shit @ $2 odd!

But if I post them, then they won't be hidden anymore!

the bubble with take this one down. I had it at 5 but after watching their interview with lark or some fag I got spooked. It is literally useless, and also a slovak country so that is a red flag. Buy Murican or Chink if you wanaa survive the bubble pop

Carlos Matos Token.

Yes both POA and Rblock are gonna be huge