Mother of all the bear flags

It's over guys.
I don't know what kind of FUD FA will came out, but Bitcoin is done.
The bear flag points below $2000

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Why do you try to warn them? No1 will listen

yap it's over

Literally voice shouting in the desert here. These people are deluded and are going to get rekt. Prepare the pink wojaks and hodl memes

dude, like for real.
what the fuck do you think your ta is worth? do you really believe your shit opinion among all the others is worth something? do you really believe your analysis will be the right one?

just fuck off and and relax your buttcheks u fucking moron. bitcoin is gonna be fine. tis just a healthy correction. no matter how low we fall, we will rise in unexpected highs and you now that.

now go and suck your bfs cock and dont visit Veeky Forums again u fucking faggot.

i have a big stack of what i consider to be promising/safe holds
i have a margin trading stack that's about 10% of my portfolio, i use it mainly to short so i have a hedge against my holds. This way i make money either way.
any input on how i can improve my strategy?

You can make money shorting, you know. Normies only think of buy --> hold ---> moon. But to truly acquire crypto gains, you have to be willing to make money going both ways. Use Kraken or Bitmex to short, Bitmex is better and doesn't require ID. Just sign up with a canadian VPN if you're American. Don't go overboard with leverage when you're beginning. 5-10x max.

It's beautiful

>everything is gonna be fine

fundamentally bitcoin is worthless, but this could easily be an inverse head shoulders

>bitcoin is gonna be fine. tis just a healthy correction

What would an unhealthy correction look like user?

Nothing better than watching the world burn while you get rich.

I see that too


yeah like watching the charts is saying anything about the futue progress of things crypto will make. you do realize bitcoin is unpredictable? you do realize whales aint going to let it die as long as they can make money with it? u fking realize that do you?

no matter how a correction looks, this was way overdue and is a good sign. maybe we will fall below 9k, maybe even 8k. but with all the recent news, which were really crypto positive actually, we should expect a really high rise q2 or q3 at least.

Need to hit 8.5k to confirm.

$6k is the new base to test, idiot. we will probably fall below that to $2k.

Good news and weak or no immediate reaction is a bearish sign though. We'll see what happens when there's some bearish news.

Short it with 10x leverage if you're so sure faggot

> you do realize bitcoin is unpredictable?

Only if you are an idiot. I have been patiently waiting for this dip for awhile now. I also knew the bubble would burst during the december Bull run. Also Bitcoin tends to follow the same patterns every year. It always dumps when starting a new year.

Also, Bitcoin wont be dieing any time soon. But anything over 5k is over priced.

no Veeky Forumsfaggots have those kind of balls lol

then why arent you a millionaire? if you can predict crypto market there really isnt an excuse why you wouldnt have 5-10mil considering you were here before the bull run

yes, you're right. the crash right now was to be expected, I saw that too. and the january crash which happens every year is to be expected as well. but that and a few small drops are all that there is to be predicted.

anyway, we should really expect btc to rise a lot this year. and we should stop all the fud because this scares away all the new investors which are essential for a good growth. tis just the psychology of a market.

yes lets tell new investors to buy a sha256 worthless token

Short it then, faggots

tell me where i can short as a burger and i will

How exactly is bitcoin supposed to recover if every time it goes up the bears yell "Bear Flag!" or "Rising Wedge!" what pattern does it need to do to not be bearish?

Motherfucker I dont know the exact numbers. I can pinpoint this shit down to a T. I just know logical steps. The fucking idiots who think Bitcoin is going to suddenly rebound are basically saying 2018 will be when money became irrelevant. Its either that or this shits going down nice and hard one more time.

PICK ONE. I went with going down.

I seriously hate these stupid ass bounce charts. Fib retracement and HEAVY support/resistence is a thing, but every line connecting to points and a low where 2 candles happen to stop at is not an area of fucking support.

>Draw 20 lines below current price


Must be time to 50% BTC 50% VEN and win.

HERE COMES 9750 to 8750 x100 boys

I'm literally about to implement this exact strategy. Been playing around in Bitmex testnet.

How has it worked for you?

On a side note, if you are trading with margin you shouldn't use all of your funds in your wallet because you need some additional funds for margin upkeep, correct?

that 4000 volume 15h min candle dildo couldn't even drive down the price. someone really tries to dump and push the price lower.. but it barely moved. someone bought it all.

This, suicide hotline bling should be stickied.

>if you are trading with margin you shouldn't use all of your funds in your wallet because you need some additional funds for margin upkeep
oh is that what you're supposed to do
i figured if my timing was good and my margins weren't too high i would be fine. working so far, and it's more hands-off than having to watch my liquidation/margin all the time.

whales haven't come out yet. wait until 8pm leike every other fucking night

Tether has been cease & desisted by the CFTC for counterfeiting. Insider whales are shorting now, the news could break any day now and they're getting worried.

iFinex plans to fight the action in court and they have a pretty big warchest. Gonna be a long and bloody battle.

OP fucking retarded, its the mother of all bull flags you dumb fuck

it doesnt matter if BTC is going up or down, 2018 is the year of the alts

>thinking bears will advertise an obvious flag
yeah, stay out of the biggest bullrun in BTC history op. be sure to FOMO us all the way to 50k

Wouldn't this indicate another 6k bounce?

bruh bitcoin is obsolete. Alredy. It could go up, but the price isn't legit. I think even Ethereum may be overvalued. Ripple isn't, ETC might not be overvalued.

sell now and look to buy back in around $0

Can anyone else comment on this?
I personally think we are consolidating currently, and when coinbase fully implements Segwit that will be the stimulus for another bull run

he's dumb and creating dumb fud

>What else has massive fiat on ramps more than any other crypto
>what has the most pairings for any crypto
>what was first
>what is deflationary asset

BitMEX ofc.. it's the highest volume for a reason. Most people are bearish and shorting bitcoin. But that's actually a good thing for us bulls. I will enjoy watching you get liquidated once you short bitcoin. I suggest 100x leverage sir

Can't use BitMexican if you're in the US.

blockstream faggot, just go away, 99% of the people here see right through you.

sign up using a VPN. you never have to use it to log back in